Project: fileSendr (Managed by Declan Lynch)

DateCreated by TypeSubject
1Show details for Project
04/10/2014Stefan SchwellediscussionUpload in Firefox not working anymore
08/13/2013Stuart Bogomfeature
08/06/20131Show details for Stuart BogomStuart Bogombug
07/26/2013Mark Gesickfeature
04/18/20131Show details for Ursus SchneiderUrsus Schneiderbug
03/21/20133Show details for Thomas AdrianThomas Adrianbug
02/17/2013Amr ElkerdawydiscussionHTTP error and when Upload files and send
01/16/2013Alexey Ivanovbug
12/07/2012abc010 tdiscussionWhere does the application store the uploaded files on server ?
12/03/2012Mike D Rosenbaumbug
11/15/20122Show details for Jens-B. AugustinyJens-B. Augustinybug
11/08/20121Show details for Mike D RosenbaumMike D Rosenbaumbug
10/03/2012Dzezmi Tairifeature
09/12/20121Show details for ray rayray raybug
08/29/2012Steve Dionnefeature
08/29/2012Steve Dionnebug
08/29/2012Steve Dionnefeature
07/23/2012Rob KirklandTestimonialApp doesn't work when installed in Domino 8.5.3
06/18/2012wim stevensTestimonialGreat application
06/12/20122Show details for Rob KirklandRob KirklanddiscussionUser with authorization code can't upload
06/12/20122Show details for Rob KirklandRob Kirklandbug
06/05/2012Dani Softbug
05/30/2012VINODKUMAR D CHOUDHARYdiscussionUpload Files and Send button not working
05/16/20126Show details for Dani SoftDani SoftdiscussionUpload more than 2GB crash server
05/15/20121Show details for VINODKUMAR D CHOUDHARYVINODKUMAR D CHOUDHARYdiscussionWhile sending an attachment we are facing error
04/27/2012Yves Fialletfeature
04/26/20121Show details for Maged ShenoudaMaged ShenoudadiscussionHow to set it up
04/20/2012John OldenburgerdiscussionFiles are not deleted in the temp folder
04/19/2012wim stevensdiscussionRelated project: FileSendr Add-on
03/28/20121Show details for keith coffarokeith coffarodiscussionLogon Issues
03/23/20122Show details for Yves FialletYves Fialletdiscussionerror :
03/23/20121Show details for Yves FialletYves FialletdiscussionDojo 1.7 ? filsendr compatibility ?
03/12/2012Randal OultondiscussionHow to set up.
03/05/2012Darren Dukebug
03/05/2012Lars Leutheusserbug
02/29/2012Yip Wai Hengbug
02/15/2012Olle ThaléndiscussionXPages and classloading
11/18/2011Irv Schorbug
11/14/2011Simon Reidfeature
11/14/2011Simon Reidfeature
10/31/2011David A Cloverfeature
10/13/2011Stephan Geefeature
09/30/20112Show details for Alessandro BaldoniAlessandro BaldonidiscussionI/O error with Firefox and Safari
09/29/2011Ravikiran kodalifeature
09/22/20111Show details for miguel calvomiguel calvodiscussionis there something to be taken into account with SSL on ?
09/20/2011Irv Schorfeature
09/14/2011Bas Hendrikxbug
08/24/2011Alain GRAPPYdiscussionDisplay problem in the menu (left col )
07/29/2011Marco Müllerfeature
07/26/20112Show details for Fabrizio ZenereFabrizio Zenerebug
07/21/20111Show details for Timothy MasseyTimothy Masseybug
07/20/20112Show details for Janko StefancicJanko Stefancicbug
07/18/20113Show details for Alessandro CasulaAlessandro Casulabug
07/17/2011Declan Lynchrelease
07/05/2011Donald Martinbug
07/05/20111Show details for Donald MartinDonald MartindiscussionPOST setting in Domino
06/30/2011Aden Roperdiscussionexpected hexadecimal digit (any resolve?)
06/27/2011Bruce Klorfinefeature
06/12/2011Timothy Masseybug
06/12/2011Timothy Masseybug
06/06/2011Ursus SchneiderdiscussionLogin problems
05/27/2011MAILLET Benoitbug
05/19/2011Craig P Wisemanbug
05/12/2011Yves FialletdiscussionDojo 1.6.x
05/06/2011Craig P Wisemanbug
05/05/20112Show details for Craig P WisemanCraig P WisemandiscussionFile Upload control not working in Domino 8.5.2FP1/FP2? (or I can't read the directions)
04/29/20111Show details for ch lech lebug
04/29/2011ch lebug
04/13/2011S N RajadiscussionFilesendr Starting trouble !
04/13/2011S N Rajabug
03/11/2011Sander ZwartdiscussionProblems uploading solves
03/09/20111Show details for Stefan SenfStefan Senfdiscussionupload error - back to v0.0.1
03/04/20111Show details for Patrick LaittPatrick Laittdiscussionno menu
03/02/2011Cristian DAloisiobug
02/28/20112Show details for Jeremy PayneJeremy Paynebug
02/28/2011Karsten KL Lehmannbug
02/23/2011Adam Bradleyfeature
02/16/2011Danne Lindskogbug
02/15/2011Danilo Barbuiobug
01/31/20114Show details for Ulrich KrauseUlrich KrausediscussionCannot get it to work
01/28/20111Show details for Wright FurmanWright Furmanbug
01/28/20114Show details for Matteo BisiMatteo BisidiscussionCannot find the library
01/24/2011Danilo Barbuiofeature
01/18/201117Show details for Pierre PassinPierre PassindiscussionSend Files page stuck at "Loading"
01/13/20113Show details for msurbrow msurbrowmsurbrow msurbrowdiscussionCan't Get File Upload Button to Work
01/10/2011Declan Lynchrelease
01/10/2011Declan Lynchdocumentation
01/07/2011Declan Lynchrelease
01/06/2011Declan Lynchfeature
01/06/20112Show details for F. KranenburgF. KranenburgdiscussionDojo 1.5 not needed
01/05/2011Declan Lynchrelease
01/05/2011Declan Lynchscreenshot
01/05/2011Declan Lynchdocumentation
01/04/2011Declan Lynchscreenshot
01/04/2011Declan Lynchscreenshot
01/04/2011Declan Lynchscreenshot
01/04/2011Declan Lynchscreenshot
01/04/2011Declan Lynchdocumentation
12/20/2010Patrick Kwintenssonbug
10/12/2010Anders Gneibfeature
08/19/2010Mike D Rosenbaumfeature
06/23/2010David A Cloverdiscussion'From' address
06/15/2010Richard TruexfeatureManual Resend and Delete
06/15/2010Richard Truexbug
02/08/20102Show details for Steve DionneSteve Dionnebug
01/15/20103Show details for Christoph StoettnerChristoph Stoettnerbug
01/13/2010Christoph Stoettnerbug
01/12/2010Declan Lynchrelease

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