• Clashes with calendar date pickers

    By Ed Sandford 10 years ago

    I have tried this uploader and it works great. However if you drop an input box that is a date time picker on the xpages it breaks the uploader. Im running 8.5.2 FP1. I have also tried without success an alternate method of date picker (used to get around the previous 851 bug of date picker not working in IE8):


    • Cannot reproduce

      By Mark Leusink 10 years ago

      Hello Ed,

      I've tested this in IE8, but wasn't able to reproduce it.

      You might want to download and re-test it in the 107 release. It includes a small syntax error fix in the dominoSWFUpload library and might solve your problem too.


      • Sorted!

        By Ed Sandford 10 years ago

        cheers Mark. it was that file - the dominoSWFUpload that was not loading.  Updated my demo and all is good.  Many Thanks