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    By Henning Heinz 5 years ago


    thank you for a very nice application. Before I dive deeper into the code I have a short question.
    The file silo homepage is quite big (The page has a total of 22 HTTP requests and a total weight of 627.8K bytes with empty cache)
    While I am also a big fan of jQuery and Bootstrap the application seem to load all the default Dojo CSS and javascripts.
    Is this necessary for the application (and has there already been some efforts trying to optimise it)? My knowledge about XPages is already a bit dated so excuse me if my question sounds stupid.

    • By Oliver Busse 5 years ago

      Hi Henning!

      This is a very good question!
      You are absolutely right in that point, I also don't want that Dojo crap inside but I need it to use the Extlib Namepicker to be displayed correctly.
      I also cannot use resource aggregation, which makes the impact of loading resources smaller on the server and on the client, because Domino 9.x has some issues calculating the paths for icons from the Bootstrap CSS correctly when turning this feature on - no Bootstrap icons will be displayed anymore.
      As I wanted to keep this application open for 8.5.3+ users, too, I didn't choose to use the Bootstrap4XPages plugin, yet, as this can only be used with Domino 9.0.x.
      BUT: I plan to use it in the upcoming release(s) as this will solve the issues with aggregation and will also style the Extlib controls (e.g. Namepicker) with its own CSS, so Dojo is not a must.
      I'm currently doing some tests with that constellation and will release a new version when testing is finished.
      Thanks for your question!

      • By Henning Heinz 5 years ago

        Hello Oliver,
        just some months later I had a look at the current release.
        Wow, what a difference a day (ahem, few releases) makes.
        HTTP Requests - 16 Total Weight - 243.1K
        Thank you very much (for your first response too which I read on time but for any reason missed to reply). I might even take a look at XPages again ;-)

        • By Oliver Busse 5 years ago

          You're welcome!
          And thank you for the donation :-)

          As FileSilo now uses the great Bootstrap4XPages plugin I was able to activate resource aggregation and the optimized Bootstrap stuff regarding Dojo standard widgets (i.e. namepicker etc.). Kudos to the BS4XSP developer!

          Happy you like the application :-) Spread the word ;-)