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DateCreated by TypeSubject
06/17/2009Irely G RoadiscussionWebsense Blocking Blog
06/17/20092Show details for Ken HawkinsKen HawkinsdiscussionWiki Logon?
06/09/2009Alan AldadiscussionCan I set specific ping servers ?
06/09/2009Alan Aldadiscussionhow to affect image alignment from Notes client
06/09/20092Show details for Alan AldaAlan AldadiscussionInstall Error ? - I have not "design"
05/29/20091Show details for Remco BartelinkRemco BartelinkdiscussionPage in wiki open for anonymous edits!
05/08/2009Kathy BrowndiscussionNext/Previous Links not right?
03/08/2009Carsten Lillelund PedersendiscussionI am using the page skins and page templates from this link
03/01/20095Show details for David LeedyDavid LeedydiscussionAnyone got Blogsphere working?
02/24/2009laurent bassetdiscussionDelete attachement problem
02/11/2009Bill Greenbergbug
02/11/20092Show details for Bill GreenbergBill GreenbergdiscussionTrouble getting (re)started
01/30/2009Dave W GilmorefeatureAdd Podcasts to the RSS Options
01/30/2009Dave W Gilmorebug
01/19/2009Joacim BoivediscussionWhere is Encoding: UTF-8 set?
12/30/20081Show details for Ken YeeKen Yeebug
12/30/2008Ken Yeebug
12/27/2008Ken Yeediscussionbetter photo album image rescaling for V3
12/27/20081Show details for Ken YeeKen Yeediscussionmigrated V2 blogs to V3.0.1 don't show "Read More" part
12/24/20081Show details for Ken YeeKen Yeediscussion3 column templates and pasting blog docs from V2
12/24/2008Bill GreenbergdiscussionComments are intermittent
12/24/2008Bill GreenbergdiscussionApostrophes in Titles don't render correctly
12/14/2008Ken YeediscussionV2.5.6 to V3.0.1B9 upgrade pains
12/10/2008Ken Yeediscussionphoto album w/o the blogsphere menu/decorations?
11/12/20083Show details for Robert Ibsen VoithRobert Ibsen VoithdiscussionEasy-to-fix bug in 3.0.2 in SideBlockHTML
09/28/2008Bill GreenbergdiscussionFull Archive?
09/25/2008Ronald Veldhuizenbug
09/22/2008Almar DiehldiscussionError when uploading images through API
09/22/2008Almar Diehlbug
09/13/2008Alastair GrantdiscussionMetablog API and publishing images
09/10/20081Show details for Bill GreenbergBill GreenbergdiscussionNew release?
08/26/20081Show details for Scott CochraneScott Cochranebug
08/26/2008Christoph Heynbug
08/12/2008laurent bassetdiscussionhow position menu
08/09/2008David LeedydiscussionPreview Blog entry before publishing
07/30/2008Ray BilykdiscussionUsing FireScribe and BB Meta Blog with BlogSphere V3
06/05/20081Show details for Ray BilykRay BilykdiscussionQuick question: Upgrade from point release
05/16/2008PIER MOYSANbug
05/16/2008PIER MOYSANbug
05/16/2008PIER MOYSANbug
04/16/20081Show details for symetrik designsymetrik designbug
04/16/2008symetrik designbug
04/16/20081Show details for symetrik designsymetrik designdiscussionPolls do not work
04/03/2008Keith StricklanddiscussionAvailable tags
04/02/2008Keith Stricklandbug
04/02/2008Gavin A Luscombebug
03/28/20081Show details for Dev ChatterjeeDev ChatterjeediscussionTemplate used by Dec's Blog
03/27/2008Jason PleaudiscussionAdd blog entries from web interface
03/19/2008Paul VanRijswijkbug
03/18/20081Show details for Hape JochmannHape JochmanndiscussionWhere to post enhancements?
03/18/2008Hape JochmanndiscussionFix for anonymous star raiting
03/17/20082Show details for Josef PrusaJosef PrusadiscussionComments encoding
03/09/20081Show details for John DillonJohn DillonfeatureAbility to easily edit Blog Configuration document
03/04/20081Show details for Mark HolthamMark HolthamdiscussionTruncated Photos
02/14/2008Sebastian Botzbug
02/14/2008Sebastian Botzbug
02/14/2008Patrik U PetterssonfeatureExtra DIV-tag in modules
02/12/2008Declan Lynchprofile
02/07/2008Pierre Decrocqbug
02/07/20081Show details for Pierre DecrocqPierre Decrocqbug
02/03/2008Keith Stricklandbug
01/31/2008Jim RomainefeatureInsert link to Document or Download
01/27/2008Keith StricklanddiscussionTitle and Google Analytics
01/21/2008Matthew SmithdiscussionCan you please look into supporting ScribeFire please
01/19/2008Keith Stricklandbug
01/19/20081Show details for Keith StricklandKeith Stricklandbug
01/16/2008Ronald VeldhuizendiscussionCreating skins
01/16/2008Declan Lynchprofile
01/10/20083Show details for Hape JochmannHape JochmanndiscussionMirgration from "Open Notes Picture Database" to BlogSphere 3.0.1
01/10/2008Hape JochmanndiscussionSlideshow For the latest BlogSphere Template
01/10/20081Show details for Stein GildeStein Gildebug
01/10/2008Stein Gildebug
01/10/2008Stein Gildebug
01/07/20081Show details for marcin t zakrzewskimarcin t zakrzewskidiscussionWeb Publishing Interface problem
12/24/2007Jens Polsterbug
12/17/2007paolo bragagnidiscussionNavigation Menu Problem
12/14/2007Davide Scarnecchiabug
12/13/2007Christoph A HeynfeatureChanging date after publishing
12/11/20071Show details for Leo St-JacquesLeo St-JacquesdiscussionLogging Does Not Work
12/07/2007Bill GreenbergdiscussionInsert HTML - Link to URL broken
12/04/2007Eric Ehretbug
12/02/2007Matthew SmithdiscussionError trying to create a blog via web interface
12/02/20071Show details for Stig Olav KvamStig Olav Kvambug
11/19/20071Show details for Gavin J BollardGavin J BollarddiscussionHELP - How do I put an attachment into a Blog Entry?
11/05/2007Christoph A Heynfeatureopening links within the content area automatically in a new window
11/01/2007Carsten Lillelund PedersendiscussionHelp with pictures on subalbums B8
10/27/2007Thomas Bahnbug
10/26/2007Thomas BahnfeatureFor non-english blogs separate RSS feeds per language were wunderful
10/26/2007Thomas BahnfeatureAdd <atom:link> to RSS feeds
10/24/2007Thomas BahnfeatureTranslation for Search Score
10/24/2007Thomas Bahnbug
10/24/2007Markus Wottrichdiscussion"Thumb" Size in Main View
10/24/2007Ronald Veldhuizenbug
10/23/20071Show details for Robert Ibsen VoithRobert Ibsen VoithdiscussionIf Calendar or Webpoll just have the spinning AJAX wheel ...
10/23/20072Show details for Ronald VeldhuizenRonald Veldhuizenbug
10/23/2007Leo St-JacquesdiscussionHow about Adding a picklist for Tags and Categories
10/23/2007Leo St-Jacquesbug
10/19/2007Leo St-JacquesdiscussionPurpose of Documents?
10/17/20072Show details for Leo St-JacquesLeo St-JacquesdiscussionAdditional Skins and Page Templates Available?
10/17/2007Jim Romainebug
10/16/2007Jim Romainebug
10/07/2007The TurtlefeatureHit count summaries
10/04/20072Show details for Jim RomaineJim RomainediscussionI really like the new insert URL feature.
10/04/2007Rainer Beideckdiscussionhow to use same repl on more domino servers
10/02/2007Robert Ibsen VoithdiscussionPerhaps Links view should sort on Position?
09/28/2007Jens BrunttfeatureOn Error GoTo please
09/25/2007Joacim BoivefeatureAdd/Edit online...
09/24/20071Show details for Daniel HallacDaniel Hallacdiscussionmost stable version
09/23/2007Thomas Bahnbug
09/21/2007Jason Clarkbug
09/21/20071Show details for Joacim BoiveJoacim Boivebug
09/20/2007Sam Starbug
09/19/20071Show details for Lance ParryLance ParrydiscussionThumbnail picture rather than attachment?
09/19/2007Simon Andrewsbug
09/19/2007Simon Andrewsbug
09/16/2007Alex H McKenziebug
08/30/20072Show details for Gerco WolfswinkelGerco WolfswinkeldiscussionB7 template broken?
08/29/2007Dwight Wilbanksbug
08/27/20072Show details for Gerco WolfswinkelGerco Wolfswinkeldiscussionediting css: how to adjust body width
08/27/2007Keith Stricklandbug
08/26/20071Show details for Tony S RobbinsTony S Robbinsbug
08/24/2007Tim BrownediscussionNeed 2.5 to 3.0 Upgrade Service
08/20/2007Jason GreenfeatureEmail alerts on new post
08/20/2007Peter Narlundbug
08/20/2007Ronald Veldhuizenbug
08/20/2007Ronald Veldhuizenbug
08/20/2007Ronald Veldhuizenbug
08/18/20071Show details for Peter NarlundPeter NarlunddiscussionSome of the views can not be signed or opened using Notes 8.0
08/17/2007Peter Narlundbug
08/17/20071Show details for Peter NarlundPeter Narlundbug
08/17/2007Peter Narlundbug
08/17/2007Peter Narlundbug
08/16/20071Show details for Tim BrowneTim BrownediscussionPhoto Album Skin - Iconic
08/13/2007Ronald Veldhuizenbug
08/12/20071Show details for Pankaj ji SharmaPankaj ji SharmadiscussionConfiguration menu
08/10/20074Show details for Tony S RobbinsTony S Robbinsbug
08/10/20072Show details for Ronald VeldhuizenRonald Veldhuizenbug
08/02/2007Tim BrownediscussionManual Move Entries from 2.x to 3.0?
07/30/20071Show details for Tim BrowneTim BrownediscussionNo Stories; An Empty Center Column
07/26/20071Show details for Peter D PresnellPeter D PresnelldiscussionIBM Blog Template
07/25/2007Michael Smelserbug
07/23/2007Christoph A Heynbug
07/21/20071Show details for Jason GreenJason GreendiscussionEmail notification error
07/17/2007jordi porceldiscussionCalendar
07/13/2007jason a thomasbug
07/10/2007Chad Schelfhoutbug
07/10/20071Show details for Chad SchelfhoutChad Schelfhoutbug
07/08/2007Michel VdMeirenbug
07/04/20073Show details for basset laurentbasset laurentdiscussionSite is shutdown ?
07/02/2007Matthew ArberdiscussionHanging out for Beta 7
06/12/2007Bodek Frakbug
06/11/2007Bodek Frakbug
06/11/20071Show details for Bodek FrakBodek Frakbug
06/11/20071Show details for Bodek FrakBodek Frakbug
06/11/2007Henrik Tornblombug
06/09/20071Show details for Keith StricklandKeith StricklandfeatureAbility to modify template tags
06/08/2007Steve HooperdiscussionHow do I get Static Pages to show up?
06/08/2007Bodek Frakbug
06/06/20071Show details for Steve HooperSteve HooperdiscussionView Large Copy of Photos
06/03/2007Vitor Pereirabug
05/31/20071Hide details for Joacim BoiveJoacim BoivediscussionGet calendar to start on Monday?
. . Solution is in the AJAX Calendar Agent ... (Florian Vogler 24-Mar-08)
05/31/2007Joacim BoivefeatureStrip Window Title from any HTML-tags...
05/30/20071Show details for Joacim BoiveJoacim Boivebug
05/25/2007MA RSbug
05/20/2007John M TurnbowfeatureAuthenticated Responses
05/20/2007John M Turnbowdiscussionlogos
05/20/2007John M TurnbowdiscussionCreating Skins
05/15/2007Ingo SpichaldiscussionDraft Blog entries mix up navigation
05/06/2007Matthew ArberfeatureView Fullsize Picture
05/03/2007Alexander FriedmandiscussionEmail blog posts
05/01/2007Rene Winkelmeyerfeaturealt-Tag for custom buttons
04/30/2007Jon Jingle Heimer Smithbug
04/30/2007thomas kuhnbug
04/26/20071Show details for Lance R JurgensenLance R JurgensendiscussionComments always moderated?
04/23/2007Ingrid QUEFFELECdiscussionproblem to create entry with editor
04/17/2007basset laurentdiscussionCreate new bloc
04/15/2007Axel SchreiberdiscussionInstallation Docu is weak - sorry
04/14/2007The TurtlediscussionSome suggestions for those of us moving up to V3
04/14/2007lecram atramdiscussionUsing Windows Live Writer
04/13/2007ricardo borgesfeature
04/12/2007Keith Stricklandbug
04/12/2007Kevin Pettittbug
04/11/20071Show details for Robert ShaverRobert ShaverdiscussionWizard did not run and db isn't configured
04/09/2007Thomas BahnfeatureLanguage in generated RSS feed
04/05/20071Show details for Keith StricklandKeith Stricklandbug
04/05/2007Keith StricklanddiscussionComment Date
04/04/20073Show details for basset laurentbasset laurentdiscussionfile in body ?
03/30/20072Show details for Fred Janssen2Fred Janssen2discussionCalendar doen´t line up
03/29/20071Show details for Joacim BoiveJoacim Boivebug
03/28/2007Joacim BoivefeatureSorting of Links.
03/28/2007Joacim Boivebug
03/28/2007Joacim BoivediscussionProblem with tabbed tables...
03/28/2007Joacim Boivebug
03/26/20071Show details for Dave ParilloDave ParillodiscussionEmail blog posts
03/22/2007Rob McDonaghfeatureIndividual RSS feeds per post (for comments)
03/20/20071Show details for Charles AhartCharles AhartdiscussionDownloads block no longer works
03/17/20071Show details for Fred Janssen2Fred Janssen2bug
03/17/2007Thomas BahndiscussionUpdated German translation
03/16/2007Thomas BahnfeatureIcon of file type before attachments in downloads
03/16/2007Thomas BahnfeatureShow number of entries in each month (side block)
03/16/2007Thomas BahnfeatureShow number of entries in each category (side block)
03/16/2007Thomas Bahnbug
03/16/2007Thomas BahnfeatureConfiguration of number of entries in RSS feeds
03/16/2007Thomas BahndiscussionEnhance printing by hiding sideblocks and comments form
03/15/20072Show details for Dave ParilloDave ParillodiscussionPage Template question
03/11/2007Ninke WestradiscussionNote item not found (EntryRich) during v2.x conversion
03/10/20071Show details for Rob McDonaghRob McDonaghbug
03/03/20071Show details for Francis FloresFrancis FloresdiscussionNumber of Stories
03/02/2007thomas kuhnbug
03/02/20071Show details for Neil GowerNeil GowerfeatureAuto Locking
02/26/2007Rob McDonaghbug
02/26/2007Chad SchelfhoutfeatureTags
02/26/2007Chad Schelfhoutbug
02/26/2007Chad Schelfhoutbug
02/26/2007Chad Schelfhoutbug
02/26/2007Chad Schelfhoutbug
02/26/2007Chad Schelfhoutbug
02/26/2007Chad Schelfhoutbug
02/26/2007Chad Schelfhoutbug
02/26/2007Chad Schelfhoutbug
02/26/2007Chad Schelfhoutbug
02/26/2007Chad Schelfhoutbug
02/26/2007Chad SchelfhoutfeatureRich Text stories and related document
02/26/2007Declan Lynchdocumentation
02/18/2007PIER MOYSANbug
02/15/2007Scott Cochranebug
02/15/20071Show details for Scott CochraneScott Cochranebug
02/12/2007PIER MOYSANbug
02/12/2007PIER MOYSANbug
02/12/2007PIER MOYSANbug
02/12/2007PIER MOYSANbug
02/09/2007Thomas Bahnbug
02/09/2007Thomas Bahnbug
02/08/20071Show details for Jason EngelJason Engelbug
02/08/20074Show details for antoine gaciochantoine gaciochdiscussionRoadmap ?
02/08/20072Show details for Lee J StonemanLee J StonemandiscussionCreating pages via browser
02/07/20071Show details for PIER MOYSANPIER MOYSANbug
01/31/20071Show details for Bill GreenbergBill GreenbergdiscussionNext page
01/31/20072Show details for Bill GreenbergBill GreenbergdiscussionEditing Page Skins
01/26/2007Mark Schultzbug
01/26/2007Mark Schultzbug
01/26/2007Detlev Buschkampbug
01/25/20071Show details for Mark SchultzMark Schultzbug
01/25/2007Mark Schultzbug
01/22/20072Show details for Thomas BahnThomas Bahnbug
01/22/20073Show details for Thomas BahnThomas BahnfeatureTranslations for sideblock titles
01/22/2007Thomas BahnfeatureSearch should work in language versions, too
01/21/2007Nathan T FreemanfeatureLimit/control for attachments at admin level for blog
01/20/20072Show details for Thomas FørdeThomas Førdediscussionphotoalbum modification
01/20/2007Stephen Edgingtonbug
01/19/20072Show details for Ronald VeldhuizenRonald Veldhuizenbug
01/17/2007Thomas BahndiscussionSearch does not work in languge versions
01/16/20072Show details for Anil VartakAnil Vartakdiscussion<$BSEntryBody$> showing as blog body
01/15/20071Show details for Detlev BuschkampDetlev Buschkampdiscussionsorting of Photo Albums
01/15/20075Show details for Detlev BuschkampDetlev BuschkampdiscussionSide Blocks not visible
01/15/2007Declan Lynchbug
01/15/2007Sander ZwartfeatureCatagory tag
01/13/20071Show details for Sander ZwartSander Zwartbug
01/12/2007Declan Lynchbug
01/12/2007Thomas FørdefeatureTime setting
01/12/20072Show details for Thomas FørdeThomas FørdefeatureDetect language settings from firefox
01/12/2007Declan Lynchbug
01/12/2007Declan Lynchbug
01/12/2007Declan Lynchbug
01/12/2007Declan LynchfeatureBlog Time Shfting
01/12/2007Declan Lynchbug
01/12/2007Declan Lynchbug
01/12/2007Declan Lynchbug
01/07/2007Declan Lynchscreenshot
11/05/20061Show details for Thomas FørdeThomas Førdediscussionv3 Alpha
11/03/2006Declan Lynchdocumentation

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