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   Project: XPages Extension Library (Managed by Philippe Riand, Niklas Heidloff, Dave Delay, Akihiro Kosugi, Maire Kehoe, Tony McGuckin, John Piermarini, Martin Donnelly, James Quill, Darin Egan, Padraic Edwards, Andrejus Chaliapinas, Lorcan McDonald, Simon McLoughlin, Paul Hannan, B Gleeson)

SubjectKnown Issue
Created 11/03/2011 04:07 AM by Darin Egan.
Modified<none> by Niklas Heidloff/Germany/IBM.

Ryan, this is a known issue. It is caused by adding an event to a control from the Extension Library. What happens is the "eventHandler" tag is incorrectly associated with the "xe" namespace rather than the correct "xp". At present, the workaround is to fix this in the Source view as follows:


<xe:djTextBox id="djTextBox1">
<xp:eventHandler event="onBlur" submit="true" refreshMode="partial" refreshId="refreshPanel">

This has been raised and addressed, see SPR (DEGN8LFE64).