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DateCreated by TypeSubject
09/14/20071Show details for Torsten JansenTorsten JansendiscussionHave you people gone MAD ?
07/10/20071Show details for Tim BrowneTim BrownediscussionEZThumb-Vista
06/19/2007Chris CraverdiscussionPage Template
06/12/20071Show details for The TurtleThe Turtlebug
06/12/2007The Turtlebug
06/12/2007The Turtlebug
06/12/2007The Turtlebug
06/12/2007The Turtlebug
06/12/20072Show details for The TurtleThe Turtlebug
05/29/20077Show details for Ronald VeldhuizenRonald Veldhuizenbug
05/08/20071Show details for Christian BuchacherChristian BuchacherdiscussionDocuments cannot be opened any more after saving them
05/08/2007Christian Buchacherdiscussion
03/29/20071Show details for Fred Janssen2Fred Janssen2discussionJava erros
01/31/2007Dan Yorkbug
01/15/2007R F WilsondiscussionWeb Editor - Justify Buttons Broken
01/12/2007Laurie TahardiscussionBlog Error detected - FCKEdito
01/08/20071Show details for Pierre KerchnerPierre Kerchnerfeatureprivate Sub-Blog for close friends/family/private stuff
01/02/2007Duncan Bradleybug
12/28/20061Show details for Daniel HasaDaniel Hasabug
12/19/2006jesus chenbug
12/13/2006Rien Heinsbug
12/01/20066Show details for Detlev BuschkampDetlev BuschkampdiscussionRandom Photo not working as expected
11/30/2006Matthew ArberdiscussionHow do i enable RSS?
11/22/2006Dan YorkdiscussionSupporting multiple blogs (at one site)?
11/22/2006Dan Yorkfeature"RSS" Block type allowing display of RSS feed headlines
11/17/20061Show details for Tobias AltemeierTobias Altemeierbug
11/16/20061Show details for Tobias AltemeierTobias Altemeierbug
11/08/20061Show details for Göran EkmanGöran EkmandiscussionNo config document
11/04/2006Christian Brandlehnerrelease
11/01/2006Dave HornettdiscussionArray Index out of bounds in photo album
10/31/2006Tom SteenbergendiscussionWhere does the html comments between <!-- --> go
10/27/2006Wendy Libug
10/18/2006Thomas Fřrdediscussionsome mine problems
09/29/20062Show details for Mark SchultzMark Schultzbug
09/29/20061Show details for Carsten Lillelund PedersenCarsten Lillelund Pedersendiscussion7.0.1 crash problem with pictures is gone with 7.0.2 (eom)
09/26/2006Tom Steenbergenfeatureseperate the CSS styles for the storytitle, storyauthor, storytime and storycategory
09/25/20061Show details for David HeeneyDavid HeeneydiscussionProblem with list of months
09/25/20068Show details for Carsten Lillelund PedersenCarsten Lillelund Pedersendiscussion3 different problems .....
09/24/20069Show details for Fred Janssen2Fred Janssen2discussionHacked?
09/23/2006Jason EngeldiscussionIcons in LatestDownloads block
09/20/20061Show details for Tom SteenbergenTom Steenbergendiscussionhow to add corporate footer and header
09/20/20062Show details for Tom SteenbergenTom Steenbergendiscussionmake story title and story author have different style in css
09/15/2006Adam FenstermakerdiscussionPosting from web - wipes out title and body??
09/15/2006Adam Fenstermakerbug
09/06/2006Sam Starbug
08/24/20061Show details for Tatjana TreischTatjana Treischbug
08/24/20061Show details for Astrid HerchenroederAstrid HerchenroederdiscussionFormat?
08/23/2006Esther StromdiscussionDatabase column block problem
08/19/2006Laurie Tahardiscussion"Read more", no more...
08/19/20062Show details for Laurie TaharLaurie Tahardiscussion"Add a comment" disappears
08/04/2006Christian Brandlehnerrelease
08/03/200614Hide details for Christian SchladitzChristian SchladitzdiscussionRedirection to spampoison instead of new comment
. . I have the same problem (Carsten Lillel... 26-Sep-06)
Show details for . . Re: comments      (Christian Bran...   3-Aug-06). . Re: comments (Christian Bran... 3-Aug-06)
08/02/20061Show details for Lars BerntropLars BerntropdiscussionMake BlogSphere template editable by Designer 6
08/02/20064Show details for Lars BerntropLars BerntropfeatureTranslation for Category label + Written By regression fix
07/31/20063Show details for David DaumDavid DaumfeatureAdd Email subscription ability
07/28/20063Show details for marcin t zakrzewskimarcin t zakrzewskidiscussionComment only with login possible
07/10/20063Show details for MAILLET BenoitMAILLET BenoitfeatureHow can we add a Google Analytics code ?
07/07/20061Show details for Greg WalrathGreg WalrathdiscussionProblem with Blogroll links and categories
06/30/20061Show details for Matthew ArberMatthew ArberdiscussionDonate
06/30/2006Kieran G MetcalfefeatureMultiple Skype Accounts
06/30/2006Kieran G Metcalfebug
06/27/20062Show details for Ronald VeldhuizenRonald Veldhuizenbug
06/26/2006Tim CampbellfeatureDisplaying photo descriptions when photos are displayed
06/20/2006Ken Yeebug
06/15/2006Dwight Wilbanksbug
06/13/20064Show details for Ronald VeldhuizenRonald Veldhuizenbug
06/10/2006Ray Bilykdiscussion'Admin' and 'Development' Actions
06/10/20062Show details for Ray BilykRay BilykdiscussionProblem with Search Referrers in R.2.5.5
06/10/20062Show details for Franklin WongFranklin Wongdiscussion
06/08/2006Christian Brandlehnerrelease
06/07/2006tony harrisdiscussionEdit Blog via browser
06/06/2006Gerco Wolfswinkeldiscussionv253 caching?
06/06/2006Christian Brandlehnerrelease
06/04/20065Show details for Pierre KerchnerPierre Kerchnerdiscussionpeekaboo bug with IE
06/04/20061Show details for Robert BakelaarRobert BakelaarfeatureSpammed via Comments
05/28/2006Christian BrandlehnerdiscussionBlacklist Importer
05/25/20061Show details for Julie MaryniakJulie Maryniakdiscussion500 error when I mark something as a 'hot blog'?
05/24/2006Eric SawyerfeatureMonitor comments before publish
05/23/2006Christian BrandlehnerfeatureUpdate check
05/23/2006Christian Brandlehnerfeatureadd additional ping services
05/23/2006Christian BrandlehnerfeatureDelete old agent log documents
05/09/20062Show details for Colin MorrisColin Morrisbug
05/02/20061Show details for Jason EngelJason EngelfeatureAdd new download to the web administration block
05/01/20062Show details for Scott PerdueScott Perduediscussionv2.5.3 strange search behavior
04/27/20061Show details for Matthew ArberMatthew ArberdiscussionGoogle Sitemaps
04/25/2006Matthew ArberdiscussionA big thanks to the BlogSphere Team
04/25/2006Matthew ArberfeatureAutomatically add

to the beginning of any descriptive text
04/25/2006Matthew ArberfeatureMost viewed Pictures Block
04/25/20063Show details for Matthew ArberMatthew Arberbug
04/25/20061Show details for Wade J DugasWade J DugasdiscussionVersion 2.5.3 crashes Notes 7 client when adding photo album
04/18/20064Show details for Sam A MonarchSam A MonarchdiscussionModerate Comments
04/16/2006Christian Brandlehnerrelease
04/11/20061Show details for Jason EngelJason Engelbug
04/11/2006Christian BrandlehnerdiscussionComment Spam addon
04/10/20062Show details for Jason EngelJason Engelbug
04/10/2006Doug FinnerdiscussionLost - how to add pics to albums on web?
04/06/2006Colin MorrisfeatureUse Semantic HTML tags
04/06/2006Sam A MonarchdiscussionMultiple Blog Owners
04/05/20061Show details for Gerco WolfswinkelGerco Wolfswinkeldiscussionisues with CSS
03/30/2006Detlev BuschkampfeatureImport existing Blacklist
03/30/20064Show details for Sam A MonarchSam A MonarchdiscussionJavascript Error (Search)
03/28/2006Michael SmelserfeatureUpgrade Admin Block from static to dynamic
03/27/20062Show details for Sam A MonarchSam A MonarchdiscussionCant Find Search Block
03/27/2006Michael Smelserbug
03/27/2006Christian Brandlehnerrelease
03/24/20061Show details for Paul FrolovPaul Frolovbug
03/24/2006Paul Frolovbug
03/23/2006Bernie BernaldiscussionFCKEdit and Attachments for BlogSphere
03/18/2006Christian Brandlehnerrelease
03/14/20068Show details for Vince SchuurmanVince SchuurmanfeatureAdd additional spamblocker code
03/03/20063Show details for Rob NovakRob Novakbug
03/03/20061Show details for Rob NovakRob Novakdiscussion2.5: Still can't embed images in RT (since 1.3.1)
03/03/20066Show details for Gennady KleynerGennady KleynerdiscussionAlbums from ONPD
03/02/20062Show details for Jason EngelJason EngelfeatureOption to enable or disable Cocomment
03/01/20061Show details for Mark BrysonMark Brysonbug
03/01/20061Show details for Ronald VeldhuizenRonald VeldhuizenfeatureExtend EXIF information
03/01/20062Show details for Chad SchelfhoutChad Schelfhoutbug
02/28/20063Show details for Bernie BernalBernie BernaldiscussionEmoticons not showing in comments
02/28/20061Show details for Bastian AnthonBastian Anthonbug
02/28/20062Show details for Stephan H. WisselStephan H. WisselfeatureNew Block Types
02/28/2006Stephan H. WisselfeatureAdd "in reference to" field to creation of new story.
02/28/20061Show details for Stephan H. WisselStephan H. WisselfeatureAdd Google Analytics configuration
02/28/2006Christian Brandlehnerbug
02/28/2006Christian Brandlehnerbug
02/28/2006Christian Brandlehnerbug
02/27/20063Show details for Jason EngelJason EngeldiscussionHow do I disable cocomment?
02/26/20065Show details for Stephan H. WisselStephan H. Wisselbug
02/26/20061Show details for Stephan H. WisselStephan H. Wisselbug
02/26/20061Show details for Stephan H. WisselStephan H. Wisselbug
02/25/2006Christian Brandlehnerrelease
02/25/2006Christian BrandlehnerProjectNews
02/24/2006Christian BrandlehnerProjectNews
02/24/20061Show details for Alexander W LawingAlexander W LawingdiscussionDocumentation for skinning BlogSphere
02/21/20061Show details for The TurtleThe TurtlediscussionDouble-pump on XML ping of
02/21/2006Josh BlacklerdiscussionSide Blocks duplicating. Showing twice on page
02/21/2006Christian Brandlehnerbug
02/21/20062Show details for Tobias AltemeierTobias Altemeierbug
02/19/2006Chad Schelfhoutbug
02/18/20061Show details for Chad SchelfhoutChad SchelfhoutfeatureRemember me
02/15/2006Stephan H. Wisselbug
02/14/2006Stefan Smolnikbug
02/09/2006Stephan H. WisseldiscussionTrackback explained?
02/08/2006Olivier NevouxdiscussionAccented Character issue with blogsphere 2.1
02/06/20063Show details for Jason EngelJason EngelfeatureDisplay a random quote or other text string
02/06/20062Show details for Pierre KerchnerPierre KerchnerdiscussionAm I too stupid for
02/03/20066Show details for Josh BlacklerJosh BlacklerdiscussionSecure server
02/03/20064Show details for Pierre KerchnerPierre KerchnerdiscussionProblems with German Umlauts on RSS/Feeds
01/29/2006Declan LynchProjectNews
01/27/20062Show details for Conrad SennConrad SenndiscussionHow to add search of just my blog
01/27/20061Show details for Christopher W LinfootChristopher W Linfootdiscussion2.1.1 upgrade
01/26/2006Christian Brandlehnerbug
01/26/20061Show details for Christian BrandlehnerChristian Brandlehnerbug
01/26/2006Christian Brandlehnerbug
01/25/2006Christian Brandlehnerbug
01/25/2006Christian Brandlehnerbug
01/25/20061Show details for Pierre KerchnerPierre Kerchnerdiscussionhow do I do tagging for
01/20/20067Show details for Jason EngelJason Engelbug
01/19/20062Show details for Jason EngelJason EngeldiscussionFunctioning IM Status Servers?
01/18/2006ray c johnsondiscussionOutlook notification
01/09/20062Show details for Ray BilykRay BilykdiscussionMigrating from Blogger to Blogsphere
01/02/2006Dwight WilbanksdiscussionFCKEdit on local
01/02/2006Dwight Wilbanksdiscussiononbeforeunload and story editing
01/01/2006Dwight Wilbanksbug
01/01/2006Dwight WilbanksfeatureWebEditBlogList?OpenView Story Status flag
12/21/20051Show details for Rich WheadonRich Wheadonbug
12/21/20051Show details for Ken YeeKen Yeebug
12/21/2005John L HawkinsdiscussionBS2.1 embedded photos disappear, worked in 1.3
12/12/20052Show details for Simon AltemeierSimon AltemeierfeatureBlock to display randomly one picture out of the ones that have a - great picture - flag
12/09/20051Show details for Craig SchumannCraig Schumannbug
12/06/20051Show details for Rob NovakRob NovakdiscussionRSS feed broken during upgrade to 2.0, still broken in 2.1
12/06/2005Michael Weitzelbug
12/02/2005Ken Yeediscussionno PurgeSpam agent?
11/30/2005Peter AratodiscussionRecent Googles Block
11/30/20051Show details for Peter AratoPeter AratodiscussionAdsense Configuration Tab in Blog Config Doc
11/29/20051Show details for Michael WeitzelMichael Weitzelbug
11/25/2005Ronald VeldhuizenfeatureVideo album
11/22/2005Gerco WolfswinkeldiscussionReferral spam blacklist data offered
11/21/2005Norman K SprungerdiscussionApprove response before posting?
11/21/2005Norman K SprungerdiscussionApprove response before posting?
11/21/20053Show details for Tobias AltemeierTobias Altemeierbug
11/21/2005Tobias Altemeierbug
11/21/20051Show details for Oswald OoginkOswald Ooginkbug
11/18/20051Show details for Richard H SchwartzRichard H Schwartzbug
11/17/2005Stephan H. WisselfeatureTrackback Ping
11/17/2005Jens Polsterbug
11/14/2005Tobias Altemeierbug
11/12/2005Stephan H. WisselfeatureInclude comment text in notification email
11/09/2005Declan Lynchrelease
11/07/20051Show details for Jens BrunttJens BrunttdiscussionI would like to help with the translation issues
11/05/20051Show details for Jens BrunttJens Brunttbug
11/05/2005Jens Brunttbug
11/05/20051Show details for Jens BrunttJens Brunttbug
11/05/2005Jens Brunttbug
11/04/2005Jens BrunttdiscussionHow to convert from a different DB design to BlogSphere
11/03/2005Curt StonediscussionPosting to Blog from Flickr
10/28/2005Ronald Veldhuizenbug
10/28/2005Ronald Veldhuizenbug
10/28/2005Ronald Veldhuizenbug
10/27/20051Show details for George H PayneGeorge H PaynediscussionImage Resize via JAVA
10/26/2005Gerco WolfswinkeldiscussionHaving some problems with pictures
10/09/2005Christian Brandlehnerrelease
10/04/2005Jason EngeldiscussionBackground image?
10/03/2005Julian Bussbug
09/30/20051Show details for Jason EngelJason Engelbug
09/30/20051Show details for Dominik PetermannDominik PetermanndiscussionBlog not go
09/30/20051Show details for Julian BussJulian BussfeatureResizing images without using external tools
09/30/2005Julian Bussbug
09/30/2005Julian Bussbug
09/29/2005Wolfgang Zettlbug
09/28/20051Show details for Pete McPhedranPete McPhedranbug
09/27/20051Show details for Wolfgang ZettlWolfgang Zettlbug
09/25/2005Christian Brandlehnerbug
09/25/2005Christian Brandlehnerbug
09/24/2005Christian Brandlehnerbug
09/22/2005Bek Nazarbug
09/22/20051Show details for Dennis van RemortelDennis van RemorteldiscussionAttachments
09/17/20053Show details for Ronald VeldhuizenRonald Veldhuizenbug
09/17/20052Show details for David DaumDavid Daumdiscussionlist by author
09/17/2005Christian Brandlehnerrelease
09/17/2005Christian Brandlehnerbug
09/17/2005Christian Brandlehnerbug
09/17/2005Christian Brandlehnerbug
09/17/2005Christian Brandlehnerbug
09/17/2005Christian Brandlehnerbug
09/16/2005Christian Brandlehnerfeatureadd another date format choice
09/16/2005Christian BrandlehnerfeatureExporting CSS File as DXL should not be hardcoded to a specific path
09/14/2005Gerco WolfswinkeldiscussionGoogle blog search and Blogsphere
09/14/20051Show details for Gerco WolfswinkelGerco WolfswinkeldiscussionMTBB: The MT Blacklist for BlogSphere
09/14/2005Wade J DugasdiscussionNotes crash on viewing album document
09/07/2005Gerco WolfswinkelfeatureMT Blacklist plugin for BlogSphere
09/06/2005Ronald VeldhuizendiscussionBeta 9
09/02/20051Show details for Gerco WolfswinkelGerco WolfswinkeldiscussionHowto: Changing RSS feed to include complete item
08/27/20056Show details for Jason EngelJason EngeldiscussionLeft and center blocks only?
08/27/20051Show details for Stephan H. WisselStephan H. Wisseldiscussionmo:Blog anyone?
08/25/20054Show details for Gerco WolfswinkelGerco WolfswinkeldiscussionSick and tired of referrer spam. Referrer blacklists?
08/24/20053Show details for Ken YeeKen Yeefeatureadd a simple anti-automatic spam feature (simple math field)
08/21/20051Show details for Tim BrowneTim BrownediscussionPhotos in Monthly Archive?
08/21/2005Tim BrownediscussionWould like Entire Blog Scroll??
08/20/2005Christian Brandlehnerbug
08/19/20052Show details for Markus KollerMarkus Kollerbug
08/16/20054Show details for Rob NovakRob NovakdiscussionImages don't convert in RT blog entries
08/15/2005Chad SchelfhoutfeatureThe StoryTitleText for a picture includes Block_Name_Story from configuration profile
08/13/2005Pierre Kerchnerdiscussionbrowsing with IE using a different font size
08/12/20051Show details for Simon AltemeierSimon Altemeierbug
08/11/20053Show details for Chris van EijkChris van Eijkbug
08/10/20055Show details for Chad SchelfhoutChad Schelfhoutbug
08/09/2005Ronald Veldhuizenbug
08/09/2005Ronald Veldhuizenbug
08/05/2005Gerco Wolfswinkeldiscussionsuggestion for Referral blocker management
08/03/2005Chad SchelfhoutfeatureWindow title - Blog Name | Story Title
07/29/20051Show details for Matthew ArberMatthew ArberdiscussionPicture thumbnails below each other
07/29/20051Show details for Chad SchelfhoutChad Schelfhoutbug
07/29/20051Show details for Chad SchelfhoutChad Schelfhoutbug
07/28/20052Show details for Chad SchelfhoutChad Schelfhoutbug
07/28/20059Show details for Dennis van RemortelDennis van RemortelfeatureAttach files to stories
07/24/2005Christian BrandlehnerfeatureSlideshow "full size" pictures overlap screen modification
07/24/2005Christian Brandlehnerrelease
07/22/20053Show details for Chad SchelfhoutChad Schelfhoutbug
07/20/2005Ray BilykdiscussionMissing design note?
07/19/20053Show details for Matthew SmithMatthew SmithdiscussionGravatar error
07/12/20052Show details for Ray DaviesRay Daviesbug
07/10/2005Kevin Pettittbug
07/05/20051Show details for Sadaharu YokooSadaharu Yokoobug
07/01/20052Show details for Rick ReesenRick ReesendiscussionFull config via WebAccess
07/01/20051Show details for Rick ReesenRick ReesenfeatureSlideshow translation
07/01/20051Show details for Chad SchelfhoutChad SchelfhoutfeatureThe ITs for pictures should appear in the Story Title
07/01/2005Chad SchelfhoutfeatureAbility to change the permalink for all album related documents
06/30/2005Chad Schelfhoutbug
06/30/2005Ray DaviesfeatureBetter comment - response view and processing
06/30/20054Show details for Ronald VeldhuizenRonald Veldhuizenbug
06/29/20052Show details for Ralph BoltonRalph BoltonfeatureCustomisable "GoogleIT" links (etc)
06/29/20051Show details for Ralph BoltonRalph BoltonfeatureAdd RSS Block (to display someone else's RSS feed)
06/25/20054Show details for Ray DaviesRay Daviesbug
06/24/20051Show details for Ronald VeldhuizenRonald Veldhuizenbug
06/24/20052Show details for Ronald VeldhuizenRonald Veldhuizenbug
06/23/20051Show details for Christian BrandlehnerChristian Brandlehnerfeaturemove the page hit counter from the photo config to the blog config
06/23/20051Show details for Pierre KerchnerPierre Kerchnerdiscussionread counter per blog entry
06/22/2005Christian Brandlehnerrelease
06/22/2005Christian Brandlehnerbug
06/21/20051Show details for Chad SchelfhoutChad Schelfhoutbug
06/20/20055Show details for Chad SchelfhoutChad Schelfhoutbug
06/20/2005Kevin Pettittbug
06/19/20054Show details for Pierre KerchnerPierre KerchnerdiscussionWhere do I config how many blog entries are visible?
06/17/2005Chad Schelfhoutbug
06/17/20051Show details for Chad SchelfhoutChad SchelfhoutfeatureCategory Name displayed (for by month also)
06/17/2005Christian Brandlehnerbug
06/17/20053Show details for Chad SchelfhoutChad Schelfhoutbug
06/16/2005Chad Schelfhoutbug
06/13/20051Show details for Chad SchelfhoutChad SchelfhoutfeatureShow custom views in outline
06/12/20054Show details for Chad SchelfhoutChad Schelfhoutbug
06/10/20052Show details for Sadaharu YokooSadaharu YokoofeatureAdd Recent Comment Block.
06/10/20052Show details for Sadaharu YokooSadaharu Yokoofeaturelimit the number of displays of dbcolumn blocks
06/10/20051Show details for Chad SchelfhoutChad Schelfhoutbug
06/10/2005Chad Schelfhoutbug
06/09/20056Show details for Chad SchelfhoutChad Schelfhoutbug
06/09/2005Chad Schelfhoutbug
06/09/20053Show details for Chad SchelfhoutChad Schelfhoutbug
06/08/20051Show details for Alessandro DaducciAlessandro Daduccibug

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