• kSpam not blocking spam mail

    By Janis Balodis 8 years ago

    I am on the phase, when collecting good and spam messages - Phase 1. Recently I noticed the fact, that spam messages are getting through to user mail files and being copied to mailspam database. The setup provides, that spam messages should be blocked & copied. Unfortunately it does not happen - as I've said actually being sent and copied. I tried to resign the databases, but there is no effect on that. Any one had similar things happening? System on Windows and Lotus Domino 7. As well at first I tride to copy all collected spam mail from my email file to spammail database, but unfortunately for calculations these emails are not taken in account. Only when I stopped doing so and was processing spam mail through actions in both databases, it took me to stage, when spam messages started to appear in mailspam database, but still not blocking (not all of them).

    • By Marco MP Panigada 8 years ago

      Probably you have not a lot of samples in mialspam.nsf in order to block spam mails.

      If you have comblist.txt file yuo can verify wich is the probability for a single word so you can understand how it is working.

      Best regards.

      • Still some concerns...

        By Janis Balodis 8 years ago

        Thank you Marco for your response! At the moment I have approximately 1500 mail messages in each database (good & spam mail). Recently I changed the sSpam 1.5 state to 4-Deny. For a couple of days seemed, that situation changed for better, but not any more. As I think and as it is processing now, If system can discover, that it is a spam mail, then it copies it to spammail database. So I suspect, that the calculations are enough to decide, that mail is spam. The only problem is that it is copied in mailspam database at Deny operation, and again the same mesaage sent to the user as well. I have quite a lot MIME parsing errors in my log. May be it is still worth to go back to 1.4 dll file? My satisfaction in version 1.5 is improved memory usage, because my mail server is quite weak. And previously with 1.4 I've got a hanging server once for 2 weeks. It was quite boring. Tried to improve memory usage with ini files, but nothing helped. I had a Gig of RAM and P4 1.7GHz processor. On version 1.5 it seems to be quite stable. Does KS_ID makes sence. I have a colleague, who is using kSpam too. His spam and mail database consists of approx 6000 email messages. Can I just copy them to my databases without changing KS_ID? Should it work?

        • By Marco MP Panigada 8 years ago

          Hi Janis,

          1.5 is better than 1.4.You are right when you say that the calculations are enough to decide, that mail is spam i think that 6/7000 are the right number in order to calculate the probability.

          About the action the right one must be "copy & deny" verify if you have in kspamconf prep_2 o prep enable these variables must be disabled.

          About ks_id it is used when you have a false positive so when you release the mail this is not blocked again by kspam.Yuo can copy mail messages from your friend pay attention to do this without loading bload.

          Best regards,


          • By Janis Balodis 8 years ago

            Hi Marco,

            Thanx for your suggestion. Now I disabled all Prep phases and try to look for differnce. By the way, in 1.4 version it worked even with prep_2 on. Before I made any changes the stat log displayed strange record: smtp.kSpam.Allow=2. I could not find any settings for that. May be it was disturbing normal processing. After disabling prep phases this record dissapeared.

            Concerning KS_ID - as far as I understood from you, I should first disable bload, afterwards copy spam & good mail from my friend, then make an agent to change KS_ID to my server settings, and afterwards reload bload and server. Is it correct? What difference it makes to disable bload before that operation?

            Can I some how get rid of MIME parsing error messages other way, than wait for fixed dll file for version 1.5?

            Thanx again

          • By Janis Balodis 8 years ago

            I've implemented changes posted in previous memos. Now it seems, that kSpam is sleeping. The good thing is, that spam is not getting in the system. The bad thing is, that according to logs, I see, that server received a message, but it is not routed anywhere. There is no sign of mails in mail.box(es), nor any information on where (to whom) this mail was routed. I personally feel, that all my valid emails are getting to me, but I have concerns on my other colleagues. Nobody started screaming yet :) Any comments? Thanx