• One user get spammails, other 119 don't

    By Mika Moilanen 1 decade ago

    There is only one user who get spam. I have done some checkings… those mails he gets don't have KS_BL_PRB and KS_BL_TOKENS although all other users memos do have. KS_IID is always present.

    Also, I checked old mail, and some three weeks ago all mails were checked correctly.

    All mail going to this specific user are copied to mailgood and mailspam with almost none false positives so there are something strange going on…. but sure I need some help.

    I don't find any errors from ks_log.txt.

    Does anyone have ideas ?

    There are more than 2500 mails in mailspam.nsf and +2400 mails in mailgood.nsf.













    sh stat smtp.kspam.*

    SMTP.kSpam.Bayesian.Boundary = 90%

    SMTP.kSpam.Bayesian.Filter = On

    SMTP.kSpam.Bayesian.Mark = On

    SMTP.kSpam.Bayesian.Prep = Off

    SMTP.kSpam.Bayesian.Prep_2 = Off

    SMTP.kSpam.Bayesian.Ratio = 10

    SMTP.kSpam.Conf.CopyDB = mailspam.nsf

    SMTP.kSpam.Conf.Debug = On

    SMTP.kSpam.Conf.DefaultAction = Copy & Deny

    SMTP.kSpam.Conf.FilterFromInt = Off

    SMTP.kSpam.Conf.Mark = On

    SMTP.kSpam.Conf.MaxNumbersInFrom = 0

    SMTP.kSpam.Conf.MinFromLength = 0

    SMTP.kSpam.Conf.Reload = Off

    SMTP.kSpam.Copied = 7

    SMTP.kSpam.CopiedAndDenied = 1

    SMTP.kSpam.Rule.2 = 7

    SMTP.kSpam.Rule.4 = 1

    SMTP.kSpam.Version = 1.39 beta 2

    19 statistics found

    • Mika
    • KS_IID

      By Nico Vis 1 decade ago

      Hi Tom,

      are the mails that only have KS_IID the one not checked of an ALLOW rule? I have too some mail that only have the KS_IID field.

      Would it be possible as the case of the rule-based denied message to have the KS_REASON populated with the rule that allowed the message to go through?

      Many thanks


      • kSpam DENY rule made it happen

        By Mika Moilanen 1 decade ago

        Hi Nico,

        thanks to Your response I solved my case.

        I checked once again all configuration settings and I did find a rule that made those spammails to go to this users maildatabase. And it was totally my own mistake.

        There was a rule that copied a mail identified as spam also to users maildatabe and that's why memo had only KS_IID, not KS_BL_* marks. This DENY-rule wasn't consciously made, it was just a coincidence ;-)


        • Mika