• timeouts - part response

    By Steve Macca 7 years ago

    This is a bit vague, but you may already know what I am talking about after reading the below.


    Sometimes after a time of not doing anything on the intranet, I press an item on the left navigator. I get the list of documents for that item. When I press on one of them, all I get is the waiting image and no information comes across. Same if I press a tag to filter the list.


    press an item on the left navigator and get the list of content - wiki for example

    press a tag, get nothing but the wait image
    press private messages and get a list.
    press the document and get nothing but the waiting image

    but if I press startpage link, then press the left navigator, get the list of items. I am able to press a tag to get the filtered list. I can go into the document

    • time

      By Thomas Adrian 7 years ago


      Do you have a sense for how long the wait has been when you see this, 10 minutes? 30 minutes? several hours?


      • I will try

        By Steve Macca 7 years ago

        I dont know for sure, but will test it a few times and see if I can narrow it down.


        Will take me a while to get the information. Ill reply within the week.

        • thanks <eom>

          By Thomas Adrian 7 years ago
          • not having much luck

            By Steve Macca 7 years ago

            This really disappoints me about xpages. I dont know what other server services are like, but I cant pin this down.


            I am getting anything from 30 minutes to being able to leave it over 2 hours and not have a timeout issue. With that said, I dont see me pinning the timeout down

            • more info

              By Steve Macca 7 years ago

              I dont know if this changes the mechanisms of the timeout (by being preloaded without user interaction), but adding the setting in notes ini "XPagesPreloadDB=" has given me results over 3 hours. Havent checked over 3 hours but when I get the opportunity, will check it out.

              • extension of

                By Steve Macca 7 years ago

                It may be xoincidental, but as said before, after putting in the notes.ini setting  XPagesPreloadDB= myServer!!application.nsf, I have not been getting timeouts.


                I have logged in this morning, left the internet page open and left it for just over 6 hours. Pressed on avtivity stream and had it all populate within a couple of seconds, where before the setting, I would leave it for any from 30 mins (timeout) and sometimes up to 2 hours (then timeout) and all I would get from activity stream is a list of name and no output next to them.


                I am going to leave it at this and see how it goes.

                • ok

                  By Thomas Adrian 7 years ago

                  ok good finding.

                  I have added http://www.intrapages.com to preload now and will also test this

                  let me know if you find out anything more about this.


                  There are some scoped varibles used in some sections, but these are set in the application settings to timeout after 24-48 hours. not sure if anything else than scoped variables can time out



                • xe:timeout

                  By Thomas Adrian 7 years ago

                  I actually have the same issues at one time after an hour.


                  I have added the xe:timeout control to www.intrapages.com 

                  let's test that and see if it works better, it should refresh the session every 10 minutes. you can see this is firebug/dev tools