• More formatting options?

    By Andrew Hargreave 9 years ago

    It would be great if there were more formatting options for the wiki's. Things that I've used in other Wiki's (www.tiddlywiki.com) are nested lists, underline, strikethrough, etc. Nested lists are like this:

    Bullet Points

    Just add an asterisk

    at the beginning of a line.

    * If you want to create sub-bullets<br/>
    * start the line with two asterisks<br/>
          o And if you want yet another level<br/>
          o use three asterisks<br/>

    Numbered Bullet Points

    1. Use a single '#' at the start of each line
    2. and the tiddler will automatically
    3. start numbering your list.
       1. If you want a sub-list<br/>
       2. within any bullets<br/>
       3. add two '#'s at the start of the lines.<br/>
    4. When you go back to a single '#'
    5. the main numbered list will start up
    6. where it left off.

      Also, allowing nesting of formatting options. I'd like a header that's bold or italic.

      Here are some examples from TiddlyWiki:


      Other formatting codes that would be helpful:

      Bold -> ''Bold''

      Strikethrough-> ==Strikethrough==

      Underline-> Underline (that's two underline characters)


      Superscript: 23=8-> 2^^3^^=8

      Subscript: aij = -aji-> aij = -aji

      highlight-> @@highlight@@

      I'd also like to be able to code in an email link inside a wiki entry to make for quick emailing.

      I haven't dove into the code yet, just some issues I had trying to move from simple wiki's over to DominoWiki so that we can use the inherent security offered by Domino which no other wiki seems to have.