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OpenLog - Review: Why didn't I tried this before? GREAT APP!

After 9 years of developing several (big) applications for Domino, I've always used my own logging functions. Those functions where alway application depended, no 1 stop central repository for all logging.
After the calling on OpenNTF (http://www.openntf.org/blogs/openntf.nsf/d6plinks/BELT-889M42) I started to take a look if I could use this in my own applications...
My expectations weren't very high, but now I have it working (because of the very good documentation) I'm so glad I took some time to embed this in my applications!
I banging my head against the wall multiple times, why I didn't hear of this great application earlier??!!
I have one question, does this project also works for Xpage applications?  
Ferry Kranenburg 

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