• Does not work after 1.2

    By Alexey Chikin 6 years ago


    I see white list after upgrade to 1.3 or 1.3.1

    Lotus 8.5.2

    • upd

      By Alexey Chikin 6 years ago

      In domino console:

       Closed session for Test/TestDomain Databases accessed:     2   Documents read:     0   Documents written:     0

    • Preferences

      By F. Kranenburg 6 years ago

      It's build on top of 8.5.2 and it's working fine here, I heart other people using it too without problems.

      Maybe check the preferences? Version 1.3 has a completely different way to display datasources.

      • My pref

        By Alexey Chikin 6 years ago

        • hmm,could reproduce the problem but..

          By F. Kranenburg 6 years ago

          I was able te reproduce the problem. If you have the 'filter type' set on 'location' then it won't show anything. At least, here. But your preferences do not produce an empty result here.

          Maybe check the preferences page where you can edit the custom fields. Because you are retrieving from the names on your server, the correct fields must be used in order to display anything.

          Could you try an custom application to see if the app works? You can connect any application as long as you connect the fields in the preferences page.

          • Ok!

            By Alexey Chikin 6 years ago

            When i removed location filter, it started working, but a new problem appeared.

            As i have alternative names in russian spelling, after removing the filter i've got double records


      • Hm...

        By Alexey Chikin 6 years ago

        When run in eclipse with Djava.library.path=my_notes_install_dir its work.....