• prep not working

    By Bill Mx 10 years ago

    This is a new install of kspam and I'm trying to collect some mail in mailgood.nsf. It's not working though. I can't collect any mail. Here are the parameters I am using. Can anyone give me something to look at next ?

    Thanks, Bill

    SMTP.kSpam.Bayesian.Action = Copy & Deny

    SMTP.kSpam.Bayesian.Boundary = 90

    SMTP.kSpam.Bayesian.Filter = On

    SMTP.kSpam.Bayesian.Mark = On

    SMTP.kSpam.Bayesian.Prep = On

    SMTP.kSpam.Bayesian.Prep_2 = Off

    SMTP.kSpam.Bayesian.Ratio = 40

    SMTP.kSpam.Conf.AddRecipientsItem = Off

    SMTP.kSpam.Conf.Debug = Off

    SMTP.kSpam.Conf.DefaultAction = Accept

    SMTP.kSpam.Conf.DefaultProbIncrease = 0

    SMTP.kSpam.Conf.FilterFromInt = Off

    SMTP.kSpam.Conf.IID = BITTWA

    SMTP.kSpam.Conf.Mark = On

    SMTP.kSpam.Conf.MaxNumbersInFrom = 0

    SMTP.kSpam.Conf.MinFromLength = 0

    SMTP.kSpam.Conf.Reload = On

    SMTP.kSpam.LastMinorError = 05/27/2005 12:58:23 PM: ERROR 5.2.1: kSpam.bload calculating probabilties or not loaded.

    SMTP.kSpam.Version = 1.40 beta 0

    • Re:

      By Tom Lyne 10 years ago

      How many emails have passed through? Your KS_BAYESIAN_RATIO is quite high (40) i.e. it means only 1 in 40 "good" messages will be copied to mailgood.nsf.


      • It is working

        By Bill Mx 10 years ago

        I misunderstood the ratio. I thought I was going to capture 40% of the email. I have backed that number down and I am accumlating email in the mailgood.nsf just as advertised. I'm looking forward to activating the bayesian filter in a couple of days.