Project: Qenos Application Framework (Managed by Mark Demicoli)

DateCreated by TypeSubject
07/06/2011Stephen SilkdiscussionOn-the-fly notification recipient
09/28/2009Mark DemicoliProjectNews
08/26/2009Paul Daviesdiscussionactioning workflow from a view
05/28/2009Eric H Romofeature
05/28/2009Eric H Romofeature
04/28/2009Fat FC CatdiscussionHow to fill Process History Comment
02/26/2009Paul Daviesdiscussionusing QENOS with domino (web browser) applications
02/02/20091Show details for Paul DaviesPaul DaviesdiscussionOutlook Email
02/02/2009Juan Sanchezdiscussionweb workflow
01/08/20091Show details for Eric H RomoEric H Romobug
12/04/2008BusE SolutionsdiscussionSendTo Notification
11/28/20083Show details for BusE SolutionsBusE SolutionsdiscussionDocLink
11/11/2008Daniel KisadiscussionMultiple Action – Next State
11/11/2008Daniel KisadiscussionMultiple formulas in Execute Formula on Document
10/28/2008Sjef Bosmanbug
10/23/20082Show details for Sjef BosmanSjef BosmanfeatureQuerySave and PostSave
10/16/20082Show details for Sjef BosmanSjef Bosmanbug
10/01/2008Sjef BosmanfeatureAllow Workflow for a document in a DialogBox
09/29/20081Show details for Sjef BosmanSjef BosmanfeatureAdd document locking
09/02/2008Mark Demicolirelease
09/01/20081Hide details for Sergey V GusevSergey V Gusevbug
. . example (Mark Demicoli 26-Oct-08)
07/31/20086Show details for Paul DaviesPaul Daviesdiscussioncopying a workflow between databases
07/18/20081Show details for Thomas FranksThomas Franksdiscussiondamaged download
06/26/20082Show details for Markus WottrichMarkus WottrichdiscussionProblem after moving
03/31/2008Stuart GoughfeatureAgent to re-assign task ownership during absence
02/05/20084Show details for Gaston DASSIEU-BLANCHETGaston DASSIEU-BLANCHETdiscussion"You are not authorized to use this tool"
01/31/2008Herr Vorragendbug
01/09/2008Mark DemicolifeatureAction & Notification History is now recorded by the wfProcessAction function.
01/09/2008Mark Demicolibug
01/09/2008Mark DemicolifeatureAction - new option "Send notification(s) post-save".
01/09/2008Mark Demicolibug
01/09/2008Mark Demicolibug
01/09/2008Mark DemicolifeatureWFActionCommentary field now stores the event date in the format "dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss AM/PM" ..
01/09/2008Mark DemicolifeatureServerScript log documents can now be deposited into an external database by setting the ServerScript Log path in the Global Settings document
01/09/2008Mark DemicolifeatureAction has a new option to restrict access: Hide on Local Replicas
01/09/2008Mark DemicolifeatureNotification: New option "Automatically Launch Target Document"
01/09/2008Mark DemicolifeatureDependency Checker enhanced
01/09/2008Mark DemicolifeatureNEW SCRIPT LIBRARY "_QAF WF Objects" [Alpha release].
01/09/2008Mark DemicolifeatureFIELD PUSH BETA
01/09/2008Mark DemicolifeatureNEW DATABASE: QAF Statistics & Reports.
01/09/2008Mark Demicolirelease
11/20/2007Ulrich KrauseTestimonialAwesome !!
10/17/20071Show details for mynovember chenmynovember chenbug
10/15/2007Mark Demicolibug
09/20/2007Mark Demicolirelease
09/20/2007Mark Demicolidocumentation
08/23/20071Show details for Jim LopezJim LopezdiscussionEscalations
08/22/2007Mark DemicolifeatureScheduled ServerScripts, Agent / ServerScript monitoring & Transport enhancements
07/19/2007Mark Demicolibug
07/13/20074Show details for Kevin PettittKevin PettittfeatureChange Edit Action Button on WFCloseSaveEdit subform
07/13/20071Show details for Kevin PettittKevin Pettittbug
07/13/2007Kevin PettittfeatureSuperNTF Integration Tweeks - Round 1
07/13/20071Show details for Daz OliverDaz Oliverbug
07/12/20072Show details for Mark DemicoliMark Demicolibug
07/11/2007Mark Demicolirelease
07/10/20074Show details for Mark DemicoliMark Demicolibug
07/05/2007Mark Demicolirelease
07/05/2007Mark DemicolifeatureExample Global Components
07/05/2007Mark Demicolidocumentation
07/05/2007Mark DemicolifeatureQAF Deployment Interface Upgrade
06/29/2007Mark DemicolifeatureCopy & Paste workflow support
06/28/2007Mark Demicolifeature"Deploy QAF" action to include Global Settings and Component documents
06/21/20071Show details for Herr VorragendHerr VorragenddiscussionAction: Create
06/21/2007Mark Demicolirelease
06/20/20072Show details for Herr VorragendHerr VorragenddiscussionRoles: Multiple names
06/16/2007Mark DemicoliProjectNews
06/14/20078Show details for Nicolas GZANicolas GZAdiscussionDirect action
05/31/20071Show details for Darina SadovskaDarina SadovskadiscussionSo good looking ... does it have any means of web support ?
05/24/2007Mark Demicolidocumentation
05/21/2007Mark DemicolifeatureCancel button to "Auto First Action" dialog
05/18/2007Mark Demicolidiscussionzip files?
05/14/2007Mark Demicolirelease
05/09/20073Show details for wim stevenswim stevensdiscussionComputed roles: how to refresh the calculation
04/11/2007Mark Demicolirelease
04/03/2007Mark DemicoliProjectNews
03/20/2007Mark DemicolifeatureWorkflow roll-back / roll-forward feature
03/19/2007Mark Demicolibug
03/16/2007Mark Demicolibug
03/15/2007Mark DemicolifeatureDocument delegation and re-assignment
03/13/2007Mark DemicolifeaturewfCallServerScript function - allow inline LS
03/13/2007Mark Demicolirelease
03/12/2007Mark Demicolibug
03/12/2007Mark Demicolibug
03/07/20071Show details for Remo LinterRemo Linterbug
03/06/2007Mark Demicolidocumentation
03/05/2007Mark Demicolibug
03/05/2007Mark DemicolifeatureGraphical Business Process Modelling integration
03/02/20071Show details for Herr VorragendHerr VorragenddiscussionDelegation
03/01/20073Show details for Peter HerrmannPeter HerrmanndiscussionQuestions re context of use
03/01/2007Mark DemicolifeatureInstallation & Setup
03/01/2007Mark Demicolirelease
02/21/2007Mark DemicolifeatureSupport multiple destination DB selection in QAF deployment routine
02/21/2007Mark DemicolifeatureStore QAF date fields as Date/Time type rather than Text
02/20/2007Mark DemicoliProjectNews
02/19/2007Mark Demicoliscreenshot
02/08/2007Mark Demicolibug
02/08/2007Mark DemicolifeatureAPI: wfDocInitialise() - new optSetWaitingOn parameter
02/07/2007Mark DemicoliProjectNews
02/06/20071Show details for Alexandre SteinbergAlexandre SteinbergfeatureStep-by-step documentation
01/23/2007Mark Demicolibug
01/18/2007Mark Demicolibug
01/18/2007Mark DemicolifeatureAbility to copy security profile from another Workflow
01/18/2007Mark DemicolifeatureWorkflow components - formula validation inconsistent
01/16/2007Mark Demicolibug
01/09/2007Mark DemicolifeatureWebify runtime subform for web applications
01/08/20076Show details for Herr VorragendHerr Vorragendbug
01/08/20078Show details for Herr VorragendHerr Vorragendbug
01/05/2007Mark DemicolifeatureAdd 'alias' field to workflow State form
01/03/20072Show details for Kevin PettittKevin PettittdiscussionApplying an "Alias" to State Name
01/03/2007Kevin Pettittbug
01/03/2007Kevin Pettittbug
01/03/20072Show details for Kevin PettittKevin Pettittbug
01/03/2007Kevin Pettittbug
12/30/2006Mark Demicolirelease
12/30/20064Show details for Mark DemicoliMark Demicolibug
12/29/20061Show details for Kevin PettittKevin Pettittbug
12/06/2006Mark DemicolifeatureAdd Installer
12/06/2006Mark Demicolirelease
11/30/2006Mark Demicolibug
11/17/2006Juan Sanchezbug
11/15/2006Juan Sanchezbug
11/14/2006Mark DemicolifeatureView Actionbar 'skeletonisation' to incorporate custom styling
11/14/2006Mark DemicoliProjectNews
11/10/20061Show details for J FlidrJ Flidrbug
11/09/20063Show details for J FlidrJ FlidrdiscussionParallel approval
11/09/20062Show details for J FlidrJ Flidrbug
11/09/2006J Flidrbug
11/09/20061Show details for J FlidrJ FlidrdiscussionThank you!!!!
11/09/2006Thomas GamradtfeatureDynamic button labels
11/07/20061Show details for Thomas GamradtThomas GamradtdiscussionWow
10/29/2006Mark Demicolibug
10/29/2006Mark Demicolibug
10/27/2006Mark Demicoliscreenshot
10/27/2006Mark Demicolirelease
10/11/2006Mark Demicolibug
10/11/2006Mark Demicolibug
10/11/2006Mark Demicoliscreenshot
10/11/2006Mark Demicoliscreenshot
10/11/20061Show details for [Admin],Mark Demicoli[Admin],Mark DemicoliProject

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