• flow.LogSummaryEvent

    By Les Zatony 1 decade ago

    We built something very similar to this several years ago. I am very impressed with what you have released here (especially the high quality documentation! what a novelty). Two features that our logger contains that I think might be worth adding to your project are LogSummaryEvent and LogCriticalEvent.

    LogSummaryEvent -  using this method would write a line to the agent's log (right click on a scheduled agent and select log). This is really useful for getting quick summaries of what was processed during the run. Here is an example:

    06/04/2010 03:00:01 AM: Agent Starting
    06/04/2010 03:00:05 AM: Processing 300 documents
    06/04/2010 03:01:01 AM: Record Counts: 300 | $25,048
    06/04/2010 03:00:01 AM: Agent Ending

    LogCriticalError - We use this to abort the processing and send an e-mail to the db manager. Any kind of major failure (database not found, improper access, etc.) would cause the agent to terminate and the e-mail to go out.

    Let me know what you think.


  • This will go in the next version

    By Corey Davis 1 decade ago


    Great idea! I will add these to the next release. Not quite sure when that will be, but I will try to make it soon.