Project: kSpam (Managed by Nico Vis, Tom Lyne)

DateCreated by TypeSubject
11/25/2014Nico Visrelease
11/04/20141Show details for Dominique GruhnDominique Gruhndiscussionkspam 2.0 release
09/16/2013Nico Visrelease
05/13/20131Show details for LJ WilsonLJ WilsondiscussionLinux Intel 64-bit for Domino 9?
06/15/20102Show details for Derrick OliverDerrick Oliverbug
06/10/20101Show details for Derrick OliverDerrick OliverdiscussionClustered servers not refreshing Config
01/22/20101Show details for Valmore Blanco BarbosaValmore Blanco Barbosadiscussiongoodlist.txt and spamlist.txt and "bload" task???
12/10/20092Show details for Ulrich KrauseUlrich KrausediscussionSource Code ?
11/16/20095Show details for Valmore Blanco BarbosaValmore Blanco BarbosadiscussionError when starting kSpam
08/29/200919Show details for Benjamin EncuentraBenjamin EncuentradiscussionkSpam on W2008 64bit Domino 8.5
05/14/2009Wagner C Ferreiradiscussion
05/14/2009Wagner C Ferreiradiscussion
04/14/20094Show details for John Q ParkerJohn Q ParkerdiscussionAccuracy Not Good
01/22/20094Show details for John Q ParkerJohn Q ParkerdiscussionAnyone Running kSpam on Domino 8.5 Linux?
01/05/20091Show details for thomas kuhnthomas kuhndiscussionmail from / from reason
09/10/2008Sylvain DE WEERDTfeatureDon't stop mail form host in Domino Whitelist !
08/18/20081Show details for Paolo RegonesiPaolo Regonesidiscussionmany [?SPAM?] tags
08/15/20083Show details for John Q ParkerJohn Q ParkerdiscussionLots of Spam tagged as good
07/25/200820Show details for Joerg DoehrerJoerg Doehrerbug
07/09/2008henny kohlerdiscussionMailgood.nsf Agent creates Whitelist Allow-rules
07/09/20081Show details for Riccardo RoccaRiccardo RoccadiscussionkSpam on Linux with Lotus Domino 8
07/07/20081Show details for Orlando PuigOrlando Puigdiscussionbload.txt
07/01/20082Show details for henny kohlerhenny kohlerdiscussionMailspam.nsf Webform for end-users
06/28/20082Show details for Curt I HolmerCurt I HolmerdiscussionWierd Deny List results
06/12/20084Show details for Ian ShearerIan ShearerdiscussionKS_ALLOW_REASON "Allow for Multiple Recipients - last Bayesian"
05/27/20084Show details for henny kohlerhenny kohlerdiscussionwhitelist allowrules
04/04/20081Show details for Kelly CorgiatKelly CorgiatdiscussionMailspam.nsf database size
03/28/20081Show details for Michael KuetheMichael Kuethediscussiongood mails are marked
03/19/20081Show details for Nico VisNico VisProjectNews
03/18/20083Show details for Daniel StelterDaniel StelterdiscussionBayesian becomes ineffective (MIME & Token-limit)
03/18/20084Show details for Marco EspositoMarco Espositobug
03/11/20082Show details for Michael KuetheMichael KuethediscussionkSpamCon does not work
03/09/20081Show details for Ninke WestraNinke Westrabug
03/08/2008Robert Ibsen VoithdiscussionI ask again, where can the updated source code be found?
02/28/2008Risto Kuustiediscussionmailgood gets populated, even if I don't want to
02/04/2008Josef Bogadbug
01/29/2008Michael Fritzschefeatureusing mailspam and mailgood from the web
01/12/20082Show details for Calin PerebiceanuCalin PerebiceanudiscussionDatabase in use
01/10/2008Jason K PilodiscussionAgent 'kspam' error: Operation is disallowed in this session
11/26/20071Show details for Nico VisNico Visrelease
11/25/20076Show details for Harold R ReichHarold R Reichdiscussionbload creates error
11/12/20071Show details for lionel lq QUIQUEMELLElionel lq QUIQUEMELLEdiscussionSpam only with picture
11/05/20071Show details for Raymond HoogerdijkRaymond Hoogerdijkdiscussion1.7 for Linux?
10/18/20072Show details for alessandro Brizzolesialessandro BrizzolesidiscussionAutomatically add sender addresses of good mail to a whitelist
10/15/2007Nico Visrelease
10/15/20071Show details for Nathan StoutNathan Stoutbug
10/06/2007Andrew X SharpediscussionExample rule set I can download?
10/05/2007Mathias WeisheitfeatureSMTP - Error
09/11/2007Laurens Van den BerghediscussionSystemi
08/31/20071Show details for Mathias WeisheitMathias WeisheitTestimonialRules
08/30/2007Daniel HasafeatureRule numbers and the Rule documents
08/23/20071Show details for Mathias WeisheitMathias Weisheitbug
08/21/20072Show details for Henning VintherHenning VintherdiscussionSupport of Notes v. 8?
08/21/20072Show details for Henning VintherHenning Vintherdiscussionincrease probability?
08/20/20074Show details for Mathias WeisheitMathias Weisheitbug
08/09/2007Heini SchwammerldiscussionThe Sourceforge CVS seems to be out of sync?
08/08/20071Show details for Daniel HasaDaniel HasadiscussionkSpam Overview
08/03/20072Show details for Mark du PlessisMark du PlessisdiscussionInstalled but not working
08/03/2007Mark du PlessisdiscussionInstalled but not working
07/31/2007Daniel StelterdiscussionkSpam Stats - more explanations needed
07/31/2007Jochen Sackdiscussionprep does nothing
06/17/2007Ninke Westrabug
05/24/2007Alessandro CrespidiscussionkSpam - Bayesian Filter
05/14/20071Show details for Manuel SalazarManuel Salazarbug
05/10/2007Nico Visrelease
05/08/20073Show details for Lincoln StollLincoln StolldiscussionProblems with Domino 7.0.2 / OpenSuse 10.2
05/02/2007Jens-B. AugustinydiscussionBayesian not working as expected
04/18/20074Show details for Jens-B. AugustinyJens-B. AugustinydiscussionTrying to install on Suse 10.0
04/17/2007henny kohlerdiscussionwebinterface mailspam.ntf
04/13/2007Michael FritzschediscussionAccess Violation on Domino7 on W2K3 with the latest patches
04/04/20075Show details for Mathias WeisheitMathias Weisheitbug
03/29/20071Show details for George DevelekosGeorge Develekosdiscussionsharp performance drop
03/23/20072Show details for John Q ParkerJohn Q Parkerbug
03/13/2007Dirk BorgmeyerdiscussionCyrillic Spams
03/13/20071Show details for Joerg BingemerJoerg BingemerdiscussionExpiriences on Domino 8 - Beta 2
03/13/2007Dmitry ChepurnenkodiscussionNo KS_BL_PROB field
03/09/2007Michael Fritzschediscussionnew installation
03/08/2007Peter Hirschdiscussionfalse positiv
03/08/2007Peter Hirschdiscussionno Mails copied to MailSpam
03/08/2007Peter Hirschdiscussion
02/24/2007Andrew C WalterdiscussionMark with not working as expected
02/22/20077Show details for Jason GreenJason GreendiscussionProblem on SUSE
02/15/20077Show details for Karl WolnyKarl WolnydiscussionDomino 7 error after restart
02/12/20079Show details for Andreas AM MeiserAndreas AM MeiserdiscussionkSpam 1.6b2 on suse linux 10.2
02/10/2007John Q ParkerdiscussionAllow Rules Not Always Working
02/01/20073Show details for atBits SchmidtatBits SchmidtdiscussionkSpam & rhpop3
01/25/2007Peter Gloorbug
01/25/2007Peter Gloorbug
01/25/20071Show details for Peter GloorPeter GloordiscussionKS_MAX_FROM_INTS works the wrong way around
01/19/20072Show details for John Q ParkerJohn Q ParkerdiscussionPopulate Allow List From Contacts
01/17/200711Show details for Juraj LoncJuraj LoncdiscussionERROR 5.2.1: kSpam.bload calculating probabilties or not loaded.
01/12/200722Show details for Gord EdgeGord Edgediscussionnserver.exe 100% CPU usage
01/11/20073Show details for Ulf BernhardtUlf BernhardtdiscussionPreparation Phase not working
01/08/20072Show details for Rob van der EndeRob van der EndediscussionError in v1.6b2
01/03/2007Fabio ScognamigliodiscussionNew version
12/25/20063Show details for Marco EspositoMarco EspositodiscussionHow many msgs in mailgood and mailspam dbs?
12/21/20066Show details for Allen SeifertAllen Seifertdiscussionmail not seen in mailspam.nsf
12/13/20064Show details for Allen SeifertAllen SeifertdiscussionHow to disallow email from people not in Domino directory
12/11/2006Joerg BingemerdiscussionSubscribe to the project releases
12/06/2006Peter GloordiscussionCorrupted MIME
12/06/2006Peter GloorfeatureAutomatically add sender addresses of good mail to a whitelist
12/06/2006Peter GloordiscussionWhere are the latest CVS?
12/05/20063Show details for Joerg BingemerJoerg BingemerdiscussionREGEX fpr Viagra
11/30/2006Stephen M ShellydiscussionCan't Confirm Mesg As Good
11/27/200610Show details for John Q ParkerJohn Q ParkerdiscussionMail Disappears
11/23/2006Dirk Borgmeyerbug
11/21/20061Show details for Barry VredevoortBarry Vredevoortdiscussionubuntu kspam and domino 7 error
11/21/20061Show details for Peter GloorPeter GloordiscussionRegex Rule Numbering
11/13/2006Ufi EdpdiscussionMIME or CD format
11/08/20061Show details for Peder Koed PedersenPeder Koed PedersendiscussionBayesian filter working ??
11/07/2006Nico Visrelease
11/07/2006Nico Visrelease
10/26/2006marianne J KitanydiscussionCannot access mails copied to mailspam
10/13/20063Show details for Henning VintherHenning Vintherbug
10/10/2006Fabio ScognamigliodiscussionFiltering HTML Code
10/05/20062Show details for John Q ParkerJohn Q ParkerdiscussionMaking Progress
10/03/20064Show details for John Q ParkerJohn Q ParkerdiscussionStill No Luck
09/29/20062Show details for John Q ParkerJohn Q ParkerdiscussionDoes anyone have this working?
09/28/20061Show details for Robert I VoithRobert I VoithdiscussionDo CVS actually contain the latest source code?
09/21/20062Show details for John Q ParkerJohn Q ParkerdiscussionNothing Happening
09/21/20063Show details for Vladimir MarvalVladimir Marvalbug
09/16/2006Dan CihondiscussionRules based on spam recieved
09/15/20061Show details for Tibor KrivanTibor KrivandiscussionDoes kSpam without smtp
09/13/20061Show details for thomas kuhnthomas kuhnbug
09/05/20061Show details for Markus WottrichMarkus WottrichdiscussionkSpam not "reading" new config
08/31/20063Show details for Marek MalecMarek MalecdiscussionExample configuration
08/31/2006Fabrizio AlbertifeatureAbility to activate Scan Outbound messages
08/28/20062Show details for ah hoongah hoongdiscussionCopy and Deny = Deny?
08/27/20063Show details for Dan CihonDan CihondiscussionACCESS_VIOLATION
08/22/20061Show details for Patrick DahmPatrick Dahmdiscussionpossibilty of denying mail at protcollevel?
08/18/20065Show details for Janis BalodisJanis BalodisdiscussionkSpam not blocking spam mail
08/15/20061Show details for Sjef BosmanSjef Bosmanbug
08/02/20066Show details for Peder Koed PedersenPeder Koed PedersendiscussionError loading Bload - Note Item not found
08/01/20061Show details for Dave MulveyDave MulveydiscussionRules
07/31/20061Show details for Tom LyneTom Lynedocumentation
07/31/2006Tom Lynedocumentation
07/31/2006Jim Knightbug
07/26/20061Show details for tonton davidtonton daviddiscussionREGEX doesn't work
07/24/2006tonton daviddiscussionerror when 'load bload'
07/20/2006Fabrizio Albertidiscussionkspam 1.4b on linux and bayesan mark
07/04/20061Show details for Armin BaldemairArmin BaldemairdiscussionkSpam 1.5 does not use bayesian filter.
06/30/2006Gian Claudio De MateradiscussionError in v1.5
06/27/20062Show details for Matthew SmithMatthew SmithdiscussionKS_BL_PROB showing 0.0000 even tho I have tokens
06/23/20062Show details for Jens-B. AugustinyJens-B. AugustinydiscussionkSpam does not copy messages with prob =1.000 to mailspam.nsf
06/14/20062Show details for Janusz NowickiJanusz Nowickibug
06/08/20062Show details for Janusz NowickiJanusz NowickifeatureFiltering on charset used in email
06/08/2006Janusz Nowickibug
05/24/2006Janusz NowickifeatureFiltering on filenames inside zip archives
05/22/2006Janusz NowickifeatureFiltering on 'PostedDate'
05/18/20062Show details for Janusz NowickiJanusz Nowickibug
05/15/2006Stephen P Sextonbug
05/12/20062Show details for Barny ArntjenBarny ArntjendiscussionGetting mails to mailgood / mailspam
05/10/200617Show details for Stephen P SextonStephen P SextondiscussionProblems getting kSpam to work
05/09/20061Show details for Norbert KostkaNorbert Kostkadiscussionrecompile Linux GLIBC_2.3 -> GLIBC_2.2.5 SLES8
04/29/20061Show details for Dan CihonDan Cihondiscussion1.5
04/26/2006Nico Visrelease
04/26/2006Nico Visrelease
04/07/20063Show details for Peder Koed PedersenPeder Koed PedersendiscussionField too large
04/06/2006Dirk Borgmeyerbug
03/17/20061Show details for Mario RuzicMario RuzicdiscussionOn which server to install
03/07/20062Show details for Alfred Manthey RojasAlfred Manthey RojasdiscussionkSpam problems using ND7
02/28/20064Show details for Nico VisNico VisdiscussionHans-Georg Franke Linux recompile
02/28/2006Nico Visdiscussion
02/23/2006teomatto mc teomattodiscussionkspam linux crash
02/08/20061Show details for Peter GloorPeter GloordiscussionCVS Access
02/02/2006Gerco WolfswinkeldiscussionREGEX rules adapted from MT Blacklist
12/20/2005Cristian D'AloisiodiscussionForwarding messages to mailspam db
11/15/20054Show details for Simon PopeSimon PopediscussionProblem starting kSpam 1.4b on Linux Domino 7 (Errors on startup)
11/06/2005Dan CihondiscussionFrom Rule Problem
11/03/20053Show details for Jens BrunttJens BrunttdiscussionLets try and piece a Linux getting-started together
10/03/2005Tom LyneProjectNews
09/28/2005Nico VisdiscussionFind Allw Rule
09/23/2005Curtis TurnerdiscussionDefault Rules
09/22/20051Show details for Steve RochSteve RochdiscussionAre mail rules case-sensitive?
09/15/20052Show details for Wade J DugasWade J DugasdiscussionAnybody have a REGEX rule to filter garbage characters?
09/14/2005Wade J DugasdiscussionKS_BL_IGNORE is ignored?
09/12/2005Phil Dawsonbug
09/11/2005Wade J DugasdiscussionMIME Errors
09/08/20054Show details for Josef PrusaJosef PrusadiscussionNot working on ND7 / SUSE SLES 9 ?
09/07/20052Show details for Steve RochSteve Rochdiscussionkspam on ND7?
09/05/20052Show details for Dan CihonDan CihondiscussionPost working REGEX rules here
09/05/2005Dan CihondiscussionCan REGEX work in the subject
08/17/20053Show details for Bulcsu KovacsBulcsu KovacsdiscussionRegex
08/12/20051Show details for Brian HuettnerBrian HuettnerdiscussionCompile kspam for SuSE 8.0
08/05/20056Show details for David DaumDavid Daumbug
08/02/20052Show details for Luis BoldrinLuis BoldrindiscussionHow To for linux install
08/01/2005ace aceindydiscussionR654 crash + solution
07/15/2005David Daumdiscussionadd bload to ServerTasks line?
07/13/20053Show details for Andr ZimmerAndr ZimmerdiscussionkSpam 1.4b & Lotus Domino 6.5.1 & SuSE 9.0 -> Nothing happens
07/12/2005Peder Koed Pedersenbug
07/11/2005David DaumdiscussionQuarentine function?
07/11/2005Aleix SoldiscussionThere will be a 1.5 version?
07/08/20051Show details for Kevin HartKevin HartdiscussionWhy not?
07/06/20051Show details for Hans-Georg FrankeHans-Georg FrankefeatureConfigurable config-db for kspam
07/06/20055Show details for Nico VisNico VisdiscussionKSpam Debian
07/05/2005Evgeny AsdiscussionSpam in Russian word?
07/04/20054Show details for Andreas PyanowskiAndreas PyanowskidiscussionDomino Service Down
06/30/20052Show details for Evgeny AsEvgeny AsfeatureSpam in Russian word?
06/28/20053Show details for Bernard AlicBernard AlicdiscussionkSpam on Suse 9.2 - how to
06/27/2005Brian HuettnerdiscussionCompile kspam under SuSE 8.0
06/27/20051Show details for Brian HuettnerBrian Huettnerdiscussion
06/26/20058Show details for Janis BalodisJanis BalodisdiscussionInstallation and first setup
06/08/20058Show details for Hans-Peter SambergerHans-Peter Sambergerdiscussionmailspam not populated
06/06/20054Show details for Aleix SolAleix SoldiscussionRegualar Expressions , my headache
06/05/2005Wolfgang Zettlbug
06/05/2005Christian Brandlehnerbug
06/03/2005Bill Mxdiscussionhelp with prep_2
05/30/20051Show details for Nico VisNico VisdiscussionRule Question - Problem
05/27/20052Show details for Bill MxBill Mxdiscussionprep not working
05/27/20051Show details for Peder Koed PedersenPeder Koed Pedersenbug
05/25/20052Show details for Neru isurugiNeru isurugidiscussionanother kspam error 1.2.1
05/23/2005Johann HjaltasonfeatureImport rules from SpamAssassin.
05/23/20051Show details for Radovan JenčkRadovan JenčkdiscussionWhitelist ?
05/22/20052Show details for Dan CihonDan CihondiscussionHelp with Rule
05/13/20052Show details for Peter GloorPeter GloordiscussionStrange behaviour with Bayesian filtering
05/10/20051Show details for Hans-Georg FrankeHans-Georg FrankediscussionNew spam concepts?
05/09/20058Show details for Dirk SchaareDirk SchaarediscussionkSpam on Debian - no sign of life
04/21/20051Show details for Daniel StelterDaniel Stelterdiscussionmailspam.nsf & ViewContentPopUp & kspamsource
04/07/20052Show details for Oliver SabatOliver SabatdiscussionkSpam Error 1.2.1 with 1.4b linux
03/30/20053Show details for Stefan SenftlebenStefan SenftlebendiscussionProblems in basic config on linux
03/29/20052Show details for Jason GapperJason GapperdiscussionPrep_2 Mode not working
03/29/20051Show details for Daniel StelterDaniel Stelterdiscussionnecessary reloading conf. for combine.txt?
03/23/20051Show details for Herwig W SchauerHerwig W Schauerbug
03/22/2005Ulrich Krausebug
03/15/20051Show details for Andy PageAndy PagediscussionTokens to Ignore ?
03/13/2005Dan CihondiscussionHow to get more spam deleted and not in my inbox
03/11/2005Andreas PyanowskifeatureDetailed log entry
03/11/2005Andreas PyanowskidiscussionkSpam block outgoing Mails
03/10/20051Show details for Friedrich NEuhoferFriedrich NEuhoferdiscussionRedHat EL 3.0, kspam 1.4b
03/09/2005Andreas PyanowskidiscussionKSpamCon 1.4b
03/07/2005Thomas Graffwegdiscussionkspam and RedHat 7.3
03/01/20053Show details for Andy PageAndy PagediscussionCan't get Bayesian Working
03/01/20055Show details for Andy PageAndy PagediscussionHas anyone tested this on a 6.5x server ?
02/28/20051Show details for Marcelli WozniakMarcelli WozniakdiscussionSource of 1.4b needed
02/27/20052Show details for Dan CihonDan CihondiscussionTweak Settings
02/23/2005Tom Lynerelease
02/23/2005Tom Lynerelease
02/18/2005Tom Lynebug
02/18/20052Show details for Julian DragutJulian DragutdiscussionSetup and Operation Questions
02/15/20053Show details for Julian DragutJulian DragutdiscussionAll emails go to mailgood
02/15/20053Show details for Linda PerrielloLinda Perriellodiscussionspam going into mailgood
02/15/20051Show details for Ulrich KrauseUlrich Krausediscussiondoes kSPam run with SUSE Linux 9.2 64Bit ??
02/14/2005Graham MaloonfeatureSample configuration rules
02/11/20052Show details for Lars LiltorpLars LiltorpfeatureResend to original receipient
02/09/200510Show details for Michael MorbanMichael Morbandiscussionnsd is running with 1.4b
02/09/200510Show details for Erik KlessensErik KlessensdiscussionNotes Item not Found ( kSpam 1.4b)
02/07/20052Show details for John GeckoJohn GeckofeatureMark and Copy / Deny
02/02/2005Oliver Regelmannbug
01/14/20056Show details for Joseph CheungJoseph Cheungdiscussion1.2.1 error.... (kSpam 1.4b)
01/14/20051Show details for Tom LyneTom LynefeatureSender reply verification - Comments please
01/10/20057Show details for Steve RochSteve RochdiscussionCorrupt attachments in Mailspam
01/10/20051Show details for Eduardo PulidoEduardo PulidodiscussionIs it possible to perform Bayesian analysis 1st?
01/10/20051Show details for Gaven HendersonGaven HendersondiscussionInvalid NSF Version
01/04/20053Show details for Steve RochSteve RochdiscussionLoading new rules
01/04/2005Tom Lynebug
01/03/20053Show details for Dan CihonDan Cihondiscussionbload.txt
01/03/20052Show details for Guido PurperGuido PurperdiscussionIP RBL filtering
01/03/20054Show details for Tim KernTim Kerndiscussion1.4b error 1.2.1
01/01/20051Hide details for Dan CihonDan Cihondiscussion1.4b config doc and dumplist setting
. . Didn't have latest nbload running (Dan Cihon 2-Jan-05)
12/30/20048Show details for Mika MoilanenMika Moilanendiscussion1.4b - mailgood and mailspam desing, missing features ?
12/24/200414Show details for Dan CihonDan Cihondiscussion1.4b notes.ini and config document.
12/23/2004Tom Lynebug
12/22/20044Show details for Mats HasselquistMats HasselquistdiscussionCan't get bayesian to work on 1.4b
12/21/20041Show details for Joao PimentaJoao PimentadiscussionHelp! Kspam blocking outgoing mail
12/16/20045Show details for Eduardo PulidoEduardo Pulidodiscussion1.4b not working as expected
12/15/2004Tom Lynerelease
12/10/200412Show details for Christian BrandlehnerChristian BrandlehnerdiscussionkSPAM quarantine
12/08/2004Thomas WeberdiscussionBLoad problem ; loading words never stops, endless loop ?
12/07/20041Show details for jammers foudelinuxjammers foudelinuxdiscussionbload and extmgr
12/06/2004Amer FilipovicdiscussionkSpam/Linux installed and running but no results
12/01/2004Christian Brandlehnerbug
11/23/20041Show details for Tom LyneTom LyneProjectNews
11/23/20043Show details for Jrg AsmussenJrg AsmussendiscussionBayesian: I have >7000 mails in Mailspam, is this advisable
11/22/20041Show details for Eduardo PulidoEduardo PulidodiscussionWhy some terms are ignored?
11/22/20041Show details for John GeckoJohn GeckodiscussionInstallation Directory
11/18/20042Show details for Rocker MountainsRocker MountainsdiscussionHow suppress (reduce) log generate KSpam ?
11/11/20043Show details for Carsten BraunCarsten BraundiscussionI don't know if it works correct
11/08/20042Show details for Markus RussMarkus RussdiscussionKS_BL_IGNORE
10/27/2004Spiro HoumpavlisdiscussionPossible addition
10/27/20041Show details for Anthony WaddellAnthony WaddelldiscussionLunix version installed but no sign of life
10/27/20048Show details for Jrg AsmussenJrg AsmussendiscussionMy kSpam for Linux ignores the KL_BL_IGNORE setting, causing false rejections
10/26/2004Dan Cihondiscussionkspam settings
10/21/20043Show details for Markus RussMarkus RussdiscussionkSpam Rocks!
10/18/2004skip 0zdiscussionKS_BL_DUMPLISTS param - how to get dump files?
10/17/20041Show details for Ole SchmittoOle SchmittodiscussionPerformance
10/13/20042Show details for Mats HasselquistMats HasselquistfeatureStore KS_BL_PROB as a numeric value
10/13/2004Mats Hasselquistbug
10/13/20043Show details for Mats HasselquistMats HasselquistfeatureMove KS_BL_IGNORE to database
10/05/20041Show details for Robby Van MieghemRobby Van MieghemdiscussionKS_
09/19/2004Brendon UpsondiscussionDeliveredDate
09/14/2004Nico VisdiscussionRules - Bayesian
09/09/20042Show details for nz ettinz ettidiscussionSmtp crash - kspam with pop-retriever
09/06/2004Mats HasselquistfeatureMake bload decode base64
09/02/20041Show details for Karl WolnyKarl WolnydiscussionTransfer statistics of Bayesian filtering to other kSpam installations
09/02/20041Show details for Karl WolnyKarl WolnyfeaturePossibility to define rules which consider x-header values for combining with other mail filters (e.g. SpamAssassin)
09/02/20042Show details for Mika MoilanenMika MoilanendiscussionOne user get spammails, other 119 don't
08/15/20044Show details for Thomas WeberThomas WeberdiscussionI like to give smething back to ths project
08/12/20042Show details for Jens BrunttJens BrunttdiscussionWill kSpam conflict with MailScan?
08/11/2004Renaud ThieventdiscussionIntegration with MailAnalysis

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