• JS Error loading extlib.dijit.ListTextBox

    By Brian Hester 4 years ago

    When trying to load a page with the List Text Box I get the error: Could not load 'extlib.dijit.ListTextBox'; last tried '/xsp/.ibmxspres/.extlib/dijit/ListTextBox.js'.


    I have the resource extlib.dijit.ExtLib loading on the page, and I can verify that the plugins are loaded correctly on the server (ListBoxes work fine in the demo database and the packages are active when viewed in the server console ).


    Has anyone ran into this, or have any idea what I may be missing?


    Thanks in advance for the help, this Library is a GREAT set of tools!


    • No idea

      By Philippe Riand 4 years ago

      Can you access the module when you try it from the browser toolbar? Does the page have a dojo.registerModule() statement?

      • More info

        By Brian Hester 4 years ago

        It does, this one in fact: dojo.registerModulePath('extlib', '/xsp/.ibmxspres/.extlib');

        I have been able to narrow it down a bit since my post, it seems to only happen on our iSeries (i5OSv4). Other controls work , for instance this particular form is using a tab container and content panes, they work fine. Also, yesterday I discovered another issue (on the iSeries), with a select control. It works, only the ok button won't hide the dialog. So you can select something, hit ok and it will populate the bound field, but then you have to hit cancel or x out of the dialog to close it.

        I've noticed other oddities between platforms with Xpages, and I'm thinking this might just be a product of a bigger problem with Domino. I use Windows 2003 32-bit running on a VPC for dev, we have a 2003 32-bit and 64-bit production box as well as the iSeries, one of the three will almost always render something weird (and not always the iSeries) that looks perfectly fine on the other servers (usually minor layout issues but irritating nonetheless). I would expect Domino to produce the same source regardless of the server platform it's running on, assuming the Domino versions are the same across all platforms, but this doesn't seem to be the case.

        • XPages doesn't generate different code

          By Philippe Riand 4 years ago

          The same code is generated on all the platforms by the server. The generated code might change dependeing on the browser, but we tried to avoid that. So the problem should be different here.

          • Newest release solved problem

            By Brian Hester 4 years ago



            I wanted to let you know that the 11/21 release seems to have solved the problem.



        • Could not load extlib.dijit.listtextbox

          By Amine BOUAB 4 years ago


          I downloaded this weekend the teamroom template and I have the same bug (Could not load extlib.dijit.listtextbox)

          Any idea?

          • Same problem here

            By Ingo Weidinger 4 years ago


            same problem here, I am using latest extlib with Domino 8.5.3 CD3 (Dojo 1.5 included).

            The listtextbox is inside a TabPane. When I change the settings of TabPane to "PartialRefresh" and "preventCache" , the failure does not come up in IE8, but the page is somehow frozen...no code works anymore...

            No problems in Firefox.



            • Solved by going one step back in technology...

              By Ingo Weidinger 4 years ago

              Hi again,

              I solved the problem by deleting the ExtLib TabPane...now I am using the "normal" XPages Tabbed Panel :-(

              Now everything works as expected - no confusing failures here and there...

              Took me about a day :-((( One problem solved...next will come for sure :-(


              Nevertheless, thanks for your work!!



              • Spoken too soon...

                By Ingo Weidinger 4 years ago

                problem still exists when opening a new doc or under some circumstances...

                Want to have a example DB? How can I send you an E-Mail?