• Why do ReportProfileExport.runXSLTProcesses() twice ?

    By Jonathan Cornaz 3 years ago

    Hi everybody,

    I'am a new user of Notes Reconn 2.4 and i like it.

    I had a little bit read the source code and i have a question for you :

    In the method "runCore()" in class "ReportPrifileExport" of "Reporting-ReportProfileExport" library

    You are doing twice the call : "Me.runXSLTProcesses()"

    First time in the "process()" method (line 184)

    Second time in the "runCore()" method (line 138)

    Apparently it's wished, because you wrote the comment :

    "'4. Do the XSLT processes again for the final merged DataSet"

    But, i don't understand why. And, in fact that work without the first call.

    Why ask I that ? Because, i have to process some XSLT after the method "Me.mergeXMLDataSet(XMLDataSet)". And the easy way for me was to commentarize the first "Me.runXSLTProcesses()"