** This project is now suspended. Needs new chef leader. **


A very basic widget for the Lotus Notes Client sidebar.

The user could enter a name in the field and press the search button. The widget then looks into the server names.nsf for the username and showed the phone numbers, the jobtitel and the location. If multiple results are found the widget shows the results and the user must choose the name from the results.

If the user is opened the application directly he could choose from two options:

Send Application Link:
Which could be used from him to send a link to this application to other users.

Send Widget Configuration:
Will build a widget configuration (extension.xml) on the fly which is send to the user itself. The user could then follow the steps in the email to install the widget.

1.) Create a own application with this template or copy the template to your server and change the extension to .nsf.

2.) Check/Change the ACL so that it fits to your environment. The users should have reader access. There is no configuration written to this application. But the users must be able to open this application. Otherwiese he isn´t able to use the widget or he couldn´t send out a application link and/or the widget configuration.

This widget is tested with 8.5.1 but it should run also under 8.5.0 and 8.0.2+