• Open Source Mail Relayer for Domino

    By Sergio Salazar 2 decades ago

    Hi to all,

    I don't know if this is the right forum, but my question has to do with mail relayers like Research In Motion Ltd.'s BlackBerry server. I am wonder if there exists some open source project related to do that?or if anyone are interested in start a new open source project for a mail relayer software like this, to access Domino databases from the remote clients.


    • Wrong forum -- what do you wnat to do?

      By Dovid Gross/NotesOSS 2 decades ago

      The Project Discussion forum is really for discussions on existing projects. You shoud use the Main Bar to discuss other topics, including discussing a potential new project. I would suggest re-posting there.

      You might also want to give a clearer picture about the kinds of thing you might want to do with an open source mail relay.