Project: Open Notes Picture Database (Managed by Christian Brandlehner)

DateCreated by TypeSubject
05/05/2008Terry A RowlingdiscussionCut down Version
05/07/2007Kurt Tomicichbug
11/23/2006heinz kotondiscussioncomments counter in picture overview
11/13/2005Bernardino MezzanottefeatureAbility to import ALL pictures in one folder
11/06/2005Christian BuchacherdiscussionView Pictures By Year
11/02/2005heinz kotonfeaturecomments and authors in html picture overview
10/27/20052Show details for Christian BuchacherChristian BuchacherdiscussionPicture descriptions
10/09/20054Show details for Christian BrandlehnerChristian BrandlehnerProjectNews
10/09/20052Show details for Christian BrandlehnerChristian Brandlehnerrelease
09/18/2005Christian Brandlehnerbug
09/14/20051Show details for B de KeijzerB de Keijzerbug
09/12/20052Show details for Wade J DugasWade J DugasdiscussionBug & fix for video album link, 1.1.7 - 1.1.9a
09/11/20051Show details for William FernandezWilliam FernandezdiscussionCenter block stretch
09/10/2005Christian BrandlehnerProjectNews
09/09/20051Show details for John ClarkJohn ClarkdiscussionUnable to create automation object
08/25/20052Show details for Wolfgang HassWolfgang Hassdiscussionunable to assign imported pics to a sub album
08/24/20051Show details for Thomas WeberThomas Weberbug
08/22/2005Stan JohnstondiscussionUnable to add any Albums
08/11/20057Show details for Gary CousinsGary CousinsdiscussionAlbums Image does not display
08/09/2005Christian Brandlehnerrelease
08/08/20056Show details for heinz kotonheinz kotonbug
08/05/2005Gerco WolfswinkeldiscussionSome comments on 1.1.9 template
07/25/20057Show details for Gerco WolfswinkelGerco Wolfswinkeldiscussion1.1.8 template encrypted?
07/08/2005Simon AltemeierdiscussionProblem with Comments and Videos
07/04/20051Show details for Thomas FørdeThomas FørdefeatureLinux support
06/29/20053Show details for Morten BirchMorten Birchdiscussionerror messege on the consol
06/28/20058Show details for Morten BirchMorten BirchdiscussionBack/Forward button
06/16/20051Show details for Matthew ArberMatthew ArberdiscussionIs this project dead?
05/18/2005Christian BuchacherdiscussionVideos
04/19/20051Show details for Matthew ArberMatthew ArberdiscussionPossible to move album to a subalbum?
04/17/2005Matthew ArberfeatureMost Viewed Pictures
04/14/2005Tony Byrnebug
04/14/2005Tony Byrnebug
04/13/20051Show details for Andreas HotzAndreas HotzfeaturePossibility to add Text to a photograph
03/31/20053Show details for Andreas HotzAndreas HotzfeatureThumbnail generation fails if running as nonprivileged user
03/17/20055Show details for Tim CampbellTim CampbelldiscussionProblem with Blocks
03/06/20054Show details for Ronald VeldhuizenRonald Veldhuizenbug
03/06/20052Show details for Ronald VeldhuizenRonald Veldhuizenbug
03/04/2005Christian BrandlehnerProjectNews
03/01/2005Alessandro Virzibug
03/01/2005Alessandro Virzibug
02/14/2005Ronald Veldhuizenbug
02/02/2005Tobias Altemeierbug
02/02/20051Hide details for Tobias AltemeierTobias Altemeierbug
. . Re: Actions / buttons "Bewertungspunkte auf null setzen" not working (Christian Bran... 2-Feb-05)
02/02/2005Tobias Altemeierbug
01/30/20055Show details for Matthew ArberMatthew ArberdiscussionNo heading on top voted pics
01/13/20051Show details for Amy BlumenfieldAmy BlumenfielddiscussionComments don't display on site
01/13/20055Show details for Amy BlumenfieldAmy BlumenfielddiscussionComments don't display on site
01/02/2005Ronald Veldhuizenbug
01/01/2005Matthew Smithbug
01/01/20057Show details for Ronald VeldhuizenRonald Veldhuizenbug
12/30/20041Show details for Dennis P GardinDennis P GardindiscussionOpenCart.nsf
12/30/20041Show details for BANXXBANXXdiscussionChange language ? Probably a stupid questions but...
12/24/20041Show details for Ronald VeldhuizenRonald VeldhuizendiscussionSub albums
12/23/20042Show details for Ronald VeldhuizenRonald VeldhuizendiscussionHi Christian
12/20/20042Show details for Simon AltemeierSimon Altemeierdiscussioncomments.js not found?
12/13/20045Show details for Christian BrandlehnerChristian BrandlehnerdiscussionAlbum and subalbum for pictures
12/12/2004Christian Brandlehnerbug
12/12/2004Christian BrandlehnerfeatureDrop Sametime contact list from the outline
12/11/2004Christian BrandlehnertaskImprove Trashcan
12/11/20041Show details for Christian BrandlehnerChristian BrandlehnerfeatureDrop support for picture votes, only support rating pictures
12/09/2004Christian Brandlehnerbug
12/06/20041Show details for Christian BuchacherChristian BuchacherfeatureRenumbering only the selected album
12/01/20041Show details for Ray DaviesRay DaviesdiscussionWow!!!! Great work man!!!
11/15/20042Show details for Christian BuchacherChristian BuchacherfeatureField Position should be editable
11/09/2004Christian Brandlehnertaskwrite EXIF information to JPEG file
11/08/2004Christian Brandlehnerfeatureadd support to import .gif files
11/08/20045Show details for Ronald VeldhuizenRonald VeldhuizendiscussionMmm slideshow?
11/06/20044Show details for Mark HallerMark HallerdiscussionEzThumbs - square images
11/05/20042Show details for Mark HallerMark HallerdiscussionCan anything be taken from this?
11/05/20044Show details for Mark HallerMark Hallerdiscussion"table" of thumbnails - spacer character?
11/04/20042Show details for Mark HallerMark HallerdiscussionComments back to files?
10/25/20041Show details for Dirk WedemeyerDirk WedemeyerdiscussionDocumentation
10/22/20042Show details for Ronald VeldhuizenRonald Veldhuizenbug
10/15/20041Show details for Sebastian StelmasikSebastian StelmasikdiscussionLocal Usage (w/o web access)
10/14/2004Christian Brandlehnerdocumentation
10/14/2004Christian Brandlehnerbug
10/13/20043Show details for Kees TuytelKees Tuytelbug
10/11/20041Show details for Ronald VeldhuizenRonald Veldhuizenbug
10/10/2004Rune Carlsenbug
10/10/20043Show details for Min-Chi HuangMin-Chi HuangfeatureCreate thumbnail icons without external program
10/10/2004Min-Chi HuangfeatureCreate the native Notes attachment with thumbnail
09/28/20047Show details for Mathias PohlMathias PohldiscussionRelease with EXIF Support
09/26/20042Show details for Giedrius GuzysGiedrius Guzysdiscussionproblem after BlogSphere template
09/19/2004Christian BrandlehnerfeatureHousekeeping Referrer Documents
09/12/2004Moritz SchroederdiscussionFixed width... (posted a similar question in blogsphere discussion)
09/06/2004Ray DaviesdiscussionGreat work Christian.
08/19/2004Christian Brandlehnertaskadd action to move up or down a block
08/17/20042Show details for Rune CarlsenRune Carlsenfeature"Notes-Link" should be configurable
08/17/20043Show details for Rune CarlsenRune CarlsenfeatureWhat is really included in the new versions?
08/17/20041Show details for Rune CarlsenRune CarlsenfeatureReplicate with server should be background
08/12/2004Ronald Veldhuizenbug
08/12/20041Show details for Gennady KleynerGennady KleynerfeatureToggle in configuration to turn of Blog altogether
08/12/20042Show details for Gennady KleynerGennady KleynerfeatureShow progress bar on importing pictures
08/10/2004Christian BrandlehnerProjectNews
08/09/20043Show details for Mark CrosbyMark CrosbydiscussionModifications
08/06/2004Adam BeckfeatureOrder albums...
08/04/20046Show details for Rune CarlsenRune Carlsenbug
08/02/20041Show details for Christian BrandlehnerChristian Brandlehnerfeaturefunction to make an image an original image
08/02/20041Show details for Christian BrandlehnerChristian Brandlehnerfeaturefunction to attach an orginal image to an existing document
08/01/20041Show details for Laurynas ZiedasLaurynas ZiedasfeatureMore tranlation posibilities
07/28/20045Show details for Laurynas ZiedasLaurynas ZiedasdiscussionTranslations?
07/28/20041Show details for Christian BrandlehnerChristian Brandlehnertaskenable individual sorting of pictures within an album
07/26/20044Show details for Christian BrandlehnerChristian Brandlehnerfeatureadd support for Rhizomatics Domino counter
07/26/2004Christian BrandlehnerfeatureMark pictures with comments when displaying in the album.
07/26/2004Christian Brandlehnerbug
07/26/2004Christian BrandlehnerfeatureMake picture rating more secure
07/26/2004Christian BrandlehnerfeatureReplace "No documents found" with "No comments" in the comments part
07/26/20042Show details for Christian BrandlehnerChristian BrandlehnerfeatureAdd more CSS to choose among
07/26/2004Christian BrandlehnerfeatureAdd a choice to select wheter album should be listed on startpage
07/25/2004Christian Brandlehnertaskfix the rating problem
07/25/2004Christian Brandlehnerbug
07/25/2004Christian Brandlehnerfeatureenhance "Blog config" form to not refresh all pictures every time
07/22/200412Show details for Rune CarlsenRune Carlsenbug
07/11/20041Show details for Ronald VeldhuizenRonald VeldhuizenfeatureDefault view when accessing ONPD
07/08/20041Show details for Colman CarpenterColman Carpenterbug
07/07/20041Show details for Rune CarlsenRune CarlsenfeatureAdd a choice to select wheter album should be listed on startpage
07/05/20043Show details for Marc AlumbaughMarc Alumbaughbug
07/05/2004Marc Alumbaughbug
07/04/2004Christian Brandlehnertaskadd a Notes view that just shows pictures with comments
07/04/2004Christian Brandlehnertaskwrite code for button rotate ccw
07/03/20044Show details for Paul RyanPaul Ryandiscussionpicture sort within album
07/03/20042Show details for Rune CarlsenRune CarlsenfeatureAdd a view for pictures with comments
07/03/20041Show details for Marc AlumbaughMarc AlumbaughdiscussionRotate Picture Counter Clockwise
07/02/2004Ronald VeldhuizendiscussionInitial view
07/02/20042Show details for Ronald VeldhuizenRonald VeldhuizenfeatureCategorisation is needed
06/28/20041Show details for Rune CarlsenRune CarlsendiscussionHow to add a block for top rated pics?
06/27/20046Show details for Rune CarlsenRune Carlsenbug
06/26/20044Show details for Rune CarlsenRune Carlsenbug
06/26/20044Show details for Rune CarlsenRune Carlsenbug
06/26/20041Show details for Rune CarlsenRune Carlsenbug
06/23/2004Christian Brandlehnerfeaturesubmitting a comment should not reopen the database but reopen the current document.
06/23/2004Christian Brandlehnerfeatureadd support for HotMedia content
06/23/2004Christian Brandlehnerfeaturedeleted pictures should not display when opened by a cached URL
06/22/20041Show details for Ronald VeldhuizenRonald Veldhuizenbug
06/21/20041Show details for Christian BrandlehnerChristian BrandlehnerfeatureMake it possible to have a picture in more than one album
06/20/2004Ronald Veldhuizenbug
06/20/2004Christian Brandlehnertaskenable comments
06/20/2004Christian Brandlehnertaskenable an automatic slideshow
06/18/20046Show details for Ronald VeldhuizenRonald Veldhuizenbug
06/17/20041Show details for Sander ZwartSander ZwartfeatureA small enhancement on Rating
06/14/2004Christian Brandlehnerprofile
06/08/20046Show details for Sander ZwartSander ZwartfeatureMaximum number of thumbnails on a single page
06/07/2004Christian Brandlehnerbug
06/07/2004Christian Brandlehnerbug
06/06/20041Show details for Oswald OoginkOswald Ooginkbug
06/05/2004Christian Brandlehnerfeatureability to manually enter image widh and height in case ONPD is unable to detect
06/05/2004Christian Brandlehnerbug
05/22/2004Hans C Kochbug
05/21/20047Show details for Christian BrandlehnerChristian Brandlehnertaskadd code to read EXIF information from images
05/21/2004Christian Brandlehnertaskadd code to extract images to the filesystem
05/13/2004Christian BrandlehnerfeatureThe ability to save a Photoshop manipulated picture in addition to the processed picture, the thumbnail picture and the optional original picture. The mechanism for displaying the picture should be the same as the original picture icon that only appears when an original is present and the width and height settings are known.
05/13/20041Show details for Christian BrandlehnerChristian BrandlehnerfeatureMore categorisation is needed. A category field should be used as it is in the blog database and should be available in the resources blocks section.
05/13/20042Show details for Christian BrandlehnerChristian BrandlehnerfeatureWhen an album thumbnails are displayed the tn_ thumbnail files should not be included.
05/13/20041Show details for Christian BrandlehnerChristian BrandlehnerfeatureAn extra field called short comments on the photo form to be displayed underneath the thumbnail. I know the picture name can be altered to do the same thing I guess.
05/13/20041Show details for Christian BrandlehnerChristian Brandlehnerfeature An export agent that exports the saved pictures to a directory of choice.
05/13/20041Show details for Christian BrandlehnerChristian BrandlehnerfeatureThere must be a comment/feedback mechanism per photo.
05/13/20041Show details for Christian BrandlehnerChristian BrandlehnerfeatureThe voting is really good but should be out of five?
05/13/20043Show details for Christian BrandlehnerChristian BrandlehnerfeatureEvery page should have a page counter to say how many times the page has been viewed.
05/13/20043Show details for Christian BrandlehnerChristian BrandlehnerfeatureAny EXIF information obtained from the original picture should be saved to the photo document for reference.
05/13/20045Show details for Christian BrandlehnerChristian BrandlehnerfeatureWhen marking a picture not for public viewing the thumbnail should not be shown either.
05/12/20045Show details for Hans C KochHans C Kochbug
05/11/20041Show details for Ray DaviesRay DaviesdiscussionWell done!
05/11/20041Show details for Ray DaviesRay Daviesbug
05/11/2004Ray DaviesfeatureThere are a number of extra features I would like to see
05/04/2004Vitaly Naidionbug
04/25/20041Show details for Oswald OoginkOswald Ooginkbug
04/25/20041Show details for Oswald OoginkOswald Ooginkbug
04/25/20043Show details for Oswald OoginkOswald Ooginkbug
04/24/20041Show details for Jens LammertJens LammertdiscussionBrowser tries to login into "\icons"
04/21/20041Show details for Ronald VeldhuizenRonald Veldhuizenbug
04/19/20041Show details for Bruce CurrierBruce Currierbug
04/19/2004Mac SokulskidiscussionRotate Picture Tool
04/05/2004Christian Brandlehnertaskenable authenticated webusers to edit pictures subject
04/05/20048Show details for Ronald VeldhuizenRonald Veldhuizenbug
04/05/20041Show details for Paul FrolovPaul Frolovbug
04/05/20041Show details for Ronald VeldhuizenRonald VeldhuizendiscussionImport Picture
04/02/20047Show details for Roger FitchRoger Fitchdiscussionnumbe of pictures in row ?
04/02/2004Christian Brandlehnerdiscussioncall for help
03/30/2004Christian BrandlehnerfeatureSupport for mozilla link prefetching
03/30/20041Show details for Matthew SmithMatthew SmithdiscussionHow to make work in english
03/21/2004Christian Brandlehnertaskenhance db to support .avi and .mpg files as well as pictures
03/21/20047Show details for Christian BrandlehnerChristian BrandlehnerfeatureAutomatic Slideshow
03/21/2004Christian Brandlehnerdocumentation
03/14/2004Christian Brandlehnertaskmake the Block "Calendar" work
03/13/20042Show details for Sander ZwartSander Zwartbug
03/13/200410Show details for Sander ZwartSander Zwartbug
03/10/2004Christian Brandlehnerbug
03/01/20045Show details for Sander ZwartSander ZwartfeatureImage rating
02/24/2004Christian Brandlehnertaskenhance Album list to show a picture with each album
02/23/2004Christian BrandlehnertaskEnhance the import agent to show a progress bar
02/23/2004Christian Brandlehnertaskpicture import - saving original picture optionally
02/23/2004Christian Brandlehnertaskenhance the profile and import agent to allow user to choose pictures resolution
02/23/2004Christian Brandlehnertaskallow inview editing an albums name
02/22/2004Christian BrandlehnerProjectNews
02/16/20046Show details for Roger FitchRoger FitchfeatureUpload pictures via web interface?
02/12/2004Christian Brandlehnertaskwrite whitepaper describing a way to support small video files
02/12/2004Christian BrandlehnertaskModify the template to get RSS work
02/12/2004Christian BrandlehnertaskMove the voting
02/11/20043Show details for Lee WassonLee WassonfeatureSuggestions for UI
02/11/2004Sander Zwartbug
02/10/2004Christian Brandlehnerprofile
02/09/2004Eric TomengadiscussionThumbnail
02/09/20042Show details for Gregg GinsbergGregg Ginsbergbug
02/09/2004Christian Brandlehnerprofile
02/08/20041Show details for Christian BrandlehnerChristian Brandlehnertaskwrite an agent which stores the numbers of pictures to the corresponding album document
02/08/2004Christian Brandlehnerdocumentation
02/08/20042Show details for Christian BrandlehnerChristian Brandlehnerdocumentation
02/08/2004Christian Brandlehnerbug
02/07/20041Show details for Christian BrandlehnerChristian Brandlehnerdocumentation
02/06/20041Show details for Melanie RoseMelanie Rosebug
02/04/200410Show details for Jasper DuizendstraJasper DuizendstradiscussionHTTP Web Server: Lotus Notes Exception -
02/03/2004Christian Brandlehnerfeaturelet the user define resolution for image and preview
02/03/2004Christian Brandlehnertaskfix the monthly archive block problem
02/03/2004Melanie Rosebug
02/02/20042Show details for Roger FitchRoger FitchfeatureMp3 db ?
02/02/2004Christian Brandlehnertaskwrite english admin guide
02/02/2004Christian Brandlehnertaskwrite german installation guide
02/02/2004Christian Brandlehnertaskwrite english installation guide
02/02/2004Christian Brandlehnertaskimplement a way to post pictures using a web browser
02/02/2004Christian Brandlehnertaskupgrade template to use current BlogSPHERE design
02/02/20046Show details for Christian BrandlehnerChristian Brandlehnerfeaturesupport for small mpeg files
02/01/20041Show details for Christian BrandlehnerChristian Brandlehnerfeaturesend picture as postcard
01/27/2004nico Prenzelbug
01/27/20042Show details for Sander ZwartSander Zwartbug
01/25/2004Christian Brandlehnerbug
01/25/2004Christian Brandlehnerbug
01/23/2004Christian BrandlehnertaskIdentify ImageMagick registry settings
01/23/20041Show details for Christian BrandlehnerChristian BrandlehnerfeatureUse ImageMagick as alternate graphics tool
01/19/2004Christian Brandlehnerbug
01/19/2004nico PrenzelfeatureDecrease the "DB-Configuration" need!
01/19/2004Christian Brandlehnerbug
01/12/20041Show details for Oliver RegelmannOliver Regelmannbug
01/04/20041Show details for Sander ZwartSander Zwartbug
01/03/20041Show details for Sander ZwartSander Zwartbug
01/03/20041Show details for Sander ZwartSander Zwartbug
01/03/20041Show details for Sander ZwartSander Zwartbug
01/03/20043Show details for Sander ZwartSander Zwartbug
01/01/2004Christian Brandlehnerbug
01/01/2004Christian Brandlehnerbug
01/01/2004Christian Brandlehnerbug
01/01/2004Christian Brandlehnerbug
01/01/2004Christian Brandlehnerbug
01/01/2004Christian BrandlehnerfeatureEnhance 'Querydocumentdelete' so users are allowed to delete replication conflicts
12/30/2003Christian BrandlehnerdiscussionRe: Very nice work
12/30/2003Christian Brandlehnerbug
12/24/20032Show details for Christian BrandlehnerChristian BrandlehnerfeatureNeed a function to display a picture fullscreen.
12/23/2003Christian BrandlehnerfeatureNeed a link on the bottom of a page to got to the pages top.
12/23/2003Christian Brandlehnerbug
12/23/20032Show details for Christian BrandlehnerChristian Brandlehnerrelease
12/15/20038Show details for Sander ZwartSander ZwartdiscussionProject still alive?
10/31/2003Christian Brandlehnerbug
10/31/2003Christian BrandlehnertaskTranslate agent (vote_en) to german
10/27/2003Christian Brandlehnerbug
10/26/2003Christian Brandlehnerbug
10/26/2003Christian Brandlehnerbug
10/26/2003Christian Brandlehnerbug
10/26/2003Christian Brandlehnerbug
10/25/2003Christian Brandlehnerbug
10/25/2003Christian Brandlehnerbug
10/22/2003Christian BrandlehnertaskProvide a 3D style database symbol which fits the style of Notes 6
10/22/2003Christian BrandlehnertaskCreate server based agent which performs actions on pictures as requested
10/22/2003Christian BrandlehnertaskDefine request which could be performed on a picture
10/19/2003Christian BrandlehnertaskCSS Background
10/18/20032Show details for Christian BrandlehnerChristian Brandlehnerdocumentation
10/13/2003Christian Brandlehnerbug
10/13/2003Christian Brandlehnerprofile
10/12/20037Show details for John SetoJohn SetodiscussionVersion of Notes?
10/10/2003Christian Brandlehnerbug
10/10/2003Christian Brandlehnerbug
10/09/2003Christian Brandlehnertasksupport for renaming albums
10/09/2003Christian BrandlehnertaskCreate multilingual Web Navigators (previous picture, ...)
10/09/20032Show details for Christian BrandlehnerChristian BrandlehnerfeatureAbility to show a BlogSphere story as text below an picture
10/09/20034Show details for Christian BrandlehnerChristian BrandlehnerfeatureComments (like in BlogSphere)
10/09/2003Christian BrandlehnertaskTranslate DB Settings form to english
10/08/2003Christian Brandlehnerprofile
10/07/2003Christian BrandlehnertaskTranslate Outline (from german to english)
10/07/2003Christian BrandlehnerfeatureShadow around images
10/07/2003Christian Brandlehnerbug
10/07/20031Show details for Christian BrandlehnerChristian BrandlehnertaskEnhance Replication Agent
10/07/2003Christian BrandlehnertaskCode Tidyup
10/07/20036Show details for Christian BrandlehnerChristian Brandlehnerproject
08/08/2003Christian Brandlehnerprofile

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