• Miniture text while editing

    By Craig Mac 9 years ago

    I am not a Domino programmer. However, for me, out of the box, the text edit box in the web interface is minute. I'm talking .5 point font. Once you save it, it's fine. Just in the edit field is it small. Anyone experience this or have any ideas? Our Notes developer is swamped and doesn't have time to look into this.

    Thanks for any help,


    • Thoughts

      By Benedict R Poole 9 years ago

      Give me something to go on: browser/ OS used? Which stylesheet in the application? Has the

      stylesheet been edited? DominoWiki is tested in IE6, Firefox and Safari prior to release, and the fonts

      when editing are just fine with all of the provided stylesheets at the moment, so I'm curious as to what's

      causing your issue.

      Either way, bear in mind that the stylesheets are provided in documents, so they can be easily edited by

      anyone with some CSS knowledge (you don't need a Notes developer). Just look for the "textarea"

      object and edit its attributes accordingly.

      UPDATE: issue identified! If you're suffering. Edit the stylesheet document & search for the textarea directives. The "font-size" directive is incorrectly set to "0.95;", i.e. it has no units (px, em, whatever) – it should read "font-size: 0.95em;" This will fix the issue when editing with IE6