• webdavconfig

    By Claudio Bartolini 4 years ago

    Hi to everybody,
    I downloaded the file .zip but i didn't find the file webdavconfig.nsf.
    Can someone help me?

    • By Stephan H. Wissel 4 years ago

      Clone the GIT repository: https://github.com/OpenNTF/WebDAVForDomino In the com.ibm.xsp.webdav/nsf directory you find the database. Be sure to make a new copy (File - Application - New Copy) to get a unique replica id

      • By Claudio Bartolini 4 years ago

        i found it! thank you very much!

      • By Aanandaprabhu Ayyavua 3 years ago

        Hi Stephan,

        I also downloaded the .zip file, I got webdavconfig.nsf but I cannot find the demo file “FileDemo.nsf”.
        Can you please help me to find this file?

        Thanks in advance!


        • By Stephan H. Wissel 3 years ago

          Create it. It is a standard NSF based on the document library template