Project: Studio Blog Reader (Managed by Lance Spellman)

Project Introduction
IBM Lotus Notes client blog reader (RSS reader) for use by single user or groups.12/08/2005 - Studio Blog Reader (1.1)
08/20/2005 - Studio Blog Reader (1.0)
07/28/2005 - Studio Blog Reader (0.3)
02/12/2005 - Studio Blog Reader (0.2)
04/13/2004 - Studio Blog Reader (0.1)

Total downloads (all releases): 3191


02/08/2005 - v0.2 Documentation

Feature Requests

03/03/2006 - Feeds with Encoding "ISO-8859-1" and "utf-8" are not updates
01/25/2006 - "Update Feeds" does not retrieve anything
01/25/2006 - incorrect version displayed
12/12/2005 - rssfeed field too small & timezone offset
09/27/2005 - Httpconnection via proxy
03/24/2005 - RDF file(s) seems not recognizeable by reader
04/19/2004 - OPML Import

From the Project discussion
06/06/2008 - Getting Studio Blog Reader working on r7
06/06/2008 - xalan / xerces jar? (Studio Blog Reader)
02/27/2008 - Code example?
06/15/2007 - could it be proxy related?
05/21/2007 - Cant' get this to work, what am I doing wrong? (Studio Blog Reader)
10/25/2006 - Me too...
09/14/2006 - Me too

Project News (last 7 postings)
02/12/2005 - Studio Blog Reader v0.2 has been posted for download. (Studio Blog Reader)
01/25/2005 - Top Ten items to fix in patch release: 1. Be able to copy and paste from the feed document 2. Show the Channel and Date on the feed document 3. Record the date that is provided from the feed, if none, then default to today 4. Get rid of the lock mec (Studio Blog Reader)
01/25/2005 - After a very long hiatus, the project is getting attention again. I'll be posting a list of the proposed enhancements and fixes for the next release tomorrow. An interim release that resolves some annoying glitches is first on the list, and that wil (Studio Blog Reader)
01/25/2005 - DON"T DOWNLOAD 0.1. WAIT FOR 0.2. There are some annoying little bugs that were really easy to fix and they save a lot of heartache. I'm posting the 0.2 release tomorrow. (Studio Blog Reader)
03/01/2004 - Project idea approved as a project! (Studio Blog Reader)

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