Date Name Downloads
Sep 2, 2008 19Aug2008 1762
Jan 9, 2008 8-Jan-2008 614
Sep 20, 2007 20-09-2007 514
Jul 11, 2007 12/07/2007 1037
Jul 5, 2007 05/07/2007 157
Jun 21, 2007 21/06/2007 319
May 14, 2007 22/05/2007 290
Apr 11, 2007 1.1 Alpha 270
Mar 13, 2007 1.01 313
Mar 1, 2007 1.0 256
Dec 30, 2006 beta 3 492
Dec 6, 2006 beta 2 268
Oct 27, 2006 beta 1 121
Jan 9, 2008

NEW DATABASE: QAF Statistics & Reports. The new DB gives high level insight into workflow usage patterns over time. This data exposes which applications & workflows & actions are most active and reports which users are most active in particular applications, within workflows, or on the server as a whole. This information can assist in development/ capacity planning and prioritisation. An important side effect of this application is that it identifes subject matter and workflow process experts.

FIELD PUSH goes BETA. Field Push is the no-code approach to maintaining field value inheretance from parent to response and response to response, when values in the parent change. In the beta release you can now push field changes to any documents (not just response hierarchies) by computing their UNIDs using a formula. Additional new features:

  • Tickbox to enable/disable the function;
  • Different fieldnames can be specified for source/ destination.

    NEW SCRIPT LIBRARY "_QAF WF Objects" [Alpha release]. Supports object oriented access to workflow API.

  • Dependency Checker has a new stage which ensures that component documents are responses to their respective parents. Component documents can in some instances appear to be responses but still appear as normal documents in views. This is an anomoly (bug:) in older versions of the workflow engine. In addition, components which are not tied to workflows (System parameters, View Actions & ServerScripts) are now responses to the Global Settings document, rather than to the workflow which was selected at the time these components were created. Nb. The workflow engine does not use the response hierarchy programmatically in any way. The hierarchical implementation of documents is symbolic.

  • NOTIFICATION: New option "Automatically Launch Target Document". This option automatically opens the doclink contained within notification memos instead of the memo itself.

  • Action has a new option to restrict access: Hide on Local Replicas

  • ServerScript log documents can now be deposited into an external database by setting the ServerScript Log path in the Global Settings document

  • WFActionCommentary field now stores the event date in the format "dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss AM/PM" instead of using the client operating system's default format. This is to ensure that this data can be accurately collated for reporting. User name also changed to Abbrevated form (previously Common name was stored).

  • [bug fixed] Document Security problem when using Reader security in conjunction with "Unconditional Access" field. When the selected Reader roles for a particular status return no names, QAF erroneously restricts the document to the Unconditional Access roles instead of allowing ALL to read the document.

  • [bug fixed] Editing global settings via QAF\Global Settings button twice in a session causes a replication conflict warning.

  • Action - new option "Send notification(s) post-save". This option is required if any if the Body of any of the referenced notifications compute to a rich-text field.

  • Pasting workflow documents - fixed bug which prevented pasted documents from being properely associated (response) to the currently selected workflow.

  • Action & Notification History is now recorded by the wfProcessAction function. Previously this data was recorded as part of Runtime processing, after wfProcessAction is called by FormProcessWorkflow.

    This change was made because Notification/Action history was not being recorded when wfProcessAction is called independantly of the user interface (eg by custom background agents that perform workflow processing).