Project: XPages Extension Library (Managed by Philippe Riand, Niklas Heidloff, Dave Delay, Akihiro Kosugi, Maire Kehoe, Tony McGuckin, John Piermarini, Martin Donnelly, James Quill, Darin Egan, Padraic Edwards, Andrejus Chaliapinas, Lorcan McDonald, Simon McLoughlin, Paul Hannan, B Gleeson)

DateCreated by TypeSubject
02/18/20152Show details for C MAUDIEREC MAUDIEREdiscussionfileUpload
01/30/2015Bill FoxfeatureCould we get added to the UserBean
01/30/20151Show details for Günter KrembslerGünter KrembslerbugProblem with 9.0.1 FP3 and importing to eclipse update site?
01/29/20155Show details for Günter KrembslerGünter KrembslerdiscussionProblem install ExtLib with Eclipse Update Site
01/29/20156Show details for Shillem VolpatoShillem VolpatodiscussionUnable to install the library while using IBM Notes 9.0.1 FP3
01/23/20151Show details for Marcus LozaMarcus LozadiscussionInstallation doubt?
01/13/20153Show details for Kim AcketKim AcketbugBootstrap Navigator icons not displaying : downloadable font: rejected by sanitizer
01/07/20152Show details for Martin PerrieMartin PerriediscussionMissing JDBC Driver Plug-in Wizard
01/02/2015Mario Eppigbugxe:dataView - Extra Columns are hidden, if value is empty
12/26/20142Show details for Sachin KulkarniSachin KulkarnidiscussionSample bootstrap database
12/23/20143Show details for Mario EppigMario EppigbugDateTime.timeDifference(DateTime dt) ==> ambiguous for type DateTime
12/22/2014Thomas AdrianfeatureGlyphicons from Bootstrap in treenodes
12/19/2014Padraic Edwardsrelease
12/16/20142Show details for SIMMATICA SIMMATICASIMMATICA SIMMATICAbugxp:checkBoxGroup not saving after ExtLib upgrade
11/26/20141Show details for Paul S WithersPaul S WithersdiscussionExtension Library Designer Source Plugins
11/25/2014CSABA KISSdiscussionApplication layout searchbar customization
11/19/20142Show details for CSABA KISSCSABA KISSdiscussionInformation about application Layout with bootstrap
11/19/20143Show details for Richard CotrimRichard CotrimbugDAS view entries collection limited to 100 in version 10 ??!!
11/19/2014Pat SawyerdiscussionRemoval of bootstrapv2.3.2
11/18/2014Johnny ZhangdiscussionThe problem with Servlet
11/15/20144Show details for Serdar BasegmezSerdar BasegmezbugDojo MenuItem problem with OneUI3.02 and Mozilla
11/12/2014Eric TomengadiscussionOneUI v3.0.2 & Dojo MenuItem in Ext Lib: Hover
11/10/2014Padraic Edwardsdocumentation
11/10/2014Padraic Edwardsrelease
11/10/2014Peter ArndtbugDomino Mail Services not working when using XspProfiler
11/10/20141Show details for Peter ArndtPeter ArndtbugDomino Mail Services (REST) /api/mail is just delivering the users own mailbox, and not an array of mailboxes, to which the authenticated user has access
11/07/2014ICarus YandiscussionXpage: The mobile form design overlap after upgrade ext. lib. to 901v00_09.20140903-1400
11/04/20141Show details for Patrick KwintenssonPatrick KwintenssonbugSingle Page Application Wizard not working
10/15/2014miguel calvobugREST Service Control not complying the HTTP server custom headers
10/08/20144Show details for Renan RendonRenan RendonbugiOS8
09/30/20142Show details for Manfred LenzManfred LenzdiscussionDomino Freebusy Service, log level and log file
09/10/20142Show details for Michael AtrajeMichael AtrajediscussionDynamic Content
09/08/2014Padraic Edwardsrelease
08/31/20141Show details for Jesse GallagherJesse GallagherfeatureRun the target URL of xe:searchBar through the RequestCustomizer
08/31/2014Jesse GallagherfeatureAllow "simple" page names in the pageName property of xe:dataView
08/31/2014Jesse GallagherfeatureMake an explicit "selected" property override "page"-based selection in xe:pageTreeNode
08/31/2014Jesse GallagherfeatureAdd "navigationPath" (or equivalent) to xe:navigator
08/18/2014Sachin KulkarnidiscussionuserBean in Java
08/15/201410Show details for Sachin KulkarniSachin KulkarnidiscussionParametrized query in jdbcRowset datasource
08/09/20144Show details for stefan teststefan testdiscussionHow to prevent link-generation in Name Text Box
08/05/20141Show details for George G SilvaGeorge G SilvadiscussiondjextListTextBox and namePicker error
07/31/2014Padraic Edwardsrelease
07/28/20141Show details for Kathrin SteinhauserKathrin SteinhauserdiscussionIssue with Xpage in iFrame in Firefox
07/24/20146Show details for Sachin KulkarniSachin KulkarnidiscussionDynamic username password in jdbc file
07/16/20144Show details for Kim AcketKim AcketdiscussionOneUI v 302 - Tab Close image resource missing
07/14/20141Show details for Gunther PelzerGunther Pelzerbug
07/11/20145Show details for Cameron GregorCameron GregorfeatureAllow Other Plugins to Contribute to the ThemeLookups on XSPPage
06/30/20146Show details for Rob PorterRob PorterdiscussionClassNotFoundException when installing OSGI plugins
06/30/20143Show details for Patrick KwintenssonPatrick Kwintenssonfeaturesearch option in single page application wizard
06/27/20143Show details for Howard GreenbergHoward GreenbergdiscussionNew Ext Lib and Derby db
06/27/2014Padraic Edwardsrelease
06/18/2014David LeedybugoneUI causes DialogBox problem on iPad
06/11/20141Show details for Paul S WithersPaul S WithersbugPickers do not offer all relevant components to pick from for "for" property
06/09/20144Show details for John T RobertsonJohn T RobertsondiscussionQuestion about the Mail service
06/05/20141Show details for Gregory M ReederGregory M ReederbugXPage Dynamic View Panel URL Links for Dashboard applcations - take 2
06/05/2014Gregory M ReederbugXPage Dynamic View Panel URL Links for Dashboard applications
06/02/20143Show details for M SaizM SaizbugWidgetContainer displaying dropdown menu in wrong place
05/14/20141Show details for Mark StockuMark StockudiscussionExtension Library 8.5.3 for OSX Mavericks 10.9?
05/13/20142Show details for Bill FoxBill FoxdiscussionDoes the 9.0.1 Extension Library work with 9.0.0 client/server?
04/29/2014Padraic Edwardsrelease
04/25/20141Show details for Daniel A SoaresDaniel A SoaresbugJDBC Connection Manager
04/18/20147Show details for Gilles REBIEREGilles REBIEREdiscussion"connection refused" with R9.0.1 version of xPages Extension Library
04/16/20142Show details for Patrick KwintenssonPatrick KwintenssondiscussionMore code samples?
04/11/20141Show details for Ulrich KrauseUlrich KrausediscussionviewEntry.getRead returns wrong value in DataView
04/10/2014Frederic DehedinbugProblem with xe:djTabPane: Content not submitted when partialRefresh is set to "true"
04/09/20142Show details for Ondrej FuxaOndrej FuxabugProblem with Teamroom 9 (StdR9TeamRoom) after installing XPages ExtLib
04/07/20142Show details for John T RobertsonJohn T RobertsondiscussionMail Service support for BCC
04/04/20143Show details for Ulrich KrauseUlrich KrausediscussionmobileAccordionMenu does not collapse to othe initial position ( and other issues )
03/28/2014Padraic Edwardsrelease
03/24/20144Show details for Thomas AdrianThomas AdrianbugCan't Execute Query in MSSQL using JDBC in XPages
03/22/20142Show details for Ulrich KrauseUlrich KrausediscussiondataView and checkBoxes in mobile app
03/22/20143Show details for Ulrich KrauseUlrich KrausediscussiondataView is terrible slow
03/13/20141Show details for Tommy StenbergTommy StenbergdiscussionPager Save State in search
03/06/20141Show details for Sascha Meier2Sascha Meier2bugName Picker doesn't work in 9.0 server environment
03/05/20146Show details for Patrick SawyerPatrick Sawyerdiscussionextlibx not loaded after loading newer extlib functions
03/04/20141Show details for Jesse GallagherJesse GallagherfeatureAdd "iconStyleClass" and "attrs" properties to tree nodes
03/03/2014Paul Hannanrelease
02/27/20144Show details for Thomas AdrianThomas Adrianbugxe:djFilteringSelect require a value after selecting a value
02/26/2014Oliver BussebugNamepicker stores abbreviated value in name field
02/26/2014Thomas FeuchtdiscussionDomino 8.53 Server / Designer 8.53, OpenNTF ExtLib 9.x or better stay with 8.53 ExtLib?
02/16/20141Show details for Kevin YK LauKevin YK Laufeaturexe:namePicker search
02/13/20145Show details for Alexandru G SavuAlexandru G SavudiscussionCreate an event with room reservation via Data Calendar Service API
02/02/20143Show details for yang liyang lidiscussionQuestion about iOS application and Domino Data Service
01/24/2014Paul Hannanrelease
01/13/201414Show details for Roman V IvanovRoman V IvanovbugMany bugs with DataGrid(4)
01/13/2014Marco Ongarodiscussion
01/09/20143Show details for Gregory M ReederGregory M Reederbug
12/27/20134Show details for App DevApp DevdiscussionProblem using Domino Data Services with Full Text Index
12/26/2013Roman V IvanovdiscussionDataGrid encoding and rowsPerPage
12/16/2013Jan KrejcarekdiscussionThank you for the fixes
12/13/2013Paul Hannanrelease
12/12/20132Show details for Baxter JimukBaxter Jimukfeature
12/04/20134Show details for Jesse GallagherJesse Gallagherbug
11/22/20136Show details for Mark AmblerMark Amblerbug
11/20/20133Show details for Paul S WithersPaul S Withersbug
11/20/20133Show details for Paul S WithersPaul S Withersbug
11/18/20139Show details for K ClarkK ClarkdiscussionConfusion over OAuth callback
11/13/20132Show details for Martin RotherMartin RotherdiscussionINotes Calendar View Rest - IE Failure
11/07/20131Show details for Jeffrey T McQuillenJeffrey T McQuillenbug
11/06/20132Show details for Richard G IrwinRichard G Irwinbug
11/06/2013Sachin KulkarnidiscussionJAVA JDBC API and
11/06/2013Dave DelaydiscussionDomino REST service documentation updates
11/05/2013Dave Delaydocumentation
11/05/2013Paul Hannanrelease
10/25/2013Martin RolphdiscussionCan the OAuth API work when Anonymous
10/24/2013Serdar Basegmezbug
10/23/20131Show details for Alvin71 ChenAlvin71 ChendiscussionXe:namePicker can't work notes client
10/23/2013Niklas Heidloffdocumentation
10/22/2013Paul Hannanrelease
10/22/20134Show details for Serdar BasegmezSerdar Basegmezbug
10/16/20135Show details for Robert E McDonaldRobert E McDonalddiscussionNotes 9 XWork Server
10/07/20131Show details for Michele MalagutiMichele Malagutibug
10/04/20133Show details for Pete RawlingsPete RawlingsdiscussionDeploying ExtLibx for Notes Client 8.5.3
10/01/20134Show details for Tommy ValandTommy Valandbug
09/26/2013Kevin LaudiscussionResult generated by the name picker's search button
09/23/2013Dwain A WuerfeldiscussionUsing JDBC Globally
09/22/20138Show details for Pete RawlingsPete RawlingsdiscussionPlease help a newbie with JDBC and DB2
09/21/20133Show details for Serdar BasegmezSerdar Basegmezbug
09/16/20133Show details for Robert E McDonaldRobert E McDonalddiscussion9.0 Designer Client with 8.5.3 Server
08/28/2013Luis A SotodiscussionCan't connect to mysql here the complete stacktrace
08/28/2013Luis A SotodiscussionCan't connect to mysql
08/28/2013Luis A SotodiscussionCan't connect to mysql
08/23/2013Jeffrey M WinklerdiscussionXPages iNotes Calendar
08/06/2013Quiteria Maria QM AraujodiscussionExtensionLibraryOpenNTF-900v00_02.20130515-2200
07/26/2013Ravi Kiran PapishettydiscussionSSJS Confirm Message
07/18/20131Show details for Antonio DenticoAntonio Denticobug
07/11/2013Rodrigo S PereiradiscussionInotes Listview (ExtLib 8.5.2)
07/04/2013Jan Christian Krügerbug
07/01/2013MA khatribug
07/01/20132Show details for Jeroen JacobsJeroen JacobsdiscussionThe application requires This library cannot be found.
06/28/2013Paul Hannanrelease
06/28/2013Paul Hannanrelease
06/20/20131Show details for Michael RuhnauMichael RuhnaudiscussionRun ExtLib 900v00_02.20130515-220 on 8.5.3?
06/19/2013Alexey ZimarevdiscussionSametime demo not working
06/19/2013Erik vd Arendbug
06/17/2013Ravi Kiran Papishettydiscussiondataview within mobile page not finding pageName reference to intended mobile page
06/14/20132Show details for Jevgenij TepJevgenij TepdiscussionCan't download older version
06/11/20131Show details for Frederic DehedinFrederic DehedindiscussionCreate a xe:dataView dynamicly
06/07/20131Show details for Todd HarrisTodd Harrisbug
06/07/20132Show details for Todd HarrisTodd Harrisbug
06/07/20131Show details for Todd HarrisTodd Harrisbug
06/04/20131Show details for Alexey ZimarevAlexey ZimarevdiscussionCannot install on Domino 9 server
05/31/20131Show details for Thomas FeuchtThomas Feuchtbug
05/27/2013pornthep89 Suwanfeature
05/24/2013John Q ParkerdiscussionYou used the OpenNTF Version
05/23/20136Show details for John Q ParkerJohn Q ParkerdiscussionJDBC Access
05/22/20131Show details for Denis SowaDenis Sowabug
05/20/20131Show details for Patrick KwintenssonPatrick KwintenssondiscussionWhy is the document library template not described in readme.pdf?
05/17/2013Paul Hannanrelease
05/16/20131Show details for Richard G IrwinRichard G Irwinbug
05/16/20132Show details for Atsushi OnoAtsushi Onobug
05/16/20131Show details for Frederic DehedinFrederic Dehedindiscussionxe:valuePicker takes values on Double Click ()
05/15/20133Show details for Cameron DonnellyCameron DonnellydiscussionGetting column values from a JDBC Query View
05/09/2013charles a rossdiscussionREST Service: xe:jdbcQueryJsonService
05/09/2013Corne RoosdiscussionJDBCRowSet Not working as expected with DB2
05/08/20131Show details for Paul S WithersPaul S Withersbug
05/01/2013charles a rossdiscussionExtensions no more?
04/29/20134Show details for Serdar BasegmezSerdar Basegmezbug
04/29/20131Show details for Andrea BarbieroAndrea Barbierobug
04/28/201313Show details for Dave DelayDave DelaydiscussionNew calendar REST service in the 9.0 version of the extension library
04/28/2013Dave Delaydocumentation
04/26/20133Show details for Bernd HeitmannBernd Heitmanndiscussionxe:Dialog with richtext not working in FF
04/24/20133Show details for Jeffrey T McQuillenJeffrey T McQuillenbug
04/23/20131Show details for Fero KossuthFero Kossuthbug
04/23/20131Show details for William C CatherWilliam C CatherdiscussionPager Expand/Collapse in DataView
04/23/2013Niklas Heidloffdocumentation
04/22/2013Paul Hannanrelease
04/17/2013Patrick KwintenssondiscussionCan I run multiple versions of extlib via update site?
04/16/2013Alex J WoodalldiscussionCustom Converters on a djTextBox?
04/04/20131Show details for Naveen MauryaNaveen MauryadiscussionUnable to save data using xe:jdbcRowSet to MySQL
04/04/2013Paul Hannanrelease
04/03/20131Show details for Frederic Yves Yv DehedinFrederic Yves Yv DehedindiscussiondataProvider of xe:valuePicker not actual after partial refresh
04/02/2013Amr El-DeebdiscussionJSON and JSONP formats
04/01/20132Show details for Steve SmillieSteve SmilliediscussionExtLib and Version 9
04/01/20131Show details for Azamat SmagulovAzamat Smagulovbug
03/25/20131Show details for Naveen MauryaNaveen MauryadiscussionAPI Documentation for Extension Library
03/22/20132Show details for Sergey KondratievSergey Kondratievbug
03/19/2013Esowo Yendiscussionhow to transform Xpages use XPages Extension Library
03/14/20132Show details for Jan Christian KrügerJan Christian Krügerbug
03/13/20131Show details for Kevin LauKevin LaudiscussionHow to localize the name picker control?
03/12/20133Show details for Steve CochraneSteve Cochranebug
03/07/20134Show details for Sven PetriSven Petribug
02/28/20131Show details for Hiroaki KomineHiroaki Kominebug
02/26/2013Adam ChorleydiscussionDisplay attachment in richtext field
02/26/2013Paul Hannanrelease
02/26/20131Show details for Hiroaki KomineHiroaki Kominebug
02/25/20131Show details for Atsushi SatoAtsushi Satobug
02/24/20132Show details for Hiroaki KomineHiroaki Kominebug
02/24/20131Show details for Hiroaki KomineHiroaki Kominebug
02/21/20132Show details for U, MelzerU, MelzerdiscussionUnable to get the XPages Extension Library to run
02/20/20132Show details for Adam ChorleyAdam ChorleydiscussionView Or Folder Entries links
02/15/20131Show details for Serdar BasegmezSerdar Basegmezbug
02/15/20132Show details for Lothar MuellerLothar MuellerdiscussionSBT Demo under ND 9.0 beta
02/13/2013Bill FoxdiscussionName Picker Control
02/13/2013Clay Martinbug
02/07/20132Show details for Hiroaki KomineHiroaki Kominebug
02/06/20136Show details for Cameron GregorCameron Gregorbug
02/06/20131Show details for Sergey KondratievSergey Kondratievbug
01/31/20131Show details for Judy KilpinenJudy Kilpinenbug
01/29/20131Show details for Sergey KondratievSergey KondratievdiscussionName Picker. Cusom DB & views
01/28/2013Judy KilpinendiscussionName Picker - validate to restrict type of Groups?
01/25/20131Show details for Chris KovacsChris KovacsdiscussionApplication Layout control - Refresh order
01/24/2013Tuan M Lam Congfeature
01/21/2013Fero Kossuthdiscussionerror handling in part of components tree
01/18/20131Show details for Uwe E. JandtUwe E. Jandtbug
01/17/20131Show details for weihang chenweihang chendiscussionrow click event DynamicViewPanel
01/15/2013Alex James Woodalldiscussion onColumnClick event on DynamicViewPanel
01/15/2013Alex James Woodallbug
01/14/20133Show details for Fero KossuthFero KossuthdiscussionSBT SDK vs ExtLib sbt packages?
01/12/2013Slawomir Ruszkiewiczbug
01/11/20136Show details for Christian GüdemannChristian GüdemanndiscussionExtLibUtil.getCurrentSessionAsSigner() is null on first access.
01/04/20132Show details for Michael BourakMichael and removing a control
01/02/2013Michael BourakdiscussionJDBC Datasource and Error 500 trapping
01/02/20132Show details for Michael BourakMichael Bourakfeature
01/02/2013Thomas Adrianbug
12/20/2012Philippe Riandrelease
12/20/2012Dejan LjubičdiscussionOpen dialog on page with readonly set on true
12/20/2012Fredrik Norlingbug
12/17/2012Fredrik Norlingbug
12/16/20121Show details for Liwiusz FalkowskiLiwiusz FalkowskidiscussionGet data from xe:jdbcRowSet
12/14/20124Show details for Franz ZineckerFranz ZineckerdiscussionNotes 9.0 Social Edition Public Beta
12/10/2012Howard GreenbergdiscussionDoes peopleBean work?
12/09/2012Zoltan Szabófeature
12/05/2012Petter Kjeilenfeature
12/05/2012Paul S Withersbug
11/30/2012Dave DelayProjectNews
11/30/2012Dave Delaydocumentation
11/30/2012Dave Delaydocumentation
11/30/2012Dave Delaydocumentation
11/30/2012Fero Kossuthbug
11/29/2012Johnny Haugen SørgårddiscussioniNotes Calendar control - date and time format
11/27/20121Show details for Fredrik NorlingFredrik Norlingbug
11/23/2012Fredrik Norlingbug
11/22/2012cyrus mobarakibug
11/20/20121Show details for Steve SmillieSteve SmilliediscussionDialog Control Problem
11/15/20121Show details for Steve CochraneSteve Cochranebug
11/14/2012Steve SmilliediscussionExt Lib & Social Edition
11/14/2012Fredrik Norlingbug
11/14/2012gk reddydiscussionxe:customRestservice
11/12/201212Show details for Petter KjeilenPetter KjeilendiscussionREST Service - performance issue..
11/12/2012Steve Cochranefeature
11/09/20122Show details for Howard GreenbergHoward Greenbergbug
11/06/2012Niklas Heidloffdocumentation
11/02/2012Allen single quote
11/02/2012K AdiscussionJSON RPC Service
10/31/2012Ida Nizbug
10/30/20121Show details for Rombs H SalpagarovRombs H Salpagarovbug
10/26/2012Philippe Riandrelease
10/26/2012David A Cloverbug
10/25/2012K AdiscussionDataView Query
10/23/2012Ferhat BULUTbug
10/23/2012Esowo YendiscussionRest Service use JdbcQueryJsonService how to get getParameter?
10/17/2012Prashant BhavsardiscussionError while opening the SBT database.
10/15/2012Rashid Azarbug
10/12/2012Leif LagebranddiscussionWhen is UP2 to arrive?
10/10/2012Fero Kossuthbug
10/09/2012Andrew J Reevebug
10/05/20121Show details for Esowo YenEsowo YendiscussionHave SetCharacterEncodingFilter ?
10/03/20121Show details for Jason BoulianneJason BouliannediscussionExtlib on AIX issues
09/28/20121Show details for Fero KossuthFero Kossuthfeature
09/26/2012Franz ZineckerdiscussionHow to pack sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver into an OSGi plugin ?
09/26/2012Fero Kossuthbug
09/24/2012Daniele Grillobug
09/24/2012Daniele Grillofeature
09/18/20124Show details for Mark A BartonMark A Bartonbug
09/14/2012Isti Wyzardbug
09/11/2012Bastian Lotschbug
09/05/2012Prashant Bhavsarbug
09/04/2012Uwe ManzkediscussionLocalisation of discussion8xl
08/31/20122Show details for Keith StricklandKeith StricklanddiscussionContribute??
08/30/2012V. Watsonbug
08/29/20121Show details for Richard G IrwinRichard G Irwindiscussionclicking on list item in List Text Box or Name Text Box trigger onbeforeunload in IE
08/28/20121Show details for F. KranenburgF. Kranenburgbug
08/28/20121Show details for SYNTEGRA DevelopmentSYNTEGRA Developmentbug
08/27/2012Chintan Parekhbug
08/27/20122Show details for Mikolaj MS SzczepanskiMikolaj MS SzczepanskidiscussionPlace bar and place bar actions
08/24/2012Patrick ChaumeildiscussionHow do I use UIDialog? I get an error incompatible with PopupContent
08/23/2012David FrostaddiscussionNo Acceptable Features Found error
08/23/20121Show details for Stefan_ SiebertStefan_ Siebertbug
08/16/20121Show details for Marco ZehnerMarco ZehnerdiscussionDiscussions/Defects - GONE!
08/14/2012F. Kranenburgfeature
08/09/2012Fernando Levidiscussionvalues not in list using valuePicker
08/08/2012Paul S Withersbug
08/08/20121Show details for jason ajojason ajobug
08/02/2012Declan Lynchbug
07/30/20121Show details for Ying KanYing Kandiscussioncannot locate application resource
07/30/20122Show details for eros monzanieros monzanidiscussion@jdbc -> As400 files in use
07/29/2012Fredrik Norlingbug
07/27/2012Sridevi KumaraveldiscussionUpdating date field in MSSQL thru JDBC not working
07/20/2012S. Fjellfeature
07/19/2012Bryan Sentzdiscussiondojo & dojox content pane
07/16/2012Ulrich KrausediscussionHow to style an xe:namePicker ( get rid of inline style)?
07/14/2012Declan Lynchbug
07/12/20121Show details for Marat GolavievMarat GolavievdiscussionREST API - Using dates and multiple-value keys for view queries
07/11/2012K AdiscussionDynamic tabs
07/09/20121Show details for Dejan LjubičDejan LjubičdiscussionSummary column width 100%
07/09/20121Show details for Eric Moiroud1Eric Moiroud1discussionInstallation issue - Only markup showing
07/06/2012Dennis Jonesbug
07/05/20121Show details for Jan Christian KrügerJan Christian Krügerbug
07/02/2012Uwe E. JandtdiscussionREST service, calendar store and iNotes calendar

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