• Populate Allow List From Contacts

    By John Q Parker 8 years ago

    I have written an agent to add all email addresses in users contacts db to the Allow list. This seems necessary as I get many false positives and many complaints of missing emails.

    I am wondering how this will affect performance as I roll it out to a wider group? What if there were 1000 Allow docs? 10,000?

    • Re:

      By Tom Lyne 8 years ago

      The speed would depend on how fast the server is, but I have no reference to go by, so I can't say for sure.

      A static rule takes up just over 6Kb, so 10,000 rules would be around 60Mb.

      Maybe you could add unique domains rather than the whole address; that would probably be faster, assuming you have multiple email addresses from the same domains.



      • No problem

        By Nico Vis 8 years ago


        from version 1.5 mamory usage of rules was optimized.

        You can have 40.000 and more rules without problems.