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The main purpose of this catalog is to provide a list of high quality samples under the Apache license 2 and to assist consumers in finding navigating to the sample that best fits your business problem. The purpose is not to replace the projects area, but to have only certain releases in this catalog which have been cleared and a certain amount of testing has been done.

The catalog is targeted for different types of people:
- Developers: samples including source code.
- Anyone: who wants to understand capabilities and demonstrate value of Notes and Domino. Some of the web applications/projects can be run live from the catalog. Rich client components can be installed into Notes via drag and drop and then run locally.

You can find samples in two ways:
- Full text search
- Find via views (by committer, by most recently added, etc.)

There are three different types of samples:
1. End users can take advantage of the rich client components: Widgets and plugins that can be installed into the Notes client by browsing a catalog and dragging and dropping components into Notes. The components can show up in the Notes sideshelf, as pop up windows triggered by live text or any other more sophisticated Notes extensions (e.g. menu contributions). For developers, we also provide the source code for these components.
2. Developers can take advantage of the controls that can be re-used to create custom applications. The source code for these controls can be downloaded and used in IBM Lotus Domino Designer or in any Eclipse based IDE. Reusable controls can be sets of design elements or Eclipse projects.
3. For developers and people who want to demonstrate Notes/Domino value: Templates (NTFs) and applications (NSFs or Eclipse features) demonstrating sophisticated technical capabilities and value of Lotus Notes/Domino as application development platforms. The projects are managed outside of this catalog. The catalog contains the last releases of projects and their descriptions.

The catalog does not contain all code from OpenNTF. For releases to be listed in the catalog they must:
• Contain the full source code.
• Have been tested at least once by a third person/party.
• Provide good descriptions and screenshots.
• The owners/originators have to ask a second approved committer to add an entry.
For projects: Only the last good releases of projects are added.
For controls: Only fully compile-able code can go in the catalog.