• Need help for OSGI Tasklet (java based) for Domino 9.0.1

    By sureshkumar kumar 4 years ago

    I was trying to integrate OSGI Tasklet with domino 9.0.1(java based). Unfortunately there was no latest bundle for java. I downloaded osgi tasklet service 2.0.3 zip and tried with domino. After the domino side changes done as per the document. i tried to load the plugin from the domino. End up with an error

    Exception in thread “main” java.lang.IllegalStateException: Unable to access the core eclipse plugins directory

    at com.ibm.dots.launcher.OSGILauncher.getPluginPathFromDir(OSGILauncher.java:229)
    at com.ibm.dots.launcher.OSGILauncher.getPluginURL(OSGILauncher.java:200)
    at com.ibm.dots.launcher.OSGILauncher.launchOSGIFramework(OSGILauncher.java:136)

    Google says its problem with the version of jars in domino and the OSGI tasklet service.

    Does anyone tried this before?

    • By Paul Fiore 4 years ago

      DOTS is already included with the Domino server in 9.0+, the OpenNTF versions of DOTS were only intended for the Domino 8.x stream starting with 8.5.3.