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SubjectXML Experience
Created 12/14/2004 09:15 PM by Ian Sherwood.
Modified12/14/2004 09:19 PM by Ian Sherwood.


MSXML is an XML parser distributed with IE and is primarily useful (from a Domino developer's perspective) for manipulating XML in a browser, typically controlled via Javascript. There is a similar parser available in recent versions of Mozilla. Please keep in mind that the DXLPeek project already has a feature request to port the UI to Mozilla.

For the browser-based UI of DXLPeek, there is a tremendous amount of XML being generated by DXLRetriever (I'll get to that in a moment) and passed to the browser where XSL transformations are performed to produce HTML. When dealing with XML in a browser (both fragments and complete documents) I know of no other 'mainstream' parser that is easily controlled from a browser-friendly scripting language. All of the other parsers that I am aware of are useful when using Java, C++, probably .NET, Lotusscript, etc. - notice these languages are not directly supported in a browser.

So, David, if you have a need for a browser-based application to manipulate XML, how would you do it? Hmmm? Is there some widely available browser plugin parser that's compatible with at least one major browser, seamless to install, free, and not *too* buggy? (Don't worry, I'm not a Microsoft cheerleader. Just ask anyone who has heard me rant about the fact Front Page is the scourge of all mankind :)

As for the "backend" of DXLPeek, better known as DXLRetriever, that is a java class that exists in a Domino ScriptLibrary and uses Xerces and Xalan for parsing and transforming. As your Domino server can run on many platforms and includes a JVM, DXLPeek benefits from Domino's "platform-neutrality".

Anyone who is interested can take DXLRetriever and re-use it in their own apps (totally separate from the DXLPeek UI) for pulling XML out of Domino apps. Again, DXLRetriever relies solely on Xerces and Xalan, not MSXML.

I hope you understand more about how DXLPeek is set up now. If I can answer any more questions, please let me know. And the next time you want to talk "defects", try a spell checker.