• Variables in 'computeValue' for PDF table

    By P Laule 4 years ago

    I want to create a PDF with a table in it. The data source is a 'dominoViewSource' which is filtered by key.
    With this data I generate a table in the PDF. That's working fine with 'columnTitle'.
    But I must compute an output value and need to get a handle to the current document/ viewEntry in 'computeValue'. The help tells me that 'the current line and the current object are accessible with the defined variables'.

    What are the variable names in this case?
    I tried viewEntry, row, i, etc. - with no luck…

    • By P Laule 4 years ago

      No ideas?
      It seems to be possible to do what I want but without a tipp I'm not able to use it… :-/

      Would be great to get any suggestions! Thank you!