Project: Mailanalysis (Managed by Simone Chemelli)

DateCreated by TypeSubject
11/20/2006Per Baubug
10/02/2006fabrice papirnykbug
08/31/20062Show details for Karl KingstonKarl KingstondiscussionScheduled Agent doesn't work
08/17/2006Joseph Hoetzlbug
06/07/20061Show details for James Darren JohnstonJames Darren Johnstonbug
12/19/2005Renaud ThieventProjectNews
12/19/2005Renaud Thieventrelease
12/09/20051Show details for Jean-Pierre VenancioJean-Pierre VenanciofeatureFiltering on one domaine name
11/07/20056Show details for Renaud ThieventRenaud Thieventrelease
10/27/20051Show details for Wolfgang ZettlWolfgang Zettlbug
10/21/2005Renaud ThieventProjectNews
10/21/20052Show details for Renaud ThieventRenaud Thieventrelease
09/20/20053Show details for Wolfgang ZettlWolfgang Zettlbug
09/09/2005Renaud ThieventProjectNews
09/09/2005Renaud Thieventrelease
12/08/20041Show details for Mark WhittakerMark WhittakerdiscussionAnalysis Descriptions
11/28/20041Show details for Christian BrandlehnerChristian BrandlehnerfeatureSpreadsheet Export
11/28/20041Show details for Christian BrandlehnerChristian BrandlehnerfeatureSupport for Mailscan
11/03/20043Show details for Clayton McDanielClayton McDanielfeatureLog Mail Count and Size Sent&Received per User
09/09/20041Show details for Mats HasselquistMats Hasselquistbug
08/05/20043Show details for Elvis DominguezElvis DominguezfeatureGUI - L&F
08/02/20042Show details for Gayle R AlspachGayle R AlspachdiscussionUnknown Rejected Reasons
08/02/2004Gayle R Alspachdiscussion
06/20/20046Show details for Ole SchmittoOle SchmittodiscussionInvalid or nonexisting document
06/18/20042Show details for Wolfgang ZettlWolfgang Zettlbug
06/18/2004Renaud Thieventrelease
06/18/2004Renaud Thieventrelease
06/14/20043Show details for Norbert de VreedeNorbert de Vreedebug
05/12/20041Show details for Josef PrusaJosef PrusafeatureBetter message tracking?
05/11/2004Renaud Thieventrelease
04/29/20043Show details for Karl KingstonKarl KingstondiscussionCan't get scheduled reports to run
04/26/20041Show details for Oliver RegelmannOliver Regelmannbug
04/20/2004Simone Chemellirelease
04/18/20041Show details for dion gillarddion gillardbug
04/15/2004Simone Chemellidocumentation
04/15/2004Simone Chemellirelease
03/08/20045Show details for Jerry GassieJerry GassiediscussionSubscript out of range error
11/24/20031Show details for Gerco WolfswinkelGerco WolfswinkeldiscussionAgents don't report
11/11/20032Show details for Gavin J BollardGavin J BollarddiscussionCan anyone provide a few examples of "Unknown reason" rejections
08/22/20033Show details for Bob PhilippusBob PhilippusdiscussionMail rules
08/19/2003Simone Chemelliprofile
08/19/2003Simone ChemellifeaturePorting for R5.X
08/17/2003Simone Chemellidocumentation
08/17/2003Simone Chemellibug
08/17/2003Simone ChemellitaskAdd R5 log structure
08/16/20031Show details for Simone ChemelliSimone ChemellitaskIdentify the "invalid document" error
08/16/2003Simone ChemellitaskFix the space in server name handling
08/16/2003Simone Chemelliprofile
07/31/20036Show details for Werner NintzelWerner Nintzelbug
07/29/2003Werner Nintzelbug
07/23/20032Show details for Simone ChemelliSimone Chemellirelease
07/22/20031Show details for Simone ChemelliSimone ChemelliProjectNews
07/21/2003Paul Avilesbug
07/16/2003Danilo Barbuiobug
07/16/20031Show details for Danilo BarbuioDanilo Barbuiobug
07/12/2003Simone Chemellirelease
06/23/2003Sachin Wadhwabug
06/22/2003Simone Chemellirelease
06/14/20031Show details for Simone ChemelliSimone Chemelliproject

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