• Left-align buttons

    By Gerald Mengisen 10 years ago


    thanks for the framework; it's a great piece of work.

    From the user interface side, the global buttons that are right aligned are probably used for buttons like "Help" or "About." Where would I add buttons that are left-aligned for buttons like "Create Document" ?

    Meanwhile, here is the CSS override to make the global buttons left-aligned:

    / Left-align the global buttons; by default, they are right-aligned /

    lotusPlaceBar .lotusBtnContainer, .lotusPlaceBar .lotusBtnContainer {

    float:left !important;<br/>


    lotusPlaceBar h2, .lotusPlaceBar h2 {

    width:200px !important;<br/>


    / end left-align /

    I added this definition to a CSS file and added the file to the themeTemplate2Col custom control.