• Donate Button

    By Tim Schleuser 1 decade ago


    I really love File Navigator and many times I asked myself, why such a great feature isn't part of the product itself.

    We are beginning the rollout of the Eclipse client in our company and we would have loved to roll out File Navigator too. But what is this? A prominent Donate button. An absolute no go for a feature in a company.

    Don't get me wrong. I think it is totally OK, if you ask for support in an about window or in the online help - that's only fair. But why putting a tool under apache license, telling the community to use it and at the same time, stopping the usage by a donate button? If you don't like companies to use it, why putting it under apache license?

    Add (pro) features, customization or special support and get payed for your efforts that way.

    Sad to leave File Navigator out of notes :-(



    • I don't get your point

      By Rene Winkelmeyer 1 decade ago

      Hello Tim,


      I think I don't get your point.


      • File Navigator is used in really large company deployments (i. e. a german agency with 11,000+ users) with the donate button. So what's the "show stopper"?
      • Removing the menu items is just as simple as deleting a few lines in the source code. As the source code is available for everybody you may remove the menu items by yourself.


      IMHO is a "donate" button not a show stopper for an open source tool. Less than ever as everybody may change the code as he like.

      Customization, pro support or anything like this is for sure available. If somebody would like to request it. If you want something like that (i. e. a File Navigator version without the donate button), no problem, just drop me a mail.


      Best regards,