• Some menus in the Admin page redirects to the default Homepage

    By Tom C Tveita 6 years ago

    Anyone have a clue why the Apps and Settings tab/menus in the Admin page redirects me to the default homepage/startpage within Intrapages? All the other tabs/settings can be accessed and adjusted without any problem at all.

    I fear that I've missed a essential setting somewhere that causes this strange behaviour. I find no trace of any errors or anything in the logs.



    • tips

      By Thomas Adrian 6 years ago


      Intrapages is designed to redirect back to the default homepage if an error happens.. so it seem like you are getting errors.
      examine the the trace-log-0.xml and error-log-0.xml located in data\domino\workspace\logs\ or send them to me thomas.adrian (@) consili.se

      Have you verified that extension library is installed correctly?
      Type this at server console: "tell http osgi ss com.ibm.xsp.extlib"



      In next release I have added new links to download these files from intrapages to skip the hassle to find them on the server.


      • Thaks - All sorted now

        By Tom C Tveita 6 years ago

        Thanks Thomas,

        Seems that an itty bitty part of the extension library failed to run.

        Solved this by removing the ext.lib alltogether, and upgraded the server to 9.

        Tested and everything seems to be just peachy.


        Thanks again for your most excellent response to this.