Project: domBulletin (Managed by Steve Duncan, Michael Bourak)

DateCreated by TypeSubject
11/18/2010Jayaprakash ValappildiscussionResponse Hierarchy Level Issue
06/15/2010Solk SolksondiscussionNicknames
05/24/2010Patrick Kwintenssonfeatureadding attachments in Notes clients
03/26/20101Show details for Hartland WestHartland Westdiscussionemail notices to those who reply
10/13/20091Show details for slimane guemilslimane guemildiscussionbug in WebBoardIndexSchedule agent
08/03/20091Show details for John HaileyJohn HaileydiscussionHTTP Web Server Error: Lotus Notes Exception
04/07/20091Show details for Patrick KwintenssonPatrick KwintenssondiscussionXPages variant
03/02/2009Alan M SweeneyfeatureAccess to form fields in a workflow
02/09/2009Mark Demicolibug
02/09/20091Show details for Mark DemicoliMark DemicoliTestimonialGreat work
01/31/20092Show details for Tommy PeetersTommy PeetersdiscussionAMgr: Agent ('WebBoardIndexSchedule' in 'Database\WSC Alleman\Jeugdwer.nsf') error message: Object variable not set
01/19/2009hui qiandiscussionwhere is help file and configuration for agents
06/11/2008steve siegeldiscussiononimod_authenticated error on redirect
06/02/2008Randal Oultonbug
03/28/2008Roopa B BangarudiscussionUrgent !! Database does not fetch values from the view
03/12/2008Craig Vertiganbug
03/06/2008Craig Vertiganbug
02/06/2008Fabrizio AlbertidiscussionAbout locking and pinned discussions
01/23/20081Show details for James R HughesJames R HughesdiscussionQuestion regarding Newsletter functionality
01/11/2008Bruce E StemplewskidiscussionHow to NOT display Category icon column or emicons?
01/11/20082Show details for Bruce E StemplewskiBruce E StemplewskidiscussionSample for referencing a JPG attachment in Resources in masthead HTML
01/08/20082Show details for Bruce E StemplewskiBruce E StemplewskidiscussionAllow user to change preferneces set to no, yet allowed to change
01/08/20083Show details for Bruce E StemplewskiBruce E StemplewskidiscussionHow to go to thread after reply?
01/08/20082Show details for Bruce E StemplewskiBruce E StemplewskidiscussionPosts not refreshing
12/13/2007Craig Vertiganbug
11/06/2007Craig Vertiganbug
10/25/2007Lars AlthoffeatureAdd "Was this answer helpful"
10/16/2007Lawrence AttrilldiscussionAttachments with spaces in filename
09/26/2007Leo St-JacquesdiscussionModeration
09/26/2007Alberto BuendiadiscussionNext version for 2007?
09/10/2007Jamie JenkinsfeatureDirect link in newsletter
08/16/2007Leo St-JacquesdiscussionCan't View/Edit Profile from Web
08/11/20072Show details for Jim KirkJim Kirkdiscussion# of topics and responses on main page always show "0"
08/02/20073Show details for Jim KirkJim Kirkdiscussionno db administration pane
07/25/2007Michael PapenhagendiscussionPost via Web only with Role [Forum MainPoster]
05/10/20071Show details for Sergey V PolakovSergey V PolakovdiscussionChange some pic
05/10/20071Show details for Leo GonzalezLeo GonzalezdiscussionIE7 Browser Problem
05/09/2007George Paynebug
05/08/2007George Paynebug
04/24/20071Show details for Niall DurkanNiall DurkandiscussionDisplaying Custom Fields
04/24/20071Show details for Cristian DAloisioCristian DAloisiodiscussionmoderating before publishing?
04/19/2007Emma DavidsondiscussionReaders field in Category needs to accept Default and Anonymous user name
04/18/2007Andrew Y LeontievdiscussionForum doesn't fill Category field in web
04/17/20071Show details for Ingo SpichalIngo SpichaldiscussionSorting in Views
04/07/20071Show details for Amran Abd SamadAmran Abd SamaddiscussionUpload more than one attachments in a post.
04/05/2007Dominik P MönksfeatureDisplay-Icon "New posts in Topic"
03/23/20072Show details for basset laurentbasset laurentdiscussionproblème avec les compteurs
03/06/2007Rohit ChoudhadiscussionACL understanding
02/27/2007Lars AlthoffeatureAdd "View all" link to top of index
02/22/2007Anil MehtafeatureView in Notes Client
02/20/20071Show details for Nick SerafiniNick SerafinidiscussionNew to Lotus
02/16/20072Show details for Rohit ChoudhaRohit ChoudhadiscussionGetting when there are no posts in a category..
02/07/20072Show details for Lars AlthofLars AlthofdiscussionCan't edit posts
01/25/20071Show details for Alex MoneyAlex MoneydiscussionJava Error - No Formatting
01/19/20071Show details for Gor V AndreiGor V AndreidiscussionRussian Translation
01/17/2007Jim Knightbug
01/12/2007Lars AlthoffeaturePoster hall of fame
01/08/2007Brian W WigginsdiscussiondomBulletin Crashing
01/02/20074Show details for Martin ClaytonMartin ClaytondiscussionTopic title - WebBoardSub
12/25/20063Show details for Adam M GreenbaumAdam M Greenbaumbug
12/21/2006Sam Starbug
12/19/2006Martin ClaytondiscussionDate & Time Format
12/18/20061Show details for Martin ClaytonMartin ClaytondiscussionPage numbers
12/07/2006Tony KellerandiscussionPost or Reply via email
11/27/2006Paul FergusonfeatureCustom User Titles
11/27/20061Show details for Paul FergusonPaul FergusonfeatureQuick Reply
11/27/2006Paul FergusonfeaturePrivate Messaging
11/16/2006John L Hawkinsbug
11/10/2006Scott A KremerfeatureWeb Poll
11/08/20061Show details for Emil k KarlssonEmil k Karlssondiscussiontopics and response not showing
11/07/2006Fred HusoyfeatureButton for inserting links to documents
10/30/2006Lars Althofbug
10/23/20062Show details for Mike LeachMike LeachdiscussionCategory icon
10/13/2006Zara Wanlassbug
10/10/20063Show details for Lance R JurgensenLance R JurgensendiscussionUser profile is not always being created.
10/10/2006Rune CarlsendiscussionProblem with uploading files
10/08/20061Show details for Leif J.Leif J.discussionNew topics on web
09/29/20062Show details for chris pofahlchris pofahldiscussionForum Master
09/20/2006Tony KellerandiscussionNewsletter Agent
09/20/20061Show details for Jamie JenkinsJamie JenkinsdiscussionNext Version?
08/29/20061Show details for Alex MoneyAlex MoneydiscussionUploading Files
08/23/20061Show details for Jamie JenkinsJamie JenkinsdiscussionPolls
08/22/2006Lars AlthoffeatureMake it an option to browse by sub category
08/22/20061Show details for Lars AlthofLars AlthoffeatureAdd Search button to home page
08/18/2006Peter Närlundbug
08/11/20062Show details for Dick GillDick GilldiscussionCan't sign template
08/10/20061Show details for Brian W WigginsBrian W Wigginsbug
08/07/20061Show details for Thomas M. StockwellThomas M. StockwelldiscussionWebsites using this?
08/07/20062Show details for Denny RussellDenny RusselldiscussionYou are logged as....
08/06/20062Show details for Giuseppe Paterno'Giuseppe Paterno'discussionLog-in via web redirects to blank page
08/01/20061Show details for Denny RussellDenny RusselldiscussionRegistration failed (An general error occured (no more info))
07/28/20061Show details for Edward McClendonEdward McClendondiscussionDelete Poll
07/28/2006Denny Russellbug
07/27/20062Show details for Brian W WigginsBrian W Wigginsbug
07/27/20065Show details for Denny RussellDenny RusselldiscussionPoll, what's the trick
07/25/20061Show details for Edward McClendonEdward McClendondiscussionNotes Users via Web
07/25/20063Show details for Nicolas PERRINNicolas PERRINbug
07/20/2006JMark MurphyfeatureProvide navigation to next/previous thread
07/18/20061Show details for Denny RussellDenny RusselldiscussionTopic & Response Count bug
06/27/20061Show details for Miha VitorovicMiha VitorovicdiscussionCSS problems
06/15/2006Gary Croninfeaturestart up help
06/15/20061Show details for Gary CroninGary CronindiscussionPreferances page not working as expected
06/13/2006Daniele GrillodiscussionI have realized the code for migrate form Dforum project to Dombulletin
05/23/20061Show details for Trey HarrisTrey HarrisdiscussionACL Setup
05/18/20062Show details for Kjeld LarsenKjeld LarsendiscussionGerman translatation
04/26/2006Dave Collyerfeature# of views column
04/24/2006Mark WoodsdiscussionSameTime Working?
04/21/2006Jeovani JuncodiscussionThumbnails
04/03/2006Lance R Jurgensenbug
03/30/20062Show details for Howard RosenfeldHoward RosenfelddiscussionSub-categories
03/30/20062Show details for Evgeny AsEvgeny Asbug
03/28/2006vincent valentinfeatureSorting colums in WEBBOARDACTIVE UI
03/23/2006Markus E Stroebelbug
03/21/2006Evgeny AsdiscussionI corrected dombulletin bug whith not viewed restrict posts
03/11/20061Show details for Christian BrandlehnerChristian Brandlehnerbug
03/08/2006Daniele GrillodiscussionGoogle and DomBulletin
02/25/2006Alois Gruberbug
02/25/2006Alois Gruberbug
02/23/20062Show details for Frode DanielsenFrode DanielsendiscussionLicense on domBulletin
02/15/2006Niclas SunddiscussionLicens for every registred user?
01/31/20062Show details for Marek WojtaszekMarek WojtaszekdiscussionOther languages
01/28/2006Dev ChatterjeediscussionError in Dombulletin
01/26/20063Show details for kel b el80kel b el80discussionCannot find Administration/config menu
01/24/2006jojo hidiscussionv1.2
01/13/20061Show details for Norman HeinrichNorman Heinrichbug
01/12/20061Show details for Norman HeinrichNorman Heinrichbug
01/12/2006Norman Heinrichbug
01/10/20061Show details for Ronald VeldhuizenRonald Veldhuizenbug
01/09/20061Show details for Michael BourakMichael Bourakrelease
10/31/20051Show details for Stephan H. WisselStephan H. Wisselbug
10/12/20051Show details for Howard RosenfeldHoward RosenfelddiscussionHotlinks in emails
10/03/20051Show details for Gilles BourdellesGilles BourdellesdiscussionAdmin error message
10/03/20051Show details for Gerco WolfswinkelGerco Wolfswinkeldiscussionerror 'onimod_footer' is undefined
09/28/2005wolfgang haderleindiscussionDomBulletin and DA-Assistance/LDAP
09/27/2005Jake Ochsbug
09/20/2005Alexander Efimovbug
08/30/20052Show details for Daniele GrilloDaniele GrillofeatureMigration from Dforum and Registration user in a database
08/22/2005Julian RobichauxdiscussionHow to add RSS feeds for all categories
08/18/20051Hide details for jojo hijojo hidiscussionColumn in "Last Reply" is missing words if setting Authorization
. . (jojo hi 21-Dec-05)
08/08/2005Michael WaterhousediscussionAvatars not working
08/05/2005Michael WaterhousediscussionFeature Addition
07/30/2005Bart van den EshofdiscussionWelcome page
07/30/2005Bart van den Eshofbug
07/29/2005Lance R JurgensendiscussionDisclaimer page?
07/20/20054Show details for Lance R JurgensenLance R JurgensendiscussionResponses that require moderator approval?
06/16/20054Show details for Robert RL LongRobert RL LongdiscussionProblems with posting
06/01/20051Show details for Martin MichaelisMartin MichaelisdiscussionAttached Resources for use with skin
05/11/2005Jonathan TorresdiscussionLicensing Info?
05/09/20052Show details for Dimitris IlaridisDimitris Ilaridisbug
04/28/20053Show details for Jonathan TorresJonathan Torresdiscussiontable width? CSS?
04/28/20051Show details for Jonathan TorresJonathan TorresdiscussionRedirect?OpenPage? Wtheck is this thing doing?
04/15/20051Show details for Dean FehribachDean FehribachdiscussionCategory's Topic Count not Updating
04/13/20052Show details for Mike VandeVeldeMike VandeVeldediscussionnew feature on offer
04/13/20051Show details for Andrew TetlawAndrew Tetlawbug
04/12/20051Show details for Michelle MorrowMichelle MorrowdiscussionWeb View not working
04/08/20051Show details for Steve PridemoreSteve PridemorediscussionEnabling SSL
03/30/20052Show details for Parker BalstonParker BalstondiscussionUser registration and authentication is not working
03/30/2005Volker AlthausfeatureRemove [IMG] tags from Newsletter and Info mails
03/29/2005Volker Althausbug
03/22/2005Volker AlthausfeatureAdd an image upload function for avatars
03/22/2005Volker AlthausfeatureMake email addresses clickable like URLs!
03/22/20051Show details for Volker AlthausVolker Althausbug
03/17/20052Show details for nico Prenzelnico Prenzelbug
03/15/20051Show details for Michael BOURAKMichael BOURAKrelease
03/14/20051Show details for Chris WhisonantChris WhisonantdiscussionCan't Post From Web
03/11/2005Jean-Yves REMYdiscussionModeration before view in forum
03/11/20052Show details for Jean-Yves REMYJean-Yves REMYbug
03/06/20053Show details for Matthew C LudwigMatthew C LudwigdiscussionAdmin Navigator is not showing up
03/06/2005Matthew C LudwigdiscussionAdmin Navigator is not showing up
03/02/20052Show details for Andy PageAndy PagediscussionCan you Admin from the web ?
02/28/2005Chris Bordeleaubug
02/25/2005Michael Bourakrelease
02/22/20051Show details for Thomas GrunewaldThomas GrunewalddiscussionUser Defined Templates?
02/04/2005Steve Duncanprofile
02/04/2005Steve Duncanprofile
02/03/20053Show details for Joan Ramon GuillaumetJoan Ramon GuillaumetdiscussionI can translate it in Catalan
02/01/2005Mark A BrattdiscussionEmail Notification
02/01/20053Show details for Raul R CabanRaul R CabandiscussionSimple question
01/13/2005Martin Braeuerbug
01/13/2005Der Ph4z0idfeatureversion
01/07/2005Michael Bouraktask1.1 Translation
01/03/20051Show details for Michael BourakMichael BourakdiscussiondomBulletin (good) news
12/15/20041Show details for Anton V MikhilovAnton V Mikhilovbug
12/08/20041Show details for Juan FrancisJuan Francisbug
11/29/20041Show details for Don B AndrewsDon B Andrewsbug
11/22/2004Craig O FogusdiscussionAvatars
11/09/2004Don B AndrewsfeatureAdd email addr. Verification
11/09/20047Show details for John GrissettJohn GrissettdiscussionError when posting
10/28/2004iZcik Goldenbergbug
10/27/20041Show details for Michael R SandersMichael R SandersdiscussionPrevent rapid fire posting
10/27/20041Show details for Michael R SandersMichael R SandersdiscussionHide Post until Approved
10/25/20041Show details for Steve DuncanSteve Duncanbug
09/28/20041Show details for Ronald VeldhuizenRonald VeldhuizendiscussionPictures in discussion
09/28/2004Stein SlaatsveendiscussionNewsletter using URLs
09/26/20041Show details for Isaac PoadIsaac Poadbug
09/23/2004Isaac Poaddiscussionrealm...?!?
09/20/20041Show details for Rip RowanRip RowanfeatureRedirect to post after posting
09/20/20041Show details for Uwe GrunewaldUwe Grunewaldbug
09/19/20041Show details for Rip RowanRip Rowanbug
09/19/20042Show details for Stein SlaatsveenStein Slaatsveenbug
09/17/2004Rip RowanfeatureCreate standard Computed Subforms for all pages to help integrate into existing sites
09/16/2004Kai BruemmerfeatureMail notification
08/25/2004Jake Ochsdiscussionusername with apostrophes...
08/16/20041Show details for Steve DuncanSteve Duncanbug
08/16/20042Show details for Steve DuncanSteve Duncanbug
08/16/20041Show details for Steve DuncanSteve Duncanbug
08/16/20041Show details for Steve DuncanSteve Duncanbug
08/12/20042Show details for Chris WhisonantChris WhisonantfeatureModerated Discussion
07/15/20041Show details for Michael BourakMichael Bourakdiscussiondemo site will be offline for a few days...
06/29/20045Show details for arjan kesselsarjan kesselsdiscussionStore registered users
06/21/2004Andrew SimarddiscussionFirst Impressions
06/15/20042Show details for Elijah LapsonElijah Lapsonbug
06/08/20043Show details for Michael BourakMichael Bourakrelease
06/01/2004Daniele GrillodiscussionTranslate Italian
05/30/2004Mark HallerdiscussionOpen in iFrame?
05/15/2004Oswald OoginkfeatureAwearness (Sametime)
05/12/2004Srinivas PrasaddiscussionWhere is Administration Pane & Edit Configuration Button
04/21/20041Show details for John HerronJohn HerrondiscussionDeleting entries?
04/21/20041Show details for John HerronJohn HerrondiscussionDoes Sametime work?
04/08/2004Michael MorbandiscussionHow many users are online
04/06/20041Show details for Nicholas DowNicholas Dowbug
03/20/20041Show details for Nick McCannNick McCannbug
03/20/20041Show details for Nick McCannNick McCannbug
03/20/20041Show details for Nick McCannNick McCannbug
03/20/20041Show details for Nick McCannNick McCannbug
03/19/2004Børge BrunesfeatureDate and Column properties
03/12/20049Show details for Andy MontalbanoAndy MontalbanodiscussionWhat config issue am I having?
03/05/20047Show details for Brett van GelderBrett van GelderdiscussionSession Tracking
02/29/20041Show details for Marco OttMarco OttdiscussionBulletin Board System For Notes R5
02/27/20041Show details for Julian RobichauxJulian Robichauxbug
02/23/20041Show details for Rune CarlsenRune CarlsenfeatureOverride login status
02/20/20041Show details for John H LewisJohn H LewisdiscussionAny import capability
02/20/20042Show details for Brett van GelderBrett van GelderdiscussionSametime integration...
02/19/20041Show details for Rune CarlsenRune Carlsenbug
02/19/20041Show details for Rune CarlsenRune Carlsenbug
02/19/20041Show details for Rune CarlsenRune Carlsenbug
02/05/20044Show details for Ted HardenburghTed HardenburghdiscussionProblem with categories with space
01/31/20042Show details for David DaumDavid DaumdiscussionTopic counts don't show up
01/28/20042Show details for jason o'brienjason o'brienbug
01/27/20041Show details for Andrea MalagniniAndrea Malagninibug
01/27/2004Steve Duncanprofile
01/26/2004Frank DrögefeatureShort names instead of full names?
01/22/20046Show details for Jake OchsJake Ochsdiscussionweb board with an LDAP server
01/21/20043Show details for Christian BrandlehnerChristian Brandlehnerbug
01/05/20043Show details for Michael BourakMichael BourakdiscussiondomBulletin R1 GOLD is here !
01/05/20046Show details for Michael BourakMichael BouraktaskR1 Translations
01/05/20044Show details for Michael BourakMichael Bourakrelease
12/16/2003Alberto Cataniabug
12/04/2003Sander Zwartbug
12/04/20031Show details for Sander ZwartSander Zwartbug
11/25/20031Show details for Neil WainwrightNeil WainwrightdiscussionOutstanding UI design...
11/25/2003Neil Wainwrightbug
11/25/2003Neil Wainwrightbug
11/21/20031Show details for laurent bauerlaurent bauerfeaturesmiley not reloading each time
11/21/20032Show details for laurent bauerlaurent bauerfeatureCategory modification
11/21/2003laurent bauerfeatureGoogle index
11/21/20032Show details for laurent bauerlaurent bauerfeatureCSS
10/27/2003laurent bauerfeatureAdd more emoticon !
10/13/20033Show details for Michael D BralyMichael D Bralybug
10/07/2003Michael Bourakrelease
10/06/20031Show details for Chris BordeleauChris Bordeleaufeatureability to set http port number
09/28/20031Show details for Wolfgang ZettlWolfgang Zettlbug
09/24/20031Show details for laurent bauerlaurent bauerfeatureGoogle indexing
09/14/20031Show details for Christian BrandlehnerChristian BrandlehnerfeatureDefault language in Profile
09/12/2003Elijah Lapsonbug
08/28/2003Elijah Lapsonbug
08/27/20032Show details for Elijah LapsonElijah LapsonfeatureAdditonal Configuration setting
08/22/2003Edward FalcondiscussionCustomLogin
08/21/20033Show details for Michael BourakMichael BourakdiscussiondomBulletin Translation : help needed...
08/21/20031Show details for Elijah LapsonElijah Lapsonbug
08/21/20031Show details for Rune CarlsenRune CarlsenfeatureSecurity pr category
08/20/2003Rune CarlsenfeatureExtra linebreak beneath Announcement message
08/20/20031Show details for Rune CarlsenRune CarlsendiscussionI would like to thank Michael for a GREAT job
08/20/20031Show details for Rune CarlsenRune Carlsenbug
08/20/20031Show details for Rune CarlsenRune CarlsenfeatureUse Blogsphere UBB code solution
08/20/2003Rune CarlsenfeatureChange message icons
08/20/20031Show details for Rune CarlsenRune CarlsenfeatureHide "preference" link
08/20/20031Show details for Rune CarlsenRune Carlsenbug
08/20/20032Show details for Rune CarlsenRune Carlsenbug
08/20/20031Show details for Rune CarlsenRune Carlsenbug
08/20/2003Rune Carlsenbug
08/19/20032Show details for Michael BourakMichael Bourakrelease
08/08/20031Show details for Sean P ButlerSean P Butlerbug
07/30/2003Michael BourakdiscussionAdvice needed for Beta 4 / Release 1
06/25/20031Show details for Sander ZwartSander ZwartfeatureMembers & Statistic
06/25/20031Show details for Sander ZwartSander ZwartfeatureProfile additions
06/25/20032Show details for Sander ZwartSander ZwartfeatureAtachements:
06/25/20032Show details for Sander ZwartSander ZwartfeatureSticky Items
06/25/2003Sander ZwartfeatureWebbased administration
06/03/20032Show details for Keith StricklandKeith Stricklandbug
06/02/20031Show details for Sean P ButlerSean P ButlerdiscussionDuplicate name could give better error message.
06/01/20031Show details for Eldon NeustaeterEldon NeustaeterdiscussionDocumentation ?
05/31/20031Show details for Christian BrandlehnerChristian Brandlehnerbug
05/31/20031Show details for Christian BrandlehnerChristian BrandlehnerfeatureOptionally hide users email-addess
05/31/20031Show details for Christian BrandlehnerChristian BrandlehnerfeatureShow AIM online status in documents
05/31/20031Show details for Christian BrandlehnerChristian Brandlehnerbug
05/31/20031Show details for Christian BrandlehnerChristian Brandlehnerfeaturechange style of the links to "register" and "login"
05/31/2003Christian Brandlehnerbug
05/23/2003Rune CarlsenfeatureName the template "OpenNTF domBulletin...." or something...

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