• Access Violation on Domino7 on W2K3 with the latest patches

    By Michael Fritzsche 8 years ago

    Since the patchday at the last week, nBload.exe will be terminated directly after starting…

    I did open a support case with microsoft regarding this issue… The microsoft technician did debug the error and shows to me, that the nbload.exe itself are the reason for this failure. In microsofts oppinon, the error still exists just before the windows update, but it will be "realized" just after this update.

    If it would be helpful, i can give an debug-file to the developer.

    Microsoft will further support me/the developer if the symbol files for nbload.exe would be available for the ms support.

    see also: http://www.openntf.org/Projects/pmt.nsf/66d9103768cc2fed85256c59006b5433/e2e1d580c202d7f1862572bc0062051c!OpenDocument