• Additional get methods for REST View Columns...

    By Serdar Basegmez 7 years ago

    When you define a RESTService from a viewJsonService, we cannot get document-level data directly. Instead, there is a mid-level class RestViewNavigatorFactory provides column-level access and system columns like UniversalID or read status etc.

    It makes sense to have access to more information about the entry just like simple functions in traditional view columns:

    - Attachment names and/or lengths,

    - Creation and Last Modification Dates

    - Size of the document


    • Try using the documentJsonService.

      By Stephen Auriemma 7 years ago

      The viewJsonService is primarily for accessing view data. To access document data I suggest you use the documentJsonService. The @unid property of the can be used to access the document from documentJsonService. Another option you may try is to add a computed column that returns the specific data you want.

      • I know that but it's not efficient...

        By Serdar Basegmez 7 years ago

        I know it but it's not efficient to get access for simple information about documents via duplicate calls. Think about 500 rows in a view. It means 500 calls to a second JSON service.