Project: OpenNTF Mail Experience (Managed by Vince Schuurman)

DateCreated by TypeSubject
04/16/2013Mike J PerrettdiscussionMoving Away
04/01/2013Cory R LongmandiscussionCustom View Query - Filter out folders
09/02/2011C J Vasishtdiscussioncontacts : No mail service (reload)
02/11/2011Kai BruemmerdiscussionStill alive?
01/12/2011Mike D Rosenbaumfeature
11/21/2010Ivan Sharofffeaturemark email in the inbox as read if it has been previewed during N seconds
11/05/2010Juan E Romerobug
10/19/2010Mike D Rosenbaumfeature
09/29/2010Anthony J Millerfeature
08/19/2010JohnRobert Kellybug
08/05/20101Show details for Bastian WieczorekBastian Wieczorekbug
07/16/2010Mike D Rosenbaumfeature
07/08/20102Show details for Tobias AltemeierTobias Altemeierbug
05/27/2010Andy EarnestfeatureBetter Add Address Form
05/18/20101Show details for Tim LorgeTim Lorgebug
05/06/2010Andreas II WinklerfeatureSignature with KeyPair
04/14/2010Ben WalldiscussionExportRFC and signature
04/13/2010Scott AnthonyfeatureQuick Reply Picker
04/06/2010Marco S Perucchettibug
04/02/20101Show details for Anthony J MillerAnthony J Millerbug
03/31/2010Andreas Höfertbug
03/29/2010Vince Schuurmanrelease
03/10/2010Tim Lorgebug
03/09/20103Show details for Pascal HENRASPascal HENRASbug
03/02/2010David J MontalvodiscussionOutlook Styled Voting Buttons
02/25/20101Show details for Dagfinn RasmussenDagfinn RasmussenfeatureExport / Drag and drop to EML
02/22/2010Salud xiadiscussionabout Mail85_ME_v8.5.ntf and Mail802_ME_v8.02.ntf sometimes encoding disable
02/02/2010Chris GleesonfeatureA button for switching the TO and CC fields in the reply form
01/21/20105Show details for Vince SchuurmanVince Schuurmanrelease
01/21/2010Mike D RosenbaumfeaturePull signature information from the Domino Directory
12/21/2009Danny FloordiscussionAutomatically save attachments to network-path
11/27/20091Show details for Vlad ShVlad ShdiscussionMany improvements in mail templates!
11/26/20091Show details for Peder Koed PedersenPeder Koed PedersendiscussionMessage Recall
11/03/20091Show details for Bastian WieczorekBastian WieczorekfeatureCould we have a OpenNTF Mail Experience based on the 8.5.1 template <eom>
11/02/2009Ron MurchdiscussionDefault fonts
10/30/2009Mike D RosenbaumfeatureHide Junk Mail
10/30/20091Show details for Mike D RosenbaumMike D RosenbaumfeatureShow E-mail headers
10/12/20094Show details for Pierre DecrocqPierre Decrocqdiscussionv8.5.1 ?
09/30/2009Mame WilsondiscussionAdd Recipients to contacts
09/22/2009Dschingis Khanbug
07/06/20091Show details for dea 2Nidea 2NifeatureSections in Inbox for High Importance, Calendar and Normal mails.
06/29/20091Show details for ISG SupportISG SupportdiscussionReturn Receipt - strange behaviour
06/16/20091Show details for kalai vanikalai vanibug
05/12/2009Bastian WieczorekfeatureIdea: Add Journal to Mailin DB.
04/27/20092Show details for Mike D RosenbaumMike D Rosenbaumbug
04/23/2009Mike D RosenbaumfeatureAdd mail usage back to the mail file for the basic client
04/23/2009Ralf StellmacherfeatureExclusions in Out-of-office profile: "A message is adressed to any of these groups"
04/15/20092Show details for Mike J PerrettMike J Perrettbug
03/26/20097Show details for Mike J PerrettMike J Perrettbug
03/25/20091Show details for Peder Koed PedersenPeder Koed PedersendiscussionHide NTF options
03/20/2009Bastian Wieczorekbug
03/20/2009Bastian Wieczorekbug
03/20/2009Bastian Wieczorekbug
03/10/20091Show details for Nathan StoutNathan Stoutbug
03/09/20096Show details for ISG SupportISG SupportdiscussionBug in "Repeat" option (Calendar)
03/08/20091Show details for Alberto MolinaAlberto MolinadiscussionHelp: To-Do forms and views
02/27/20091Show details for Oracle O DelphiOracle O Delphibug
02/25/2009Tim Burrbug
02/23/20094Show details for Vladimir HolubVladimir Holubdiscussion8.5 automatically append a signature
02/21/20091Show details for kwanbis strahovskykwanbis strahovskydiscussion8.0.2 Release Download?
02/21/2009M. T.bug
02/20/2009Vince Schuurmanrelease
02/18/20093Show details for Dominik BethkeDominik Bethkediscussionintegrating Template feature
02/09/20091Show details for Oracle DelphiOracle Delphibug
02/09/2009Gary Cousinsbug
01/28/20092Show details for Pierre DecrocqPierre Decrocqdiscussion8.5 template ?
01/28/2009Mike D RosenbaumfeatureAdd a compact button to the mail file
01/28/2009Mike D RosenbaumfeatureAdd a folder column to All documents view
12/17/20081Show details for Joe W HoltJoe W Holtbug
11/21/2008Thomas HandlerdiscussionUpgrading Notes Server from 6.5 to 8.x
11/12/2008Mario JJ SimoesdiscussionHelp with Archiving issue to OpenNTF
11/12/20081Show details for Meister LampeMeister LampefeatureMarker Bar
11/07/2008Joseph HoetzlfeatureBring back color coding to the Inbox
10/26/20083Show details for Joseph PetroskiJoseph PetroskidiscussionError on email opening
10/08/20082Show details for Larry HoltLarry Holtdiscussion8.02 Bugs with R6.5.4
10/03/2008Vince Schuurmanrelease
10/01/20083Show details for Pierre DecrocqPierre Decrocqdiscussion8.0.2 template ?
09/30/20084Show details for Randy ThomasRandy ThomasdiscussionInstall?
09/11/2008Jari RiihimakidiscussionExportRFC
09/05/2008Jan SchulzfeatureMake it possible to set "Owner" to an Mail-In Name
09/05/2008Jan Schulzfeaturereformat "reply with internet Style"
09/05/2008Jan SchulzfeaturePlease add agent to archive attachments
09/05/2008Rashid MalikfeatureEnhancement request for 802 or future releases
09/02/2008Mike J PerrettfeatureMail Rules - Sender Not in Contact List Option
08/19/2008Charles MeofeatureBy Date View: allow user to set scope to folder/s
08/06/2008Erol IsmaeldiscussionSignature
07/10/20081Show details for Bastian WieczorekBastian Wieczorekbug
06/20/20085Show details for Tim LorgeTim Lorgebug
06/17/2008Mike D RosenbaumfeatureExport E-mails to folders outside of Notes
06/12/20082Show details for Rakesh RamanRakesh Ramanbug
06/09/2008Fred MunzdiscussionMail File Size display in R8 Eclipsee
06/07/20081Show details for Joseph PetroskiJoseph PetroskidiscussionSetting Default reply options
06/05/2008Vince Schuurmanrelease
06/05/2008Bastian Wieczorekbug
06/05/20081Show details for Bastian WieczorekBastian Wieczorekbug
06/03/20081Show details for Nathan StoutNathan Stoutbug
05/28/20081Show details for Tim LorgeTim Lorgebug
05/28/20083Show details for Bastian WieczorekBastian Wieczorekbug
05/27/20081Show details for Michele BukovitzMichele BukovitzdiscussionUsing script library
05/27/20081Show details for sandro morinisandro morinidiscussionSync Address Book
05/22/20081Show details for Bastian WieczorekBastian WieczorekfeatureDo not allow to delete a folder when a rule need it
04/18/20082Show details for Patrick TippnerPatrick TippnerdiscussionOpenNTF Style FollowUp
04/08/2008Gary Cousinsbug
04/07/20081Show details for Bastian WieczorekBastian Wieczorekbug
04/06/2008Bastian Wieczorekbug
04/06/2008Bastian Wieczorekbug
04/06/2008Vince Schuurmanrelease
03/26/20082Show details for symetrik designsymetrik designdiscussionMore R8 finds
03/22/2008Ron Murchbug
03/20/20081Show details for Ron MurchRon Murchbug
03/15/2008Jan SchulzfeatureMake new features turned off by default
03/14/20081Show details for Tim BurrTim Burrfeature8.0.1 Template status
03/08/20081Show details for Bastian WieczorekBastian WieczorekfeatureReply' using stationary
02/20/20081Show details for Bastian WieczorekBastian WieczorekfeatureAdd OpenNTF Mail Experience Features to R801 Template ;-)
02/04/20082Show details for symetrik designsymetrik designdiscussion8 review
01/31/20081Show details for Amer FilipovicAmer FilipovicdiscussionCannot access tools->options, or out of office
01/18/20081Show details for Praful PatelPraful PateldiscussionBug: Return Receipts does not work with Preview Pane
01/18/20081Show details for symetrik designsymetrik designfeatureAdd action to display the internet mail header information
01/18/2008symetrik designfeatureSort by Subject in SENT view
01/11/20081Show details for Ian BothamIan BothamdiscussionBy Person view
11/20/20071Show details for Louis BenioffLouis Benioffbug
11/20/20074Show details for Louis BenioffLouis Benioffbug
11/15/2007Ralph BorcherdsdiscussionWeb interface
11/13/2007Archimedes TrajanofeatureAdd a "Categorize" button
11/13/2007Archimedes TrajanofeaturePick Inbox Style in preferences
10/29/2007Bastian WieczorekfeatureExport contacts as vCard (vcf)
10/23/20071Show details for Daniele GrilloDaniele GrillodiscussionImport EML Message
10/23/2007Bastian Wieczorekbug
10/22/2007Vince Schuurmanscreenshot
10/19/2007Vince Schuurmanrelease
10/12/20071Show details for symetrik designsymetrik designdiscussionPossible to upgrade the design of a single or few folders at one time?
10/10/20073Show details for symetrik designsymetrik designdiscussionI added 3 bugs, have a couple more issues
10/09/2007symetrik designbug
10/09/20071Show details for symetrik designsymetrik designbug
10/09/2007symetrik designbug
10/09/2007symetrik designbug
10/03/20071Show details for Melissa SnellMelissa SnelldiscussionQuestion about 'Today's Mail' view
09/28/20074Show details for Paul DaviesPaul DaviesdiscussionSticky Notes
09/26/2007Marc LuelingdiscussionReturn Receipt
09/20/20072Show details for Jacob AnderssonJacob AnderssondiscussionNotes8 and the RC1
09/08/2007Ralph BorcherdsfeatureNotes Mail Mini View Contacts
09/04/2007Mats IngelbornfeatureGet the correct date when "replicating" from foreign SMTP host
09/01/20073Show details for Brent KirstenBrent KirstendiscussionWill this work with 7.0.2 client? <eom>
08/31/20072Show details for Vince SchuurmanVince Schuurmanrelease
08/28/20071Show details for Mike J PerrettMike J PerrettdiscussionNotes 8
08/24/2007Bastian WieczorekfeatureRemove XY from subject when replay to a eMail
08/22/20072Show details for Tony MacintyreTony Macintyrebug
08/09/2007Pierre Decrocqfeature7.0.3 update ?
07/30/2007Mark Woodsbug
07/20/2007guillermo villanuevafeatureremove letterhead in reply with history
07/17/20071Show details for Witman CheungWitman Cheungbug
06/28/20071Show details for Mike D RosenbaumMike D RosenbaumfeatureAllow the users to change the default font size in E-mail
06/20/2007symetrik designTestimonial2000 users in production
06/12/20073Show details for symetrik designsymetrik designdiscussionUpdate with 6.5.6 default mail template?
06/12/2007symetrik designfeatureUpdate using the 6.5.6 default mail template
05/24/20071Show details for Ralph BorcherdsRalph BorcherdsfeatureAdditional options for Reply setting
05/22/20071Show details for Jamie GrantJamie Grantbug
05/21/20071Show details for Mark WoodsMark Woodsbug
05/21/20071Show details for Mark WoodsMark Woodsbug
05/18/20071Show details for Jan SchulzJan Schulzbug
05/18/20072Show details for Leif J.Leif J.bug
05/14/20071Show details for Mike D RosenbaumMike D Rosenbaumbug
05/03/2007Richard A FiekowskyfeatureSmall difficulty in UI
05/02/20071Show details for Ole SchmittoOle SchmittodiscussionMeetinbg invitation
04/30/2007jorg langohrfeatureMessage/Mail History
04/24/2007David C SlatterfeatureAgent to remove all empty folders.
04/19/20071Show details for Mark WoodsMark Woodsbug
04/17/2007Gary Cousinsbug
03/15/20077Show details for Vince SchuurmanVince SchuurmandiscussionND8 Beta
03/14/2007Elijah LapsonTestimonialOpenNTF Mail Experience
03/14/2007Bastian WieczorekTestimonialGreat funktions
03/13/2007Mike D RosenbaumfeatureReply with history using Stationery
02/23/20071Show details for Bastian WieczorekBastian Wieczorekbug
02/19/20072Show details for Darren TongDarren TongdiscussionDaylight Savings Fix
02/12/2007Indranil MajumderfeatureCould not select Latterhead
02/07/2007Archimedes TrajanofeatureProvide option to remove "Folders..." folder
02/07/20071Show details for Dennis J SullivanDennis J SullivandiscussionCannot reply when Excel Pasted into a Memo
02/06/2007Mats IngelbornfeatureCopy e-mail adresses to clipboard
02/06/2007Mats IngelbornfeatureSupport for groups in Contacts
02/05/20071Show details for Pierre DecrocqPierre Decrocqbug
02/01/20071Show details for Roland SchulzRoland Schulzbug
01/26/20071Show details for James S HendersonJames S HendersondiscussionMulti Language
01/25/20071Show details for Celine HumbertCeline Humbertbug
01/19/20071Show details for Pierre DecrocqPierre Decrocqbug
01/17/20071Show details for Vince SchuurmanVince Schuurmanrelease
01/17/2007Egor MargineanufeatureDelegating access to your mail database. Small enhancement
01/12/2007Vince Schuurmandocumentation
01/12/20071Show details for Vince SchuurmanVince Schuurmandocumentation
01/11/20072Show details for Sjef BosmanSjef BosmanfeatureLocation-dependent signature (code included)
01/10/2007Pierre Decrocqbug
01/05/2007Joseph Hoetzlbug
11/30/20064Show details for Ronnie HoglandRonnie Hoglandbug
11/22/20061Show details for Pierre DecrocqPierre DecrocqdiscussionChanging standard "attachment deleted" message
11/20/2006Terry BoyddiscussionWould like to see who I forwarded a message to
11/20/20062Show details for Vince SchuurmanVince Schuurmanrelease
11/20/2006Vince Schuurmanscreenshot
11/20/20062Show details for Bastian WieczorekBastian Wieczorekbug
11/15/20061Show details for Gary CousinsGary CousinsdiscussionReplies in Aniversery Edition
11/14/2006Vince Schuurmanrelease
10/24/20061Show details for Trevor HauxwellTrevor Hauxwellbug
10/24/2006Trevor Hauxwellbug
10/23/20061Show details for Eduardo G SantileEduardo G Santilebug
10/11/2006Johan Gillquistbug
10/04/20064Show details for Henock KefelegnHenock KefelegndiscussionTime and Size column in v1.7b
10/04/20061Show details for Henock KefelegnHenock KefelegndiscussionEnable addtional mail options?
10/04/20063Show details for Henock KefelegnHenock Kefelegndiscussionusing 7.0.2 template
10/02/2006Rod WestwooddiscussionIM over Web
09/19/20062Show details for Bastian WieczorekBastian WieczorekfeatureDiscoverFolders/Show Foldername
08/25/2006Stephan GaußfeatureRemove Attachment on Send and Save
08/24/2006Bastian WieczorekfeatureAgent to put birthdays from my contact into the calendar
08/13/2006Ruediger WeitzdiscussionSuggestion: Add Name Internet Mail Address of Location document
08/11/20067Show details for Vince SchuurmanVince Schuurmanrelease
08/10/2006Chris Guarinobug
07/25/20062Show details for Ron MurchRon MurchdiscussionOpenNTFMailexperience release 1.7b
07/20/2006Mike J PerrettdiscussionOut of Office Functionality
07/17/20061Show details for Joseph HoetzlJoseph Hoetzlbug
07/12/2006Lance R JurgensendiscussionProfiles not getting created
07/12/2006Thomas BrendeldiscussionBug in DWA? IE - Firefox?
07/09/2006Michael LazarfeatureA few Organizer items I'd like to see
07/06/2006Ross T Lethambug
07/05/2006Michael Markebug
06/30/2006Al FerraradiscussionOpenNTF Mail Experience 1.7b Bug
06/28/20065Show details for Vince SchuurmanVince Schuurmanrelease
06/28/2006Vince Schuurmanbug
06/27/20061Show details for Peter SmithPeter Smithdiscussionanti-spam
06/27/20063Show details for Bill SeyboltBill SeyboltdiscussionWebmail and reply
06/21/20061Show details for Luci S LagrimasLuci S Lagrimasdiscussion1.7a forward to mime function works with notes 7.0.1
06/16/20062Show details for Luci S LagrimasLuci S LagrimasdiscussionUsing Forward Mime to RFC-822 for messages in Junk Email folder
06/14/2006Josef Prusabug
06/13/20062Show details for Mark WoodsMark Woodsbug
06/09/2006Fredrik H Norlingfeatureby Email view
06/02/2006Mike Marchbug
05/17/20062Show details for Eduardo G SantileEduardo G Santilebug
05/17/20061Show details for Andres Gorostidi PulgarAndres Gorostidi PulgarfeatureEmoticons....
05/16/20062Show details for Chris KempChris KempdiscussionCalendar today issue with repeating meetings
05/15/20061Show details for Kenneth LamKenneth LamdiscussionForward MiME to RFC-822 not work on OpenNTF_dwa70
05/09/20061Show details for David B RenoDavid B RenodiscussionAny workarounds to update local template without manager rights?
05/05/20062Show details for David B VastaDavid B VastadiscussionLetterhead Customization
04/27/20061Show details for Christian MüllerChristian MüllerdiscussionLicensing Question
04/25/2006Klaus TermandiscussionGMail like labels for mail administration
04/25/2006Laurent RIGALfeaturemultiple signature choice
04/18/2006Doug Brucebug
04/12/20063Show details for Garry GoldmanGarry GoldmanfeatureAutomatically Synchronize contacts with names.nsf file
04/10/20062Show details for Peder Koed PedersenPeder Koed PedersendiscussionContacts MiniView
04/06/20066Show details for Lee SalzmanLee SalzmandiscussionQuick Stuff Drag&Drop
04/04/2006Brian YoungfeatureAdd RSS Feed option
04/04/2006Linda Nilssonbug
03/29/2006Doug Brucebug
03/16/20061Show details for Brian YoungBrian YoungfeatureCalculate size of email before sending
03/16/2006Brian YoungfeatureButton for Add Phone Message
03/14/20062Show details for Ken LawlerKen LawlerfeatureWork-task-oriented email management
03/14/2006Ken LawlerfeatureManage Inbox using hierarchical mail threads
03/01/2006Brian Youngbug
02/22/2006Noel AndersonfeatureHide Navigation pane
02/17/2006Pierre Kerchnerfeaturetrained spam filter - import training files
02/15/20061Show details for Stephan H. WisselStephan H. WisselfeatureAdd a folder "Archive" and a place in the outline
02/14/20061Show details for Bastian WieczorekBastian Wieczorekbug
02/10/2006Bruce Elgortscreenshot
02/10/2006Vince Schuurmanrelease
02/09/20066Show details for Scott AnthonyScott AnthonydiscussionAny word on 1.7 RR bug?
02/07/20062Show details for dayong zhangdayong zhangdiscussiondownload problem
02/03/2006Paul DayfeatureHide reminders entries from others
01/31/2006Bruce Elgortbug
01/27/20061Show details for Mohd Idris Mohd AminMohd Idris Mohd AminfeatureEncrypt not working for 1.7
01/27/2006Mohd Idris Mohd AmindiscussionEncrypt Issue
01/23/20061Show details for Gary CousinsGary Cousinsbug
01/23/2006Gary Cousinsbug
01/23/2006Bastian Wieczorekbug
01/23/2006Bastian Wieczorekbug
01/21/2006Vince Schuurmanrelease
01/19/20061Show details for Anil K SharmaAnil K SharmafeatureAdd Support for GnuPG (PGP) Digital Signatures
01/18/20061Show details for Cyril MASSONCyril MASSONfeatureHave calendar entries deletions go in the trash
01/13/2006Bastian Wieczorekbug
01/05/20061Show details for Kai BruemmerKai BruemmerfeatureChoose Internet Mailaddress
12/24/2005Bruce Elgortbug
12/24/2005Bruce Elgortbug
12/24/2005Bruce Elgortbug
12/24/2005Bruce Elgortbug
12/24/2005Bruce Elgortbug
12/24/20051Show details for Bruce ElgortBruce Elgortbug
12/21/2005Ian BothamfeatureMultiple quick followup flags
12/19/2005Steve Cassidydiscussionview by person - Microsoft feature (hisssss!)
12/17/20051Show details for Brent KirstenBrent KirstenfeatureAdd Meeting View "Display" Filters to Rest of Calendar views
12/17/2005Brent KirstenfeatureAdd Colors to Room and Resources
12/14/2005Vince Schuurmanrelease
12/12/2005Simon AltemeierfeatureColours for ToDo´s in the ToDo view
12/08/20055Show details for stas vinogradovstas vinogradovdiscussionI can't download NTF
12/06/20052Show details for Jamie PriceJamie PricefeaturePreferences for Default 'Mailto:' Entry in Alarms
11/18/20051Show details for Peter ReillyPeter ReillydiscussionPreview Pane
11/15/2005Christer RussbergdiscussionProblem with return receipt
11/11/20051Show details for David PhillipsDavid PhillipsfeatureCalendar doesn't warn if creating an event in the past
11/11/2005David PhillipsfeatureCalendar entries send only a single reminder
11/05/20051Show details for Marcel SchaeferMarcel SchaeferfeatureUsing the ME-Database as "my master list"
11/02/20057Show details for Melissa MuthMelissa MuthdiscussionQuick Stuff - Where did it Go?
10/31/20053Show details for Jason GerviaJason GerviadiscussionUrgent email in Inbox View
10/27/2005Vince SchuurmanfeatureRemove Notes names from the add recipients to NAB dialog
10/25/20053Show details for Terry BoydTerry BoyddiscussionAny feedback on implementing ME 1.7 with 6.0.x clients?
10/25/20052Show details for Raymond YauRaymond YaudiscussionMark follow up on meeting invitation, change the CalendarDateTime field
10/24/20052Show details for Kai BruemmerKai BruemmerdiscussionNext release on DWA 7?
10/04/20051Show details for Josef PrusaJosef Prusabug

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