A couple of weeks ago a new set of functionality was added to the XPages Extension Library. Developers can now write their own REST services for IBM Lotus Domino and IBM XWork Server using the open source project Apache Wink.

"Apache Wink is a simple yet solid framework for building RESTful Web services. It is comprised of a Server module and a Client module for developing and consuming RESTful Web services."

From the documentation (Extension Library REST Services.pdf):

A custom Wink Service is the most advanced type of REST service. You use the open source Apache Wink project to define your service. Your servlet is contained in a plug-in that is deployed directly to Domino s OSGi framework. This means your service is not tied to a single database. It can access any data you choose and represent it in any format you choose.
A custom Wink service ... handles HTTP requests to a URL in one of the following formats:


Unlike a custom database servlet, a custom Wink service is not tied to a specific Notes database. When handling a URL of the second form above, with a {database} segment, the service can use the specified database context, but it could refer to any database on the server.

A custom Wink service is defined with the Apache Wink framework. Apache Wink is itself an implementation of the JAX-RS specification. Both Apache Wink and JAX-RS are now included with the extension library.

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