Project: DominoRSS (Managed by Peter Narlund)

DateCreated by TypeSubject
02/08/2010Patrick Kwintenssonfeaturewebpage which displays the feeds merged
02/14/2008Stuart BogomdiscussionWatch out for views with multiple values as separate entries
11/29/20071Show details for Michel CompagnoniMichel CompagnonidiscussionND8 and DominoRSS
12/20/2006Peter NarlundfeatureAdd the ability to choose content encoding for intermediate xml
12/05/2006Bulcsu Kovacsdiscussionjava.lang.OutOfMemoryError
10/20/2006MAILLET BenoitfeatureAdd possibility to create a notes doc or a notes page with xml inside ?
10/04/20063Show details for Anton V MikhilovAnton V MikhilovdiscussionDomino console error while Serializer Type HTTP Response
10/03/2006Peter Narlundrelease
10/03/20063Show details for Anton V MikhilovAnton V Mikhilovdiscussionencoding="windows-1251"
10/02/20065Show details for Anton V MikhilovAnton V MikhilovdiscussionDo it work in Linux?
09/21/2006Peter Narlundrelease
09/18/2006Peter Narlundrelease
09/10/2006Peter Narlunddocumentation
09/07/2006Peter NarlunddiscussionDominoRSS vs RSS Feed Generator in Domino 7.02
08/20/2006Peter NarlunddiscussionApache Cocoon
08/20/2006Peter NarlunddiscussionWouldn't it bee nice if IBM could publish their discussion forums with DominoRSS.
08/20/2006Peter Narlundscreenshot
08/20/2006Peter Narlundscreenshot
08/20/2006Peter Narlundscreenshot
08/20/2006Peter Narlundscreenshot
08/19/20061Hide details for Peter NarlundPeter NarlunddiscussionDominoRSS as a Servlet
. . Servlet implementation solved many problems (Peter Narlund 20-Aug-06)
08/18/2006Peter NarlunddiscussionI think this can be a useful contribution ...
08/18/20061Show details for Peter NarlundPeter NarlundfeatureScheduling updates as often as every minute
08/18/2006Peter Narlundscreenshot
08/12/20061Show details for [Admin],Peter Narlund[Admin],Peter NarlundProject
02/09/200314Show details for Ove StørholtOve StørholtProjectIdea

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