In June IBM announced four new XPages features. After relational database support and REST APIs the third one "Social Enabler" is now almost ready to be published.

We experimented already earlier with the technologies REST, OAuth, JSON etc. in the Social Enabler project. Based on this we've put a lot of powerful functionality in the extension to the Extension Library to make usage of these technologies very easy.

Here is some of the supported functionality:

- Handling of OAuth including an OAuth token store

- APIs to invoke REST calls and parse JSON and XML results

- New data sources for IBM Connections, Dropbox, LotusLive Files and the Social Business Toolkit

- Controls for Facebook

- Controls for Sametime

- Controls for Connections cards

- Proxy server infrastructure

- Extensible user bean

- Samples how to access the IBM Social Buiness Toolkit

Personally I think this is a huge step forward for XPages since it makes it so easy to develop social applications. I hope that many people can leverage this infrastructure also for the XPages Development Contest.

Since I've helped to implement parts of this I'm especially happy that we should be able to make this available soon. I'd also like to thank the main developers Philippe Riand and Dan O'Connor as well as the interns Justin Murray and Daneel Reif who worked on the files controls and data sources.

Here is a video describing the Social Enabler.

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