Project: VIC CRM for Notes (Managed by Dave Leigh)

DateCreated by TypeSubject
01/24/2014Jaspreet S JheetadiscussionMy Activities
09/23/20091Show details for Wolfgang KlemmWolfgang Klemmdiscussionfurther development of VIC
09/23/2009Wolfgang KlemmdiscussionUsing title of a library doc in an e-mail
10/02/20081Show details for jmw foodjmw fooddiscussionattaching emails to multiple contacts
09/12/2008Dave LeighdiscussionGuinea Pig Wanted
05/20/20083Show details for John PelletierJohn Pelletierdiscussionauthority
01/22/20084Show details for jeff wagnerjeff wagnerdiscussionCould not find an URL to launch
01/13/20085Show details for Graham EmmettGraham EmmettdiscussionCant work out how to load in R8
01/06/20081Show details for Wolfgang ZettlWolfgang Zettlbug
01/06/2008Wolfgang Zettlbug
12/06/2007Dave Leighrelease
12/06/2007Dave Leighbug
12/06/2007Dave Leighbug
11/15/20072Show details for Jonathan SplattJonathan SplattdiscussionStack error with letters/fax's via action buttons
11/15/20071Show details for Peter J HolmanPeter J HolmandiscussionCann't access my activities
11/14/20072Show details for Jonathan SplattJonathan Splattbug
11/13/2007Dave Leighbug
11/13/2007Dave Leighbug
10/11/2007Dave Leighrelease
10/07/2007Dave Leighbug
10/07/2007Dave Leighbug
09/13/2007Dave Leighbug
09/13/2007Dave Leighbug
09/13/2007Dave Leighbug
09/13/2007Dave Leighbug
09/13/2007Dave Leighbug
09/08/2007Dave LeighProjectNews
09/08/2007Dave Leighrelease
05/30/2007Garry C JacksondiscussionPaste to Index from Notes NAB
05/02/2007J LandfeatureNAB import / integration / sync
05/02/2007J Landdiscussioncalendar invitations
04/14/20071Show details for Jan C van BekkumJan C van Bekkumbug
03/16/2007Gerhard gs Schneiderbug
03/13/20071Show details for Gerhard gs SchneiderGerhard gs SchneiderdiscussionWeb UI?
02/20/20071Show details for Zorislav SicZorislav Sicdiscussionerror on project form
12/19/2006Robert CiavarelladiscussionCreating Journal entry doesn't add appointment to other participants calendar
12/15/2006Dave LeighProjectNews
12/13/20062Show details for John Van OstrandJohn Van OstranddiscussionInstallation Problem
11/27/20063Show details for Daniel HunzikerDaniel Hunzikerdiscussionother languages
11/23/20061Show details for David SecrestDavid Secrestbug
11/17/2006Dave LeighProjectNews
11/17/2006Dave Leighrelease
11/05/2006Dave Leighdocumentation
11/05/2006Dave LeighfeatureInbound Letters and Faxes
11/05/2006Dave LeighdiscussionPlanning for release 20061118
11/04/2006Dave Leighbug
11/03/2006Dave LeighProjectNews
11/03/2006Dave LeighdiscussionTip: Auto-categorizing JournalEntries
11/03/2006Dave Leighbug
11/02/2006Dave LeighfeatureMail Merge
11/02/2006Dave Leighbug
11/02/2006Dave Leighbug
11/02/2006Dave Leighbug
11/02/20062Show details for Robert CiavarellaRobert CiavarelladiscussionJournal - Notify - Dont get notification?
10/30/2006Dave LeighProjectNews
09/27/20061Show details for Juliano CoelhoJuliano CoelhodiscussionSADDPRODUCT
08/29/20062Show details for Jean E GazisJean E Gazisbug
08/28/2006Jean E Gazisbug
08/03/20062Show details for Georges HallGeorges HallfeatureDomino/Personal Address Book Import Feature
06/19/20062Show details for Mark A HMark A HdiscussionEmail Replies
06/14/20065Show details for Mark A HMark A HdiscussionEmail imports but where?
06/13/20062Show details for Mark A HMark A HdiscussionNotes Email import problem
03/22/20062Show details for Uwe FritzUwe FritzdiscussionGerman Localization
02/28/20062Show details for Gregory E MicherGregory E MicherdiscussionVersion 7 support
02/20/2006Dave LeighProjectNews
02/20/2006Dave Leighrelease
02/17/2006Dave Leighbug
02/17/2006Dave Leighbug
02/17/2006Dave LeighProjectNews
02/17/2006Dave Leighrelease
02/15/20066Show details for Dave LeighDave LeighfeaturePhone Dialer
11/07/20051Show details for John DemianiukJohn DemianiukdiscussionRich Text Signatures
11/07/20051Show details for John DemianiukJohn DemianiukdiscussionImorting Notes Addresses
10/02/2005Dave LeighProjectNews
09/22/20051Show details for Johann-Michael WeilerJohann-Michael WeilerfeatureUsing embedded views in Sales DBfor sales items?
09/09/20051Show details for Johann-Michael WeilerJohann-Michael Weilerbug
09/07/20051Show details for Peter BittlePeter BittlediscussionInstallation to server question
08/14/2005Dave LeighfeatureAllow import from both the Inbox and Custom Folder.
08/14/2005Dave Leighdocumentation
08/13/2005Dave LeighProjectNews
08/13/2005Dave Leighrelease
07/19/20053Show details for Paul L HepperlaPaul L Hepperlabug
06/05/2005Dave LeighdiscussionNotebook and Opps
05/20/2005Dave LeighProjectNews
05/15/2005Dave Leighrelease
05/08/2005Dave Leighdocumentation
05/04/2005Dave Leighdocumentation
05/01/2005Dave LeighProjectNews
04/19/2005Benoit Dubucbug
04/14/2005Dave Leighbug
04/10/2005Dave LeightaskAdd Links to Sales & Opportunities
04/10/20052Show details for Dave LeighDave Leighbug
01/20/20051Show details for Manuel SalazarManuel SalazarfeatureAdditional Field in Library
01/20/20053Show details for Manuel SalazarManuel SalazardiscussionError Message
01/13/20053Show details for Cristian IovanutCristian IovanutdiscussionHelp needed
01/05/20055Show details for Manuel SalazarManuel SalazarfeatureAdditional field in contact
12/29/20041Show details for Rob BreaultRob Breaultbug
12/27/20041Show details for David B VastaDavid B VastadiscussionMy Activities Problem
12/26/20041Show details for Dave LeighDave Leighbug
12/23/2004Dave Leighdocumentation
12/22/2004Dave LeighProjectNews
12/22/2004Dave Leighrelease
12/21/2004Dave LeightaskRevise Import from Outlook Agents
12/21/2004Dave Leighprofile
12/14/20044Show details for Dave LeighDave LeighdiscussionOpportunities Database
12/14/2004Dave LeighdiscussionSales Database
12/12/2004Dave LeighProjectNews
12/10/20041Show details for Rob BreaultRob BreaultfeatureWeb based return receipt?
12/08/2004Rob Breaultbug
12/07/20042Show details for Rob BreaultRob BreaultfeatureAdd "Auto spell Check" to journal...
12/06/2004Dave LeighdiscussionFollow-ups are working
12/05/2004Dave LeighProjectNews
12/05/20042Show details for Dave LeighDave LeightaskEnd-User Documentation
12/04/2004Dave LeightaskRemove (Goto *) Agents
12/02/20043Show details for Dave LeighDave LeighdiscussionStyle Guide
12/02/20046Show details for Rob BreaultRob BreaultdiscussionInstaller woes...
12/02/2004Rob BreaultdiscussionEnable JournalEntry creation from Calendar...
11/30/2004Rob Breaultbug
11/30/2004Dave Leighbug
11/30/20041Show details for Rob BreaultRob Breaultbug
11/29/20047Show details for Dave LeighDave LeightaskServer-side Mail Import Agent
11/28/20041Show details for Dave LeighDave LeightaskMods to Calendar Synch
11/28/2004Dave Leighbug
11/27/20043Show details for Rob BreaultRob BreaultdiscussionScheduled Agents
11/27/2004Dave LeighProjectNews
11/27/2004Dave Leighbug
11/27/2004Dave Leighrelease
11/23/2004Dave LeighdiscussionColor-coded Welcome Page
11/22/2004Dave LeightaskJournalEntries: add ability to check FreeTime & invite.
11/21/2004Dave LeightaskRevise Letterhead Insertion
11/20/2004Dave LeighdiscussionCleanup of Journal Script Libs
11/20/20043Show details for Rob BreaultRob BreaultdiscussionCleanup journal's private views...
11/20/2004Dave LeightaskImprove "My Activities"
11/20/20045Show details for Dave LeighDave LeightaskIncorporate Global Profile
11/20/2004Dave LeighdiscussionGlobal Profile
11/20/2004Dave Leighprofile
11/14/2004Dave LeighdiscussionHow to email me.
11/13/2004Dave LeighProjectNews
11/13/2004Dave Leighrelease
11/13/20042Show details for Rob BreaultRob Breaultbug
11/13/2004Rob BreaultdiscussionModified "Update All Views" agent and QueryClose for Journal DB
11/12/2004Dave LeighProjectNews
11/12/2004Dave Leighdocumentation
11/11/20042Show details for Dave LeighDave LeighdiscussionChange to the UserPreferences
10/30/2004Dave LeightaskAdd Notice Forms
10/28/2004Dave Leighbug
10/28/2004Dave LeighdiscussionHow Searches Work in VIC
10/07/2004Dave Leighbug
10/07/20043Hide details for Dave LeighDave LeightaskCalendar Synchronization
Show details for . . Alarm sync...      (Rob Breault   13-Nov-04). . Alarm sync... (Rob Breault 13-Nov-04)
10/05/20042Show details for Dave LeighDave Leighrelease
10/05/2004Dave Leighbug
10/05/2004Dave Leighbug
10/04/2004Dave Leighbug
10/03/2004Dave Leighrelease
10/02/20043Show details for Dave LeighDave LeightaskBackground Synchronization
10/02/20044Show details for Dave LeighDave LeighdiscussionInserting into RichText - My solution
10/02/2004Dave LeighProjectNews
09/30/20041Show details for Eugene McDonnellEugene McDonnellfeaturegeneral look and feel
07/25/2004vincent bergerdiscussionsynchronize
07/15/2004Manuel SalazardiscussionCopying Journal Entries to Notes Calendar
07/02/20042Show details for Jonathan CoupalJonathan CoupalfeatureAdditional field in organization
07/02/20042Show details for Jonathan CoupalJonathan CoupalfeatureSupport for import of lists
06/10/2004Dave Leighbug
06/10/20041Show details for Dave LeighDave LeightaskDebug sEmailReply & ImportMail
06/10/2004Dave LeighdiscussionDocumentation
06/10/2004Dave Leighdocumentation
06/10/2004Dave Leighdocumentation
06/10/2004Dave Leighdocumentation
06/10/2004Dave Leighdocumentation
06/10/2004Dave Leighdocumentation
06/10/2004Dave Leighdocumentation
06/10/2004Dave Leighdocumentation
06/09/2004Dave Leighdocumentation
06/09/2004Dave Leighdocumentation
05/15/20043Show details for Rob BreaultRob BreaultdiscussionSome errors...
05/14/20041Show details for Dave LeighDave LeighProjectNews
04/09/2004Dave LeighdiscussionLicense
03/13/20042Show details for Dave LeighDave LeighProjectNews
03/13/20044Show details for Dave LeighDave Leighrelease
03/08/2004Dave LeightaskPost clean files of work in progress
03/08/20041Show details for Dave LeighDave Leighproject
03/08/2004Dave Leighprofile

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