This year will bring VoltScript as a first-class language into Volt MX Go.

Although there's much that's familiar, there's a lot that's different. Get the deep dive into language enhancements, a new IDE, new features like dependency management and how it integrates into Volt MX Foundry. Find out how you can get involved today in the Early Access Program.

This webinar will be presented by a panel of the development team behind VoltScript.

This webinar will take place on May 16 from 11:00 AM (New York time) to 12:30 PM.

To register for this webinar, go to

You can also access information about and recordings of all of our webinars at

Hangout and Repair Café

OpenNTF runs Hangout/Repair Café sessions in Discord each month.

This month's Repair Café will take place on May 23 at 11:00 AM New York time. It will be themed as a general hangout and chat session, so you are encouraged to join for general discussion beyond just any immediate problems you're running into.

To join OpenNTF's Discord, visit

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