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DateCreated by TypeSubject
02/18/2005Phil RenwickdiscussionInformation Needed
12/01/2004Jordi Sanchezdiscussion A better reply function
10/07/20041Show details for Mame WilsonMame WilsondiscussionMail Usage
09/21/2004Jimmy ErikssondiscussionSent mail goes to trash folder
09/21/2004Jimmy Erikssonbug
08/26/20041Show details for Henny BreijerHenny BreijerdiscussionNotes 7 ?
08/26/2004Jimmy Erikssonbug
08/06/20041Show details for Kool PalKool PaldiscussionNothing new happening here?
06/01/2004Vince Schuurmandocumentation
05/30/20041Show details for martin neitzmartin neitzdiscussionError encountered retrieving data
05/29/2004martin neitzbug
04/22/20041Show details for Fabio BrittoFabio BrittodiscussionSametime Integration
03/23/2004Scott KingerydiscussionOpenNTFLibraryUI
03/11/2004Adam LevensohndiscussionHigh Importance vs. normal email
02/13/2004Karsten Berghausdiscussiondoes it run on R5 with Client 6.0.3
01/23/2004Elijah LapsonfeatureAutomation of Contacts Sync Agent with web based email
01/22/20041Show details for Steve HolmanSteve HolmandiscussionMessage History
01/12/2004Charles Holtbug
01/01/20041Show details for Alexandre EmeriauAlexandre EmeriaufeatureIMAP Access
12/30/2003Jim M BarrdiscussionSaved Follow-Up Rules
12/30/2003Joao PimentadiscussionMail template translation
12/23/2003Linus Poonbug
12/19/2003Lee P WardfeaturePocket PC friendly version
12/16/2003Steve Holmanbug
12/10/20033Show details for Chris WoodChris WooddiscussionCan't get rid of OpenNTF
12/05/20032Show details for Tom LyneTom LynediscussionTracking request
12/05/2003Paul VanRijswijkbug
12/04/2003Charlie Holtbug
12/02/20032Show details for Scott KingeryScott KingerydiscussionDHTML action buttons
12/02/2003Ritch A Carrollbug
12/02/2003Ritch A Carrollbug
12/02/20032Show details for Bang K KoBang K KodiscussionInbox doesn't receive mails
11/20/2003Steve HolmandiscussionFolder issue revisited....
11/17/20035Show details for David DaumDavid Daumfeatureredesign the webmail interface, no java, current web technologies
11/14/2003Declan Lynchbug
11/13/20032Show details for Brian McDowellBrian McDowelldiscussionUsing the Junk Mail feature with POP3
11/13/2003Brian McDowelldiscussionAre you able to use the Junk Mail feature for POP3
11/11/20031Show details for Steve HolmanSteve HolmandiscussionWhat is the base template?
11/11/2003Michel PoleurfeatureAdd repeat information on accepted meeting form
11/07/2003Umashankar NdiscussionToday's Mail View - Refresh icon problem
11/06/2003Declan Lynchbug
11/06/2003Declan Lynchbug
11/06/20031Show details for Carter ManucyCarter ManucydiscussionSpam code - maybe for OpenNTF?
11/05/20031Show details for Umashankar NUmashankar NfeatureMail Rules - Stop if a rule evaluates True
11/05/20031Show details for Lukas MartinLukas MartinfeatureThe ability to change the outbox link to tell where is our
11/05/2003Vince Schuurmanbug
10/27/2003pascal bourhisdiscussionFrench (or other language version) ? Thanks
10/27/2003Vince Schuurmanbug
10/21/2003Vince Schuurmanbug
10/17/2003Josef PrusafeatureSetting a default Memo stationery
10/16/20031Show details for Rune CarlsenRune Carlsenbug
10/16/2003Charlie Holtbug
10/15/20033Show details for Vince SchuurmanVince Schuurmanrelease
10/10/20031Show details for Neil WainwrightNeil WainwrightdiscussionSent in some header stuff to Bruce...has anyone looked at it?
10/10/2003George J LeitediscussionWhat's missing in the new 6.5 template vs the ONTF
10/10/20032Show details for Martin HuberMartin Huberbug
10/10/2003Vince Schuurmanrelease
10/09/20032Show details for Rune CarlsenRune CarlsenfeatureND 6.5 Request: Sametime Awareness Column in Inbox
10/07/20032Show details for marcel duchampmarcel duchampfeatureDeleting Calendar Entries
10/06/2003Vince Schuurmanrelease
10/02/20032Show details for Ben RoseBen RosediscussionNext Version
10/02/20031Show details for Manu VermeyenManu VermeyenfeatureCan the 65 sametime(oops, IM) functionality be entered into the template
09/25/20032Show details for Adam AbellAdam Abellbug
09/24/2003Tom BloomquistdiscussionToday's Mail as Default
09/24/2003Ray DaviesdiscussionPGP 8.02
09/23/2003Rune Carlsenbug
09/19/20031Show details for Tom BloomquistTom BloomquistdiscussionNotes 6.5
09/16/2003Frank Bradshawdiscussionlatest release and iNotes capability
09/16/2003Jeff Riethbug
09/15/20031Show details for Jimmy HuynhJimmy HuynhdiscussionHTTP Web Server: Lotus Notes Exception - Error validating user's agent execution access
09/12/20032Show details for Vince SchuurmanVince Schuurmandocumentation
09/11/20032Show details for J. Keil WilsonJ. Keil WilsondiscussionRepost: Version Question
09/08/20031Show details for Roger BrentnallRoger BrentnalldiscussionJunk Mail
09/05/20031Show details for Vince SchuurmanVince Schuurmanrelease
09/03/2003Bruce Chipurnoibug
09/03/20033Show details for Bruce ChipurnoiBruce ChipurnoifeatureMultiple Attachement Removal from View
09/02/20034Show details for Tom BloomquistTom BloomquistdiscussionNext Release??
09/01/20033Show details for Egor MargineanuEgor MargineanudiscussionVersion 1.2 RC 1 - error !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
08/29/20037Show details for Nick HemmertNick HemmertdiscussionLost of the ability to deny return receipts
08/28/20034Show details for Jon JohnstonJon JohnstondiscussionHow do I remove OpenNTF?
08/27/20032Show details for Lawrence MicallefLawrence Micallefbug
08/26/20033Show details for Eric DECHELLEEric DECHELLEfeatureSelf destructing mail after a specified amount of time
08/25/2003Karl Batesonbug
08/23/20032Show details for Joe MarshallJoe MarshalldiscussionInconsistent Replicas??
08/21/2003Steven Santamorenadiscussionreturn receipt option
08/19/20034Show details for J. Keil WilsonJ. Keil WilsondiscussionVersion Question?
08/19/20031Show details for Michael WhangMichael WhangfeatureReplication/Synchronization Of Trash Folder Across Replicas
08/18/2003Elijah Lapsonbug
08/18/20035Show details for Ben RoseBen RosefeatureAutosave
08/14/20034Show details for Andrey DmitrievAndrey Dmitrievbug
08/14/2003Andrey Dmitrievbug
08/13/20032Show details for Jörg AsmussenJörg Asmussenbug
08/12/20031Show details for Chris B HartleyChris B Hartleydiscussion6.5 beta mail template
08/11/2003Nick Hemmertbug
08/08/2003Chris B Hartleybug
08/07/20033Show details for Eric PeloquinEric Peloquindiscussion1.2RC1 - Issue "Copy into new..." tbv
08/06/2003Ralph BorcherdsfeaturePrompt to place in folder during Follow-up
08/05/20031Show details for Keil WilsonKeil WilsondiscussionSome suggestions on Action Bars
08/05/20031Show details for Rune CarlsenRune CarlsendiscussionQuestion about follow up
08/05/2003Ben Rosebug
08/04/20031Show details for Pat PattersonPat PattersondiscussionDoes 1.2RC1 work with 6.02CF1?
08/04/20034Show details for Tom BloomquistTom BloomquistdiscussionMystery Error Message
08/04/20032Show details for Tom BloomquistTom BloomquistdiscussionI Broke RC1?
08/04/20031Show details for marcel duchampmarcel duchampdiscussionis this safe for use with a r6 client and follow ups?
07/30/2003Brandon GammonfeatureReply To All button on reply form
07/29/20031Show details for Vince SchuurmanVince SchuurmanProjectNews
07/28/2003Nino CiraulodiscussionSMIME Encryption & Signature Flags in Views & Folders
07/25/20035Show details for Darron CarterDarron Carterbug
07/17/20031Show details for Tom BloomquistTom BloomquistdiscussionNext 1.2 Beta
07/14/20033Show details for Michael LazarMichael LazarfeatureIcons for signed & encrypted email
07/11/20031Show details for David JamiesonDavid Jamiesondiscussion6.5 - can we have screen shots?
07/11/20034Show details for Ben RoseBen RosefeatureOutbox
07/11/2003Vladislav Tatarincevbug
07/11/2003Vladislav Tatarincevbug
07/11/2003Vince Schuurmanfeatureadd the 6.5 miniviews in mail frameset
07/11/2003Vince Schuurmanfeatureadd the 6.5 junkmail features
07/11/2003Vince SchuurmanfeatureSupport 6.5 priority and reply flagging
07/11/20036Show details for Ron BlairRon BlairdiscussionContacts in Mailfile (I have a working template)
07/11/20034Show details for Ben RoseBen RosefeatureRemove attachments on sent mail
07/11/20034Show details for Ben RoseBen RosefeaturePhone Lookup
07/10/20031Show details for Ben RoseBen Rosebug
07/10/2003Ben Rosebug
07/08/20031Show details for Ben RoseBen RosediscussionMulti-Lingual
07/08/20039Show details for Ben RoseBen RosediscussionReply/Forward Markers
07/08/20031Show details for Ben RoseBen RosediscussionJunk Mail
07/04/20032Show details for Nigel FallonNigel FallondiscussionConcerns about Follow Up
07/03/20035Show details for David JamiesonDavid JamiesondiscussionHow to iNotes enable?
07/03/200312Show details for Rune CarlsenRune CarlsenfeatureDynamically create a hotspot to a file on a share
07/01/20032Show details for Jeff CookJeff CookfeatureIf Mail Size is over X kilobytes, prompt user "Save?"
07/01/20033Show details for Michael WhangMichael WhangdiscussionIncorporating Look & Feel (UI) Updates From iNotes 6.0.2CF1
06/30/2003Josef PrusadiscussionMail Form Suggestions
06/27/20032Show details for Vince SchuurmanVince SchuurmandiscussionDaily builds
06/25/200318Show details for Keil WilsonKeil WilsondiscussionAlternative Reply Suggestion for 1.2
06/25/2003J. Keil Wilsonbug
06/24/20035Show details for Gregory S GartlandGregory S GartlanddiscussionFollow-up emails in 1.1e
06/24/20033Show details for J. Keil WilsonJ. Keil WilsondiscussionVersion of Notes You're Developing In?
06/24/2003pablo martinezdiscussionIllegal Circular USE: OpenNTFLibraryUI
06/24/20031Show details for Kevin PoultonKevin Poultondiscussion1.2Beta1 Feedback
06/22/20031Show details for Eric PeloquinEric Peloquindiscussion1.2 on Domino R5
06/20/20034Show details for Uwe BrahmUwe BrahmfeatureMake (+)Folders... expanded into (-)Folders... in the outline UI ...
06/18/20032Show details for Tom BloomquistTom Bloomquistdiscussion1.2 Beta Rules Folders?
06/18/20032Show details for Tom BloomquistTom Bloomquistdiscussion1.2 Beta Error?
06/17/2003Tom BloomquistdiscussionUsing Word as a email Editor
06/17/20032Show details for Tom BloomquistTom Bloomquistdiscussion1.2Beta 1 Reply Function
06/17/2003Sachin Wadhwabug
06/16/2003Vince Schuurmanbug
06/16/2003Vince Schuurmanbug
06/16/20032Show details for Brandon GammonBrandon Gammondiscussion1.2beta1
06/16/20032Show details for Brandon GammonBrandon Gammonbug
06/14/20031Show details for Antonio MotaAntonio MotadiscussionBrowser access
06/14/20037Show details for Vince SchuurmanVince Schuurmanrelease
06/14/20033Show details for Vince SchuurmanVince Schuurmanrelease
06/13/2003Jerry GassiediscussionExpandedPersonalGroups ...?
06/11/2003Mike BrowndiscussionIn-place folder renaming
06/10/20031Show details for Vince SchuurmanVince Schuurmanrelease
06/10/2003David HablewitzdiscussionHelp about doc for 1.1eiNotes still says V1.1d
06/02/20031Show details for William MedleyWilliam Medleybug
05/28/2003Leigh Bentleybug
05/28/2003Declan Lynchbug
05/27/2003Doug Brucebug
05/23/2003Vince SchuurmandiscussionPreliminar Screenshot of V1.2 Flag Dialog
05/23/20034Show details for Fredric BerlingFredric Berlingbug
05/22/20032Show details for Steve CassidySteve Cassidyfeaturemessage 'flight time'
05/20/20033Show details for Robert SchmidtRobert SchmidtdiscussionBayesian Filter
05/20/2003Toomas GavrilinfeatureBuddy Icons
05/16/2003Brett van Gelderbug
05/15/2003Erik Benkebug
05/15/2003Rune Carlsenbug
05/15/20034Show details for Brett van GelderBrett van Gelderbug
05/15/2003Brett van Gelderbug
05/15/2003Brett van Gelderbug
05/14/2003Timothy S Cahillfeatureenable Internet Mail Threads
05/14/2003Vince Schuurmanrelease
05/14/2003Vince Schuurmanrelease
05/12/20031Show details for Chris BordeleauChris Bordeleaubug
05/12/20032Show details for Andrey DmitrievAndrey DmitrievfeatureAdd "Rate" column to By Person view
05/05/20031Show details for Bernd AltmiksBernd AltmiksdiscussionLocal Version (German)
05/04/20032Show details for Rune CarlsenRune CarlsendiscussionWhat happens now?
05/02/20031Show details for Steve HolmanSteve Holmanbug
05/01/20031Show details for David HablewitzDavid HablewitzdiscussionShortcuts for delivery options not displayed after saved to draft
04/28/20033Show details for Rip RowanRip RowandiscussionSpamcop rejects headers
04/24/2003Ivan JecimdiscussionHow to create Calendar entry?
04/24/20032Show details for Jorick AstregoJorick AstregofeatureAdded disclaimer for outgoing smtp mail
04/23/20032Show details for Neil WainwrightNeil WainwrightdiscussionSimplified (i.e. nice) mail header...
04/23/20032Show details for Kai BrümmerKai BrümmerdiscussionDepartment and Phone Information
04/20/2003Christoph Arrasbug
04/16/20032Show details for Bryan MacDonaldBryan MacDonaldfeatureOption to not load HTML graphic images by default
04/06/20032Show details for Miks RozenbergsMiks RozenbergsfeatureBayesian spam filter for OpenNTF
04/06/20031Show details for Rune CarlsenRune CarlsenfeatureRepost: Find memo in folder
04/06/2003Rune CarlsenfeatureIconizing your message
04/04/20031Show details for Jens Leth-NissenJens Leth-NissendiscussionWhat about different languages
04/03/20031Show details for Chris MillerChris Millerdiscussionbug in QuickForward
03/31/20035Show details for Neil WainwrightNeil WainwrightdiscussionDelete all e-mails from this user...
03/31/20032Show details for Lubomir GaspierikLubomir Gaspierikdiscussioncalendaring from WEB
03/29/20032Show details for Declan LynchDeclan Lynchbug
03/23/20032Show details for David A JamiesonDavid A JamiesondiscussionI've started the documentation...
03/22/20032Show details for Chris van EijkChris van Eijkfeature"Block Sender" option
03/21/20031Show details for Geirr WinnemGeirr WinnemdiscussionAtt Bruce
03/20/20031Show details for Steven SantamorenaSteven SantamorenadiscussionWebmail Lite
03/20/20033Show details for Ben RoseBen RosediscussionOptional Features
03/18/20032Show details for Alan LehmanAlan Lehmandiscussionrevert to inotes60 failes
03/13/20034Show details for Michael WhangMichael WhangfeatureOption for adding own name by default to bcc: field
03/12/20032Show details for Sven MaushakeSven Maushakediscussion1.2 availability & Inotes integration
03/12/20031Show details for Eric DECHELLEEric DECHELLEbug
03/12/20031Show details for Mark GregoryMark GregorydiscussionOS X Support
03/12/20032Show details for Praful PatelPraful PatelfeatureAbility to save "Return Receipt" option
03/11/2003Ove StørholtfeatureRegarding the vote: Why I don't use OpenNTF mail...
03/11/2003Mark Gregoryfeaturefont & size of signature
03/08/20034Show details for Kenneth KrekulaKenneth KrekuladiscussionCompatibility with Domino 6.0.1?
03/05/20033Show details for Kirill PoliakovKirill PoliakovdiscussionReminder agent
02/28/20035Show details for David A JamiesonDavid A JamiesondiscussionSteve Holman where are you?!
02/28/20033Show details for David A JamiesonDavid A JamiesondiscussionDocumentation
02/26/20032Show details for Rune CarlsenRune CarlsenfeatureAutosave mails
02/26/20033Show details for chuck wellschuck wellsbug
02/25/20031Show details for Bob BrodskyBob BrodskyfeatureNeed to See SMTP.BOX
02/24/20032Show details for Ron KingRon KingdiscussionFeature request...
02/24/20031Show details for Rune CarlsenRune CarlsendiscussionReply icons ?
02/24/2003Sean P ButlerdiscussionIf I uncheck "Put C&S documents into miniView" then my mail rules stop.
02/21/20038Show details for Rune CarlsenRune CarlsenfeatureVerify deletion from All Documents view
02/20/20031Show details for John HerronJohn HerrondiscussionFeature List
02/17/20032Show details for Kevin PoultonKevin PoultonfeatureProvide sorting based on Importance column
02/13/2003Philip WestfeatureVery basic webmail interface
02/13/2003Brett van Gelderbug
02/12/20032Show details for Darren IngramDarren Ingrambug
02/11/20032Show details for Ove StørholtOve StørholtfeatureUse address book (designed for web) inside users mail db also for Notes clients
02/10/20037Show details for Sean P ButlerSean P ButlerdiscussionWould like a white list function in the mail template.(To stop spam)
02/07/2003Doug Brucebug
02/07/20031Show details for Doug BruceDoug Brucebug
02/07/20031Show details for Vince SchuurmanVince Schuurmanrelease
02/06/2003Jacob AnderssondiscussionDelete mail - soft
02/05/2003Declan Lynchbug
02/04/20033Show details for David BellDavid BelldiscussionToday's Mail view in 1.1d
02/04/2003Ralph Iskarosbug
02/04/2003Neil GowerfeatureAdd Domino.Doc integration
02/04/20039Show details for Martin HuberMartin Huberbug
02/03/2003Sean P ButlerdiscussionInstall/Issues documentation or not?
01/31/20031Show details for William MedleyWilliam Medleybug
01/27/2003Andrey Dmitrievbug
01/26/20032Show details for Mikael GislenMikael Gislenbug
01/24/2003Andrey Dmitrievbug
01/23/2003Mikael Gislenbug
01/23/200312Show details for Nathan T FreemanNathan T Freemanbug
01/22/20036Show details for Steve PilkingtonSteve PilkingtonfeatureAllow unread mail to override custom mail colours
01/22/2003Steve PilkingtonfeatureAdd optional ToDo frame to the mail navigator (like the calendar)
01/22/2003David DaumfeatureMail rules "fowarding" available from web
01/22/20031Show details for David DaumDavid DaumdiscussionINotes Integration?
01/21/20033Show details for Nathan T FreemanNathan T FreemandiscussionLooming concern
01/21/20032Show details for Hynek KobelkaHynek KobelkafeatureAgent "Virus ans Spam -Checker"
01/20/2003Steve HolmandiscussioniNotes....
01/16/2003Sean BoldenfeatureMove to folder from within a messge while using the webmail interface
01/16/20031Show details for Mikael GislenMikael Gislenbug
01/15/20032Show details for Sean BoldenSean BoldendiscussionSuggestion (webmail) - Move to Folder from within an email
01/10/20031Show details for Bryan McDadeBryan McDadebug
01/08/2003Steve HolmanfeatureA "Contacts" link in the Outline
01/07/20031Show details for Sean BoldenSean BoldendiscussionSuggestion for the by Date view
01/06/20035Show details for Steve HolmanSteve HolmandiscussionAny hope?
01/04/2003Bruce Elgortbug
01/01/2003Bruce Elgortbug
01/01/20039Show details for Hynek KobelkaHynek KobelkadiscussionTransfer changes to other language versions ?
12/23/20022Show details for Bruce ElgortBruce Elgortbug
12/23/20021Show details for Declan LynchDeclan Lynchbug
12/21/20021Show details for Vince SchuurmanVince Schuurmanrelease
12/21/2002Vince Schuurmanrelease
12/21/2002Vince Schuurmanrelease
12/21/2002Vince Schuurmanrelease
12/20/20021Show details for John SmartJohn SmartfeatureSet incoming replies as resopnse documents
12/20/2002Bruce ElgortProjectNews
12/19/2002OpenNTF Template Developmentrelease
12/17/20021Show details for Declan LynchDeclan LynchfeatureReplied To and Forwarded To Lines
12/17/2002Brandon GammonfeatureProfile based addition of letterhead
12/17/2002Gerco Wolfswinkelbug
12/17/2002Dovid Grossbug
12/16/20021Show details for Dovid GrossDovid GrossfeatureChoices for how follow-up is handled
12/16/20021Show details for Dovid GrossDovid GrossfeatureMore obvious way to edit follow-up date
12/16/20021Show details for Dovid GrossDovid GrossfeatureExport calendar & To-Dos
12/16/20021Show details for Dovid GrossDovid GrossfeatureIntegrate OpenNTF prefs
12/16/2002Dovid GrossfeatureDelivery-failure + Reply-to-all fixer
12/16/2002Dovid GrossfeatureDrop QUick Stuff BUILD requirement
12/16/2002Dovid GrossfeatureQuick Stuff -> Buddy List
12/16/20022Show details for Dovid GrossDovid GrossdiscussionYou calling me stuffed?
12/16/2002Dovid Grossbug
12/16/2002Bruce ElgortdiscussionOpenNTF Mail V1.2 Feature Request Cut-off date is 12/19/02
12/15/20023Show details for Dovid GrossDovid GrossdiscussionAre flags properly cleared?
12/15/2002Dovid GrossfeatureModifications to forward headers
12/15/2002Dovid Grossbug
12/13/20024Show details for Martin HuberMartin HuberfeatureAdd support for PGP plugin to the mail template
12/13/2002Sean BoldendiscussionUnread mark in empty inbox
12/13/20021Show details for Martin HuberMartin Huberbug
12/11/20021Show details for Bruce ElgortBruce ElgortdiscussionReply and Forward info in Documents
12/11/20021Show details for Nathan T FreemanNathan T FreemanfeatureRecord more forwarding information
12/11/2002Nathan T FreemanfeatureRecord more replied information
12/11/20025Show details for Bruce ElgortBruce ElgortdiscussionIncluding Replied/Forward text in memo form
12/11/20024Show details for Brandon GammonBrandon GammonfeatureBe able to run Rules against mail already in the inbox
12/11/20022Show details for Bruce ElgortBruce ElgortdiscussionReply/Forward Double Icon
12/10/2002Vince Schuurmanbug
12/09/20029Show details for Bruce ElgortBruce ElgortdiscussionWhat do you think of these Reply/Forward Indiciators instead of the ones in 1.1?
12/09/2002Bruce ElgortdiscussionOpenNTF Mail V1.1 Feature Overview
12/05/20024Show details for Tomas SoucekTomas SoucekfeatureTrack design changes documentation
12/04/20023Show details for Jeremy LowJeremy LowfeatureNumber of unread mails beside folders ?
12/03/20022Show details for Rune CarlsenRune Carlsenfeature"Find memo in folder"

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