• How to prevent link-generation in Name Text Box

    By stefan test 5 years ago


    I would link to disable the generation of links on names in the Name Text Box. Just want to have the name as plain text.

    How can this be done?
    (using Extension Library 8.5.3)

    Thanks for any idea!

    • By B Gleeson 5 years ago

      If you just want plain text, you could use a regular Edit Box or Dojo Text Box instead of the name text box.

      The Dojo Name Text Box is designed to provide a list of clickable links for a list of names. You can't make that control display a static list, as it currently stands.

      • By stefan test 5 years ago

        hm, but the Editboxes and Textboxes don't have the support for displaying names…

        • By B Gleeson 5 years ago

          I don't follow you, a name is text.

          Do you mean for displaying multiple names? In that case you would need to add a multipleSeparator property to the editbox or dojoTextBox.

          If you could provide a code sample, perhaps that would make it easier to help figure this out.

          • By stefan test 5 years ago

            sorry for the confusion :)
            I need Notes-names in name-fields. With regular Edit box they are displayed in canonical format which is not user-friendly.
            That's why I used the Name-textbox which does exactly what I need. Just I would like to avoid the appearance of the hyperlinks on the name.
            Thanks for your help!