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Java Charts - Review: Very Good

I have taken the last few weeks to test this custom control, and I must say that i really like it.  I do not have any experiance with JFreeCharting, so I do not know what the author really had to work with.  In general, I can say that this custom control greatly simplified my XPage charting.  Up to this point, I have been stuck using only Dojo charting, which leaves much to be desired.  This custom control allows its user to easily create any type of chart (s)he wants to.  The installation can be a little tricky to those who are unaware of the Java Perspective, but even that is easy to master, and the instructions come with the zip file.  


The only thing that I have to mumble about is that although one can have a tooltip with the a percentage or value, or both, one cannot display the label and value as a tooltip to its bar / pie slice / point.  This is one option that I trully find lacking.  I do not know if this lies on the custom control, or the jar file backing it up, but I hope to see this option in a later version of this custom control. 

5 / 5 stars!!!

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