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JDBC Access for IBM Lotus Domino - Review: AWESOME

I've installed the project on my server at home first and played with the sample application. It took some time to do the setup, but if you have done it once, it is easy.

Next I downloaded BIRT and imported the sample data into the notes application, installed the driver into my BIRT environment and created my first DataSource. Once connected, I played with the sample reports.

I was impressed by the performance.

Today I configured our development server to use DomSQL and restarted the beast. Same as at home, DomSQL was available. Currently I have configured our CRM System to expose some views to BIRT. I built some basic reports like "company size" and how many companies do we have in a specific area of the world.

SQL makes it very easy to get the data out of an application, and building charts is as easy as pie. There are many things that can be configured to expose only selected views. Giving readable names to cryptic programmatic names is also possible.

Aside from accessing SQL databases from within our application, DomSQL is a powerful to to expose data to tools like an SQL viewer, BIRT, or even Excel ( not tested yet ). 

Ulrich Krause
Business Application Developer XPages
is@web, Ratingen, Germany

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