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   Project: Trigger Happy (Managed by Ulrich Krause)

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Trigger Happy let's you register LotusScript agents to be triggered by low level Domino events. And it's in the public domain. YEE HAW!!

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Release Info
Release Name0.8
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Released On02/25/2005
Released ByDamien Katz
Released for ND versionR 6.x, R 6.5.x, R 6.0.x, R 7.0.x
Feature Requests addressedNo feature requests addressed in this release
Reported Bugs fixedNo reported bug fixes addressed in this release
Project CategoryAdmin Utilities, Server Add-in, Software Development Tools
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Download ClassificationAnonymous
What's new
This new version lets you trap on database-open events so you could, for example, add you own database level security checking using LotusScript, and it adds the ability to trigger an event based on a selection formula.
Bugs fixed.

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Entered 25-Feb-2005 17:03 by Damien Katz. Last Modified 25-Feb-2005 17:16 by Damien Katz.