• Restrictions with Dialog Element?

    By Thomas Hielscher 3 years ago

    In the Documentation for the 8.5.2 version you can read "The content of the dialog is defined as any other XPages content, and can access the current context." Anyway I´m not able to access any scoped variables or the compositeData. My fault or a bug?

    • Don't know without seeing the code

      By Philippe Riand 3 years ago

      The dialog content can access any data made available byt its parent node. This is demonstrated in the sample DB. I would belive that it is something in your code.

      • Same Problem

        By Stephan Schramm 3 years ago

        I wanted to use event compositeData is allways null. But it is no problem to access scoped variables, though I used that as a workaround. Still it would be nice to have compositeData available.

        • This is just core XPages

          By Philippe Riand 3 years ago

          The properties are not yet available before the content is created. There is no simple implementation in core to make this happen.